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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday Round-up N-Z

Happy Hump Day! Although, it does feel like a Tuesday ... Here's the End-of-the-Alphabet Wednesday Roundup:

Scott over at Nachfolge is on vacation and is not "preaching" over the next two months. Let us know how that goes, Scott! Steph asks "Why can't we agree to disagree and leave the childish behavior behind?" Good question! NotShyChiRev gives us good reasons to be ashamed and angered. Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee is checking out his Site-O-Meter. So is Stumbling . Check it out! And speaking of checking it out - check out the cutie patootie at Pink Shoes' blog. will smama blogs about her Memorial Day Sunday service. Love that flower arrangement! Chaplain Lydia offers her thanks and blessings. Right back at you!

Quotidian Grace suggests that seminarians should take a course in Small Business Management. I agree! And how about Early Childhood and Elementary Ed as well, because most churches I know don't share or take turns real well and most parishioners run with scissors. 'Nuff said. Rainbow Pastor has a neat idea for Pentecost and she asks "What are you doing for Pentecost?" Mibi and family went to look at their new domicile. Rev Dr Mom is in a time warp. Reverend Mother has used heavy dots (·) to highlight items in a list of thoughts about life. Non-violently, of course. Reverend Mommy and family are making some changes in their life that's causing both "excitement and anxiety." Lorna is waiting ... on the hammock.

Songbird blogs about dancing and unexpected gifts. St. Cass comes in on the clergywoman fashion meme. Swandive is in Florida and met THE M-O-U-S-E. (I was named for two of the original Mouseketeers!) Amy is inspired ... by shoes? Happy Anniversary to Ken & Mary Beth! Stacey is on vacation and reminds us to "play nice" while she's gone. Rachel at the Big Dunk says check out the Monster Truck Church Advertisement.

ppb blogs about her thanatology class. Stop over at Singing Owl's and see the beautiful cradle her husband found at a garage sale! Whoa! What in the world is Twerpette doing blogging at 2 am? The Vicar offers up two prayers - one for "Tuesday-as-the-start-of-the-work-week;" the other "Hump Day." Ginger over at Walk Humbly has her summer ALL.PLANNED.OUT. I need a vacation after reading her summer plans! And finally, Beth has writer's block.

Have a good rest of the week. Leave a comment if you wanna.

Ain't Gonna Happen Round-Up' A thru M

Greetings revgalblogpals! I have just returned from a week's vacation and I have a long range planning meeting tonight with our Session so I must use my time in other ways. Please, please, PLEASE - tell us in the comments where your latest words of wisdom can be found.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The "Holy Crap! Is It Tuesday Already?" edition of Lectionary Leanings

This week is flying by already, isn't it?

This coming Sunday is Pentecost, of course. I am preaching the Ezekiel passage and the Acts passage. I love the imagery of the wind.

A preacher friend of mine once preached a sermon about wind in the church's sails that has made me think about this for years. From the beginning of the 20th century, the church could count on the support of the culture. Church and society were tighly entwined.(Perhaps too tightly, but that's another sermon.) But that is not true any longer. The church needs to count on something else--the fresh winds of the Spirit.

There are those who are trying to re-entwine church and society in ways that are (IMHO) unhealthy. Instead of being supported by culture, some churches are trying to adapt to the culture and become part of it instead. I'm not talking just about "Coffee House/Seeker" church where little theological curiosity is demanded, but that is one example of where I see the tail potentially wagging the dog.

Send us fresh winds instead, Lord!

Anyway, that is what I'm thinking today. How about you?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Eve, A-L

The Fun
Katherine has succumbed to the lure of photoshop... Gavo shares a great picture, and I don't think it's been photo-shopped.

The Not-So Fun
Against a brick wall isn't feeling well -- Get better! It appears that Christen has had a little run-in with a poisonous weed -- and addresses her immune system.

Transitions and Journeys
Stop by and wish Abiding a word of blessing. Whew -- Gallycat has moved and is getting settled... enough to start reading again. What a great feeling! Kathryn reflects on her son's trip to the scenes of war and the graves that mark them.

Random Church Things
Jane Ellen responds to Cheesehead's survey re: clerical fashion... How did I miss this survey? Check them both out! Talking about M-O-N-E-Y with church folks... always an interesting ordeal, er, adventure. Thanks, Sue, for sharing your thoughts about your experience.

Thoughts and reflections from worship
Cheesehead is listening, and encouraging us to do the same. RevAmy posts another take on the texts. Boy-oh-boy do I wish y'all had posted Saturday night... :). Lutheranchik weighs in with her thoughts, too. Jan thinks about sin vs. mistakes.

Peace to you all,
Pink Shoes

Memorial Day M-Z round-up

Lydia shared a sad story and will appreciate your prayers. (Thanks to reverend mommy for posting this earlier.)

the tentmaker celebrates his 39th wedding anniversary! Congratulations and blessings to Joel and Sandra!!

RevAbi has a moving post for Memorial Day; our prayers go with her nephew, who just enlisted in the Marines. Visit Jeff for a Memorial Day Prayer. Rev. Dr. Mom has some thoughts about the day. Then, visit will smama for some Memorial Day flowers...and come see me for random moments on this holiday Monday. Rachel offers her own personal round-up. St. Casserole planned some gardening and celebrated the flowers that survived hurricane trauma.

reverend mommy looks ahead to Pentecost, while Amy spent a day of inspired and inspiring planning with the worship committee.

OTRgirl shares some thoughts--okay, a rant--about The DaVinci Code.

Susan is missing a meeting, while Wendy celebrates her daughter's graduation! Rev-to-be-mibi sends us photos from her vacation in Jackson Hole; Ann was there, too, but she was leading worship (and the Vice-President did not show). Susan Rose haikus about vocation, while Quotidian Grace brings us Betty Butterfield on church-shopping. ("I want them to tell me things that'll make me feel good about myself.") And yodabeth is hot.

Have you been cyber-shopping at the ChickPastor Store? Lorna has been to Tim Horton's.

Scott shares a sermon about unity, as well as announcing summer plans. Lots of us posted sermons about the casting of lots in Acts 1: NotShyChiRev celebrated the ministry of the lesser-known faithful; reverendmother wonders about the element of competition; I wondered about what happens when we pray; and I know there was at least one other in the earlier half of the alphabet, our friend cheesehead.

Memes going around:
Your Seduction Style (Steph, seriously?)
Five Reasons I Think I'm Cool (purechristianithink--we knew it all along!)

And last but not least, Jean shares some interesting news about the luck of the retired.

If you post later in the evening, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

I know it's not my day but...

Please go visit Lydia and give her some viritual hugs and prayers. Her little kitty, Ivy, was attacked by pit bulls yesterday and has passed away. We are praying for you Lydia!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday BYOP (Bring Your Own Prayer)

Hey there everyone!

I just landed back at home after a weekend at our annual meeting of Conference. I'm pretty tired, but may blog about it later over on my site. Until then, pray as the Spirit moves...I'll be back next Sunday.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Weekend A-L

Happy Memorial Day! Happy End of School to you teachers out there!

As QG noted, ReverendMother's Friday Five was such a winner! Go to the comments and read some of the responses. They're way cool.

Momentous Events
TammyJo graduated, and is taking ballroom dance lessons! StarvingArtist met Nadia and the Holy Spirit on a Thursday night. What an amazing encounter. Canticles has finished the school year and is job-hunting in earnest....with an awesome interview in Florida next week! Woo hoo! Good luck!!!

Bad Alice has had a birthday, and received a brownie. HBD! Chaplain Mom and her group are home from Taize. You must go read about it - truly a numinous experience.

Blanket in the Grove presents...ta-da...her first blog entry from the new domicile. It has a kite-flying field! (across the street, not in the house!) :) And, Amy's going to Ethiopia in June!!

And....drum roll, please....Kinesis has accepted a pastoral call!

Photo Gallery
Katherine has a dandy family photo, and a sermon, too. Peter has some gorgeous photos - it looks like spring! (And he's been to the doctor for the dreaded annual physical...and good on him! I'm going to start nagging my DH about this; thanks for the reminder.)

Mindy presents photos of the rest of the submissions in the Princess Mindy Memorial Cow Contest! Go vote, if you haven't already!

Bride Without Spot shares perfectly gorgeous photos of her garden, preparing for the momentous visit of Lorna!!! What a blogger meetup it will be! (I never get to roundup Lorna any more as her blog is in the other half of the list...but I'm tickled pink to read about her holiday and adventures!)

So many gorgeous photos at Sally's! You must go and savor them. Love During Wartime has great photos of vacation.

JaneEllen's getting ready to move and shares a gorgeous picture of her red dumpster.

We Wonder as we Wander
BethQuick is wondering, along with Anderson Cooper, whether Al Gore could be the next Richard Nixon? Sophia is wondering whether she and Computer Guy should really go to Camp Coast Care for a week of volunteering...with so many other things to be done. Preacher Mom's going to Montreat for a conference this summer. Anyone else going to be there? Inquiring minds want to know.

The faithful Luke readers are still plugging away. I love to dip in and see what they are thinking. Sarah is considering praise and The Messiah. Dylan's injuries are healing and she is pondering a new computer purchase. Leslee has started a new blog ( for her flowers, but will continue to tell us about Peanut and other things at the one we already know. Girl writes to Boy and goes to a baseball game. Hipchickmamma's had a crazy day, but she's getting an air hockey table. There ARE consolations...
IntegrityPastor is planting. And LutheranChik's found a fabulous, new (to her) public radio program.

Cheesehead has finished her sermon while doing the dishes. Now, that's multitasking. Clever Title has finished the semester and provides a wrapup.

Dash has a new one (new to me anyway) about which items of pop culture you DON'T participate in.

Kathryn tells us about her childhood memories of Ascension Day observations and tells how she illustrated it this year. Perfectly, IMHO.

HipPastorzWife is praying for many people.

The End
I think! Did I miss you? If so, please bring us up to date in the comments.

Memorial Weekend--M to Z

Reverendmother really hit the ball out of the park with her "I Believe" Friday Five! There were lots of players and responses ran from the serious to the light-hearted. Check them out by linking to the commenters on her post.

This Memorial Day weekend finds several of our bloggers on the road. Traveling mercies go out to Susan Rose, who will be in British Columbia and then back with the Groovy Sisters for a Jubilee Celebration; Lorna who is on a 1000 islands boat tour but still finds time to write about two new books she just bought; and Natty who has a full itinerary.

On Culture Watch: I have a post about the prayers of the Enron jury. Sister Christer shares a nifty list of podcasts she knows and loves. Jeff's Friday Pop Culture Roundup includes the book Gilead and The Movie (Da Vinci Code). He also has posts about the UCC's possible boycott of Hartford and shares links and comments to other stories today. He's a busy, busy blogger lately. And don't miss Revabi's very thoughtful post on Madonna's Crucifixion. Good stuff.

Personal Reflections Department: Steph celebrates the wedding of two blogging friends. Caroline celebrates her mother's "graduation" to retirement. Pink Shoes shares thoughts on why she is a Lutheran. Applying for a second job as a library assistant revives Revem's interest in library work. You runners out there will enjoy reading Rev Scott's posts and pics from his successful completion of the Fargo marathon--and heed his cautionary note, too! Being Shielded is busy connecting several degrees of separation. Mary Beth discovers online journaling and asks for prayer.
And there's more... St. Cassarole is praying into her distractions. OTR is having lots of problems with a very demanding client. Taking a break helps Stacey stay sane in the midst of an overscheduled week. Beth says the Smith class of '81 has it all wrong. Check out Amy's upbeat story and pictures of the college interns who have arrived at her church to spend the summer working at a camp for kids from inner-city D.C. How great is that?

What's your favorite/least favorite Pentecost/Holy Spirit hymn? Go over to Rebel's place and cast your vote! Also, Polar Bear is in dire need of fashion advice. Mark's blog has an unusual distinction while Twerpette finds ways to use the phrase " a fur and sneaky piece." Pam BG shares the link to The Bible Wasn't Written To You.

Thanks for stopping by to read the roundup on this holiday weekend! Enjoy your family, friends and whatever comes your way. If I missed your latest post, my apologies, and please let us know in the comments.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

friday five: "this I believe"

I always enjoy the series "This I Believe" when I catch it on NPR's Morning Edition. This week's installment was by a fashion designer who played with Barbie dolls as a child, and who now "realizes her belief in a doll was a belief in her own skills, creativity and ability to succeed." (Who'da thunk it?)

This week's Friday Five is simple. Name five things you believe--these don't have to be long statements--short sentences, both serious and frivolous.

Let us know if you play!

Thursday Poetry Blogging

Every year on the way to cut our christmas tree, my family passes a historical marker honoring the Poppy Lady. The red poppy was first introduced as a symbol of remembrance of memorial day by a university teacher, Miss Moina Michael. She graduated of Columbia University in the early 1900s and in 1918 was teaching at the Univeristy of Georgia. She was moved by the plight of young men leaving home, some of them her own students and volunteered for the Red Cross training at Columbia University. At 49 years of age it was decided that she was too old to go overseas to nurse the wounded and so she stayed for a while in New York at the YMCA to train others to go overseas in her stead.

On November 9, 1918, she sat with a cup of coffe to read the newspaper and read this poem.

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Dr. John McCrae served as a doctor in the South African War as well as France. Although he was a battlefield surgeon for quite a while he noted that it was impossible to get used to the suffering, the screams, and the blood, and McCrae said he had seen and heard enough to last him a lifetime.

At Ypres he was to work around the clock for 17 days, snatching sleep where and when he could, but the wounded kept coming. "I wish I could embody on paper some of the varied sensations of that seventeen days... Seventeen days of Hades! At the end of the first day if anyone had told us we had to spend seventeen days there, we would have folded our hands and said it could not have been done."

On May 2, 1915 one death affected him more than all the others. A friend and former student, Lt. Alexis Helmer, had been killed that day and McCrae treated his wounds to no avail. Lt .Helmer was buried just outside of the field hospital in a cemetary that now stretches for acres and acres. McCrae had to perform the funeral ceremony because there was no chaplain.

The next day, there was a reprieve in the flow of the wounded to his station and he saw the wild poppies dancing in the wind in the ditches and among the graves and he wrote this poem. It was too painful for him to have it published himself and so another officer sent the poem to Punch and it was published in 1915.

Moina read the poem three years later in a New York paper, after McCrae had died from exhaustion and pneumonia while still serving his field hospital. She was moved by the poem. She felt that he passed the torch to her personally and described her experience as deeply spiritual. She felt called by the voices which had been silenced by death to remember. From then on, the Poppy Lady wore a poppy as a sign of remembrance and a symbol of "keeping the faith with all who died."

Perhaps you have a vet who sells the little paper poppies every year in your congregation. If you don't understand the meaning, it might be easy to dismiss him or brush him off as a bother. It doesn't matter if you support the war or not. Memorial day is a time to remember those who have died in the service of their country -- rightly or wrongly. It's a time to mourn the loss of loved ones who were pulled away by that service to die -- and to mourn that war is even possible in this sin-torn world of ours.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Um - QG Takes Net's Wednesday Round-up?

Thanks QG! Unfortunately, I don't have time to go through the A-L's and post (I do have the N-Zs, though!), so please let us know what's been happening in your world through the comments! I'd rather read QG's Round-up anyways.

And sorry about last week - My computer ate 12 pages of my Spiritual Warfare notes AND the disk they were saved on. Then it had major issues with the anti-virus program. Two days and $$$ later, it was fixed and running.

Be blessed!

QG Takes WS's Wednesday M to Z Roundup

Will Smama kindly switched with me this weekend while I was out of town attending my daughter's law school graduation. Thanks, WS! So I'm here today in her place. And....away we go!

And speaking of our friend Will Smama, will someone please get the woman a very special vase for those plastic red/white/and blue flowers? And maybe a couple of adult beverages, too, for her and Random Thought Woman.
Reverendmother is back from the National Cranky-Pants Presbytery meeting--what a great turn of phrase! Reverendmommy says that now that she has met some of the RevGals she hears their voices when she reads their blogs. St. Cassarole is coming up for air after catching up with chores that built up while she was at the Festival of Homies. Revabi is trying to make all those moving logistics work out. Revem had a very difficult week with the death of close friend and a cutback in her job. Singing Owl also had a scare last night, but now all is well.

Rev Mibi wonders if she is who others say she is. Micah Girl found some answers in a passage from Phillippians. There's a nice reflection by Caroline on understanding beauty at Remembering the Alabaster Jar. Lorna finds "ground zero" at a new church plant. Pink Shoes wonders what types of devotions work for you? Welcome back to Susan Buchanan who checks in with a post about trash and treasure and one about Kathleen Norris. Being Shielded mediates on a chapter from Living Buddha, Living Christ. I'm asking whether the church should eat the seal meat?

Mark encounters a big Warning Sign on his search for a call. When is a dip in a hot tub like baptism? Ask Swandive. Stacey finds refuge on a brief retreat. Rachel is grieving over a "friendship undone". Twerpette thinks optimism is NOT a realistic strategy.

Believe it or not, Polar Bear swears she is still growing! Literally. Our sympathy to Songbird's Molly dog who is under the weather. Sympathy also to Susan Rose who is suffering with an overzealous toaster.

Seen THAT MOVIE yet? Rainbow Pastor did and reports it's pretty gory and you might prefer Over the Hedge.

And that girl with the honky-tonk glam to match her new truck must be Zinnhead!

I hope I didn't miss your latest post, but if I did, please tell us in the comments. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings

Hi friends, I'm back from...well, you know where I was. Many thanks to PCIT for filling in last week. Hopefully she and I will do some sort of weekly trade-off soon, when she's ready. (She's still acclimating to the new church, y'know.)

To be perfectly honest with you, it has been two weeks since I've done much sermon prep, having started Easter 6 before I left for the Festival. My preliminary feelings are that I might go with Acts 1 and that story of the call of Mathias. I'm fascinated by the fact that his call to ministry seemed to come from the voices of the others, as contrasted to the way Jesus seemed to hand-pick the first twelve. What might that mean for the disciples of today?

My own call to ministry started with an encounter with a total stranger. What other kinds of call stories are people experiencing?

What are your homiletical curiosities this week?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday night round-up, A-L

Dear friends, I have to say that roving 'round the ring is always an interesting adventure -- I never know what I'll find! I hope that you enjoy the offerings of your fellow revgalblogpals.

Jennifer/Claire wants a dog -- really, really wants a dog! PMPeter has seen a fox!

Jan recalls some "thank you" gifts -- clearly some better than others!! Abiding is seeking pleasure, in the form of spiritual discipline.

Looking for inspiration to go out? A suggestion of good music? Check this out. And Katherine has found us book-lovers a fabulously fun new site! Girl has had a fabulous treat ... look at those tootsies!!

Stop by Bad Alice and say a little prayer for Firecracker.

Cathy has pictures of the baby blanket -- fabulous. And Cheesehead can change her own tire! Y'all are some talented folks, I'm tellin' ya!!

Tripp asks the question about spiritual but not religious. Gavo has a conversation with some elders -- and shares not only what he said, but what he didn't.

Cats is around, but she'd like to share a few choice words with her phone company/dsl provider.

Kathryn has a cute new car. Preacher Mom has a new gig -- and loves it! Flash is a guest blogger here.

Leslee might need a fire extinguisher. Brash has had quite the Monday ... and James had an unexpected visitor Friday night. Warning: spider picture. Although he does recommend the movie, Frida.

Pink Shoes

Merry Monday to all...

I'm back on the job and back on the blog after a wonderful week away from home and church. Due to a meeting tonight, followed by a date with Jack Bauer, I am rounding up early. If you post later, feel free to leave a note in the comments!

A few tears were shed when Wendy's daughter graduated. And I think Steph would be happy to leave school behind herself...although I may be misinterpreting.

Chickpastor wants to know if we shop at Wal-Mart. Jeff is back from vacation. Pink Shoes had a lot on her mind yesterday.

Quotidian Grace relates a tale of good times and odd speakers.

(This is the point at which Blogrolling broke down in the late afternoon. M-Q, if you posted later, let us know in the comments.)

Part Two, added post-24:

Rainbow Pastor celebrates Victoria Day, while Sage celebrates rhetoric and Willow praises rogation. Mibi takes the Brady quiz. RevAbi experiences technical difficulties, while Lorna is ultimately victorious over foreign outlets. Rhiannon shares a funny scene.

reverend mommy offers up prayers. Being Shielded ponders worship. Rachel grants forgiveness. Sister Mary Alternative envisions a holistic community center. Connie contemplates oneness. Natty makes note of an awesome prayer. And Mark offers up part 2 of his journey to seminary.

OTRgirl claims breathing is optional, but I would suggest doing it anyway. Amy finds a new maturity challenging. And Stacey has a new pair of shoes.

And I, your humble rounder-upper, am still seeking time and space in which to write about my amazing week at the Festival of Homiletics. I expect things to slow down sometime in July or August, for a minute or two.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's not Saturday! Trying to round up from Montreal

I'm in an internet cafe and just completed a brief roundup....which refused to post and I lost it. If this DOES post, will you please please roundup yourselves today...

Merci beaucoup and all that.

Hey! This isn't Saturday! Late A-K from Québec

My dear ones,

As always, travel and technology have presented me with challenges I didn't expect: my Montreal hotel room does NOT have WiFi or broadband as promised, and the "internet café" across the street had one station! for which there was quite a line.

Thus your brief roundup comes as I prepare to head to a day-long workshop. I'm going to randomly choose 10 folks to feature, and I humbly beg that the rest of you will round up yourselves in the comments! (and that way, in my limited computer time, I'll be able to get some of my Saturday "fix.")

THERE ARE PICTURES of Miriam Hope (of the Gord family!) Bless the Lord, our souls!

Starving Artists reviews (briefly) the DaVinci code and shares some cool games people play.

Contemplative Chaplain is rebelling about: panty hose. I'm with you!

HeavyRevvy asks for our prayers for Steve's mom Wanda and also for Cathy and David. Leslee also calls us to prayer. Girl is sick and needs prayers, too!

JaneEllen reports in on her week's conference. Some good stuff there.

Brother Terry has a poem...from his son?

Emily posts some considered thoughts from the Phyllis Tickle conference. Great stuff and she's looking for comments...

and Kinesis is saying goodbye and readying herself for the hellos.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sunday Prayer

After weeks of preparation, tomorrow is the day we celebrate my father-in-law's 50th anniversary of his ordination. I think everything is ready. Sandwiches - check. Cake - check. Flowers - check. Pictures - check. Certificates from Important People - check. Liturgy - check. Sermon - check. Me - well... Perhaps you have had Sunday's like this one, when it was a special day and you wanted everything to go smoothly. If so, you will understand my need to lean on the Spirit tonight.

Holy and Wondrous God, it has been a very long time since I've been nervous about a worship service. I usually get prepared for Sunday morning by focusing on the holy task of leading worship. As I put the final touches on the sermon, that focus begins and the feeling I tend to have is not one of anxiousness or nervousness, but reverence. I am aware of the privilege of preaching and I honour it weekly by preparing my heart accordingly.

But tonight, God, it's different. I feel like I did in my first field placement church -- with free-floating feelings of inadequacy swirling around in my mind. Tomorrow's worship is special and I want to get it right. Help me God to let go of the anxiety and trust in the Spirit.

Fill me with your Spirit, entrust me with your Word, and lead me out to proclaim the good news in our worship, for it is an offering of ourselves to you. In word, song, silence and praise we will come before you, and by your grace, O Holy One, it will be good. Amen.

Hey! That's Not Quotidian Grace (M-Z)

MEME'ers (not to be confused with mummers)

Jean points Episcopalians and other towards an
interesting article. Thanksgiving and laughter over at Musings of a Discerning Woman, Come one and all to the Graduation Open House!

Did you know one of our members is about to run a marathon? Steph is NOT playing games. I think I sniff the next meme to run through the ranks... notshychirev introduces to us Matt's 100 questions.

Do you think God commands the people to wage war? The weekly pop culture round-up can be found over at Jeff's place. Pink shoes is playing in the dirt. Quotidian Grace is off to the the most interesting law school graduation I have ever heard of.

Rainbow Pastor has summer plans and flowers. Rebel without a pew is stuck between a rock and a new staff member. Remembering the Alabaster Jar is seeing the beauty.

Stop by here for some whine and cheese or here for some squirrels and birds (and NO Brother Terry, not to eat). Shield the Joyous questions knowledge. Sister Christer gives us her week in review.

Wow, I just found somebody who loved camp! Is there a prophet in the house? Mary Beth's father is turning to the Bible to help him fight The Government.Stacey had an interruption of the good variety. The Ice Floe left behind her skinny armed friend for her latest enterprise.

Willow posts on motherhood. Revabi has got herself quite a stole. Zinnhead is celebrating the new priorities of summer.

As always.... please comment.

WHOOPS! I just realized I skipped a group. Anyway to add to this template to change the link color when it has been visited recently. That helps me keep track of where I have been while doing the round up. Anway...

reverend mother is back with some bulle... er, small circly things that are placed so people know there is a new (totally non-violent) random thought. --phew!--
Be sure to check in on Lorna for the next few weeks as she lives her own adventure with planes, trains and automobiles.
And Songbird gives us the always humbling window into her soul.

Did I miss you too? Please comment...

Friday, May 19, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Words

In honor of NotShyChiRev, who told us at breakfast yesterday he was a voracious reader as a child and learned many words he never heard spoken aloud (and how many of us can say, “Amen, brother!”):

Please tell us five words you had to think about really hard before saying them out loud for the first time, or that you discovered you had misapprehended when someone corrected your pronunciation.

As always let us know in the comments if you play!

Songbird and St. Casserole

Thursday, May 18, 2006

how much have i been fake drinking? (A-M)

Is it just me or do things look very different on the revgalblogpals website. Makes me think those matriarchs aren't as far away as one would like to think.

We are putting together an impromptu story and well wishes package for Miriam Hope. If some of our more creative types would go into the comments and wrap up the story, that would be great!

Other posts from the last few days include...

There is nothing ordinary about these numbers: 104 library books, 18 loads of laundry, 20 inches, 8 pounds, 7 inches, and one newly minted aunt! Our Bible bloggers post of mothers and kings and Luke. Jan has a couple of must-see posts on life values and guest lists. A raid on the inarticulate checks in and asks for prayers. Do NOT mess with this crossing guard.

Say hello to Abiding on the Fringes. Dance a brick wall and jo(e) original. All Manner of Thing checks in and tells us all is well. Poor Mad Peter continues his journey through grief with compassion and honesty.

Bad Alice is cranky. Kirstin is about to be homeless in Seattle. Can you help her? Bethquick has entered the world of clergy evaluations. Oh the stories I could tell you...

Blanket in the Grove has things to celebrate. Canticles is continuing her teaching on a positive note. Alright, who is the wise gal who requested squirrel recipes? Looks like Cathy will be knitting in a new home.

Chelley and Sarah have been on retreat. There has been a lot of singing over at Clever Title Here. Tripp is moving. I don't want to point fingers, but someone is a crabapple sourpuss. Christen honors us with a window into her soul.

I too was surprised to hear of Christians at the New Age Fair. What a cool idea and an even cooler encounter. Cats is back but having dsl issues. Leslee has got a nice view. Girl is sick. So is hipastorzwife2b. Kathryn is hanging out with Jesus of the Deep Forest.

Net is having a good week and posting strong! Do cats get irony? Will it be a boy or a girl? Hipchickmamma handed in her last paper.

What exactly is the liturgy for the blessing of a teddy bear? Jane Ellen gives us the link to a short guide to Christianity - a MUST see. Sophia had quite a weekend. Sue learned a painful lesson.

Jo(e) needed help getting out of the mall. Kinesis is continuing on her journey, saying good byes and looking forward to hellos. Yes, people actually do live in West Texas - James has the pictures to prove it. Welcome back!

Lutheran Chik is exegeting her fun. Jean would like us to check ourselves when we are looking for our remotes. Micahgirl has a proverbial kitchen sink. Check out these sordid pictures.

Our Festival of Homies pals will be home soon, hopefully with stories and pictures. Traveling mercies upon them and others who are away from home right now.

Comments welcome...

What are Joys and Concerns?

I apologize for another post out of our normal round, but I need your input, friends:

Many of you write about a "Joys and Concerns" time in your worship services. My tradition does not have this, and I need to know what you mean by is it people get up from the congregation with prayer requests and thanksgivings, or is there another mechanism?

I'll 'splain why I need to know, later. Thanks for any thoughts you can leave in the comments! And would you be willing to include the denomination you refer to? (I won't quote anyone by name!)

many thanks.....mary beth

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A thru M Round Up Party

Sorry, I am too busy partying tonight to round up. I will check out my group tomorrow. If you cannot wait for your voice to be heard in the meantime then by all means comment away.

Also, be sure to add your blessings, prayer and poems (and maybe even continue the story) for Miriam Hope (Following Frodo).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings

This is PCIT standing in for Cheesehead this week while she is down in Atlanta at the Homiletics Fest.

I'm playing with the idea that two of this week's texts have non-substitutionary images of salvation hovering in the background. The John text, with its abiding language and friendship imagery lifts up the Eastern Orthodox emphasis on salvation as union with God. The 1 John text with it's "conquers the world" language points toward the ancient Christus Victor image as salvation happening through Christ's defeat of the powers of death and evil. I've noticed that folks are often quite relieved to find that penal substitutionary atonement is not the only language the Christian tradition has to talk about what salvation is, that there are other ancient images to help us explain what we mean when we call Christ our Savior. So I think that's where I will head this week. Tentative sermon title: "Abide and Conquer".

Prayer Concern

Please lift up Stacey from The Almond Branch and her family and especially her father who was taken in today for emergency heart surgery. Stacey is down with the other revgals in Atlanta and is staying put for now since the word is that he is stable.

Also keep Miriam Hope in your prayers (see the posts below for more info).

Ode to Miriam Hope

With apologies to those in Atlanta Lorna has requested that we stop the party in order to properly celebrate the arrival of Gord and Patty's beautiful baby girl, Miriam Hope.

As per her instructions: "we are going to write a poem or a story for the new baby and her family!!!"

Go ahead and fill up the comments with your thoughts, poems, stories, etc... and I will post them tomorrow afternoon as part of my round up.

Overheard at the Festival of Homiletics

Songbird and St. Casserole are strolling through the corridor outside the gigantic sanctuary of the Peachtree Road UMC, when a group of young women with babies and knitting beguile their eyes. On their first pass they flirt with the babies, but on the way back, they stop to say hello.

St. Casserole: Are you all clergywomen?

Cute Young Woman #1: Yes!

St. Casserole: Well, bless your hearts. You make me so happy. You are the future of the church.

Cute Young Woman #2: Wait until you see the t-shirts we're going to wear tomorrow!

Songbird (suspiciously): Why? What do they say?

Cute Young Woman #3: Don't tell. We want it to be a surprise.

Songbird (coercingly): Oh, please, tell us!

Cute Young Women 1-4: "Does this pulpit make my butt look big?"

St. Casserole: Now, where did you get that?

Cute Young Woman #1: CafePress.

Songbird: From the RevGalblogPals?

Cute Young Women: Yes, how did you know?

St. C and Songbird: We ARE the RevGalBlogPals!

St. C: This is Songbird!

Songbird: And she's St. Casserole!!

Cute Young Woman #1: I just joined! I'm Chick Pastor!!!

Much rejoicing ensues.

(We thought up a thing, and people know about it!!)

((Crossposted at Set Free.))

Baby News!!

I have just returned from a lovely visit with Gord and Patty who are the proud new parents of .......drumroll please...


Her name is Miriam Hope and she arrived a bit earlier than planned. Mom and baby are both doing well. Miriam is still in the special nursery receiving antibiotics and extra attention from the nursing staff, but Mom and Dad get to have regular cuddle visits. Before long she will be able to meet her big sisters.

Miriam was born yesterday afternoon, but I didn't have permission to post, so I waited until I asked her parents before announcing the news. Gord may not have access to a computer until they get back home later in the week, so he said to go ahead and announce the good news.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Keep Following Frodo.... Water breakage! Water breakage! (Of the baby-bringin' variety.) Seriously, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife and the wee one and all who are caring for all of you.

There's a little tidbit from the travelers... and Jan wonders about the role of women in leadership at church -- reflecting on Mother's day. Also, check out her entry on her mom right below... good stuff.

Blessings to you, PMPeter, and those with whom you work...

Kristin loves what she does -- what a great feeling! Another step in moving... check out this amazing software from JWD! Rejoice, Hipchickmamma! It's the last week of the semester! Good and gentle reminder about it not being all about us -- in fact we need to get out of the way... Thanks, Brash! Transitions abound!

Clever Title is looking for some feedback -- through the nohari and johari windows...
So, if a phrase like "I went squirrel hunting this morning" doesn't catch your attention, I don't know quite what will... read about it here.

Tripp lifts up some devotionals that he reads and speaking of history, Erin shares a conversation with some coworkers and wishes the Pentecostal movement a Happy 100th.... oh, dear, I've soooo forgotten church history... shhhhhh.

Kathryn remembers Christian Aid Week, but even more importantly, reminds us all why we do what we do... even when that doing becomes chore-like. Check out the contemplative youth ministries 'stuff' here... and there's L.O.V.E. from RevAmy. And, Jo(e) has got her priorities straight... and such a neat family.

And, that's it from me... and with 10 minutes to spare before the two-hour finale of that anatomy show that I somehow can't stop watching. As always, if I missed you, please let us know in the comments!

Monday Left Behind Survey M to Z

Poor, poor Songbird is grounded at the Boston airport by bad weather, trying to find another flight to Atlanta so she can join the other RevGals who are attending the Festival of Homiletics (hereinafter referred to as the Festival of Homies) in Atlanta. I'm Left Behind in Texas with the rest of you who didn't go, so I am filling in for her with today's M to Z survey of the blogs.

Oh--and by the way--here's how they are going to recognize each other:

Cheesehead is wearing Red Tent toenail polish.
Reverendmother is the one with the cute baby.
Songbird says she has on a non-clerical beaded jacket.
Stacey will be the one who forgot to pack something REALLY important.
And Reverendmommy is the one with the pants held together with duct-tape.

The rest of us are partying here with Will Smama.
Now on to the survey...

Mother's Day was the subject of many posts over the weekend. Juniper98 was grateful her mother just stuck with it. Mibi shares a wonderful letter from her daughter, Strong Opinions, who is 18 and Reverendmother shares one from her toddler daughter. Carol celebrates her two boys and the child that is on the way. Since last year's Mother's Day, Swandive has learned many lessons. Amy is shocked to find that maybe she is just a little bit like her mother after all.
Mary Beth posts pictures of her Mother's Day trip to the dog park. Ann believes that the story of Philip and the Ethopian Eunuch is a story of true motherhood.

But Mother's Day also brought painful reflections from a number of you. Heather asks where Mother's Day came from and what about women who don't want or can't have children? When asked "where are your children", Polar Bear replies "I don't know." OTR Girl also found Mother's Day very difficult. Revabi says she has issues with Mother's Day and posts the words to "Faith of Our Mothers" which was sung in her congregation yesterday. Beth says she likes Mother's Day and Father's Day as long as she doesn't think too hard about it.

Religiously Related Posts-- Jeff wonders how to distinguish between making fans for yourself and followers of Jesus. Gannett Girl is studying Colin Gunton. RuthRe is having many thoughts on discernment. Susan Rose is singing Happy Birthday CST (Catholic Social Teaching). Congratulations to Mark on his graduation from seminary and best wishes as he continues the call process. Steph mourns the death of Sister Ethel and Rebel has a preview of Baby Boomer funerals. Pam BG is inspired by Miroslav Volf's book Exclusion and Embrace. The Sage fears the UMC is loosing its identity as a connectional church. Rachel has decided to be rebaptised in the Episcopal Church with her children.

Personal Updates-- Will Smama learns that The Boy will run if he has to! Jean claims the West is known for bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Heresy! It should be bourbon sauce! Welcome Chikpastor, a new webring member, who is contemplating shoe shopping. Poor Rainbow Pastor is having a rainy day Grumpfest. ~Okay, everybody sing: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!~ Revem and family have to look for a new house to rent. Shield the Joyous celebrates her 3,000th visitor--a guy from Australia, no less! Soozi is on her way to the Dominican Republic to make arrangements for a July mission trip there. Rhiannon confesses that life with her father is like hide and seek. Willow posts beautiful pictures of her visit to Bluestone Farm.
Today's Procrastination Tips: Check out Twerpette's list of 5 star netflix movies. Or play What is Your Political Profile? with Wendy.

Missed you? Sorry, please leave a comment. Have a great Monday--even though you've been LEFT BEHIND....from the Festival of Homies.


The matriarchs are away at a conference.
Let's party!

B.Y.O.P. (posts)

Woo Hoo!!

RevGals of Atlanta (ok in Atlanta) Unite!

Maggiano's off Peachtree -- 4:45 today! Reservations are in my name -- Theresa Coleman.

(of course, I have to go home/to a store right now, as I have ripped my pants and they are now being held together by duct tape. pfft. Or I could show up with duct taped pants. Lovely.)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunday Prayer

I have some personal issues with the celebration of Mother's Day in churches. It is a greeting card holiday, not a religious one. More important than that, however, is the heartache of the folks in our pews who feel left out of the "aren't Mother's wonderful?" celebration. Not all mothers bring back fond memories, and not all women can become mothers. My policy is that I will not preach on the topic of mothers, but I will add mothers and women into the pastoral prayers. Some of the prayer below is inspired by a post by St. Casserole.

Loving God, this is the day that you have made and we gather now to give thanks and come together as your people. My prayer this morning is that by your grace, the Holy Spirit will dance in our worship, inspiring and igniting a freshness in our lives of faith.

Across denominations and across pews, we are all connected by the One who called himself the Vine. We are the branches, called to bear the fruit of your love for us. Help us to hear this familiar scripture story in a new way this morning. Place your word upon our hearts and lead us out to live your story wherever we are.

God, bless our friends who will travel to Atlanta this week for learning and fellowship. Grant them traveling mercies and plenty of joy and laughter.

God, we thank you for mothers...for those who would like to be mothers but cannot... for those who have lost children through death or circumstances... for the women in our lives who are like mothers to us... and for a better world for girls to grow up to be mothers if they so choose.

Bless all who gather this day for worship and praise, for we ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.

Woo Hoo!

I have book in hand and it looks good.

It's BIG.

There are a few minor typos that were not apparent in the first iteration of the book. One of the scriptures isn't bold faced. Maybe the typos weren't there for the first iteration -- I'll fix them (another really minor, as in on the very last page, Gord's name is bumped to the next page. Must fix.)

after I fix the typos (ooo, another, I need to add a space.) I'll upload the new file and all will be good.

If you notice any other typos, let me know at I don't think I could take the public humiliation of having them posted.....

And I will have to adjust the price SOON -- it cannot go onto Amazon etc until the price is adjusted.

Saturday Morning Stuff--M to Z

Reverendmother debuted this week as Friday Five quizmaster and she got a lot of players. Check out the comments on her post below to see who played and link to their blogs. I did notice that Songbird, Miranda and I all named Christian Educators' conferences as the most memorable -- a consensus! Hooray for the DCE's !

Now let's see what you are all cooking up around the ring...

Related to Religion and Faith Posts--include James' post on seeking sources of inspiration outside the Christian tradition while staying rooted in the Episcopal church; Susan Rose points out that blogging is a feature of the emergent church movement; Micah Girl is struggling with her prayer life; The Sage is reading N.T. Wright's The Challenge of Jesus now that the semester is over; Lorna ponders one of the hard sayings of Jesus; St. Cassarole is inspired by the words of St. Theresa of Avila (we presbies CAN be ecumenical!); Amy spent the week listening to 4 sermons EVERY day (a glutton for punishment?); the SisterBloggers added another member to their webring; and Chaplain Lydia is joining the gang at the Festival of Homies.

Personal Notes--Lutheran Chik is so not into the Atkins diet that she is requesting a "kicking" potato salad recipe from her readers. Blessings on Pink Shoes who finally was able to cry for her grandmother. Caroline remembers her grandmothers and mother on reading this verse from Proverbs 31: "she shall laugh in the time to come." OTR girl anticipates a Mother's day visit from her mother-in-law with mixed emotions. Beth couldn't decide whether to accept the meagre refrectory dinner offering or set forth in the rain to forage for an alternative. And my daughter Babs gave me a scare while donating blood yesterday, capping off a frustrating week.

Pop Culture Notes--As always, check Jeff's Friday Pop Culture Roundup which yesterday featured the movie Mission Impossible, the TV show Angel and the group Widespread Panic. Gosh, Jeff, that made for a nerve-wracking week, didn't it? Speaking of Mission Impossible, the movie made Shield the Joyous ask what really matters in life. My fearless prediction is that next week the pop culture outlets will be all over The Da Vinci Code. Not that that's rocket science.

For the Light of Heart--Swandive (welcome to the ring, BTW) has a great Litany for Beer Drinkers for us. Spotted playing What's Your Summer Ride were Will Smama, and Susie. Rebel played How Sinful Are You, which has also been making the rounds.

My apologies to you, if you posted during or after I wrote this, or if I missed you. Please let us know in the comments if that happened. Have a good day and a blessed Sunday.

Saturday Morning A-K

(thanks to Kinesis for this!)

My parents are here for Mother's Day weekend! a gift from my DH! Any particular celebrations going on with y'all? for that day or otherwise? (It's graduation time, too!)

A beeeg celebration, also from Kinesis: Announcement of her ordination as Deacon! June 3! Be there, y'all! Wear your red stoles!
Jennifer (Claire?) at Ordinary Time is an aunt! Welcome to the world, Melon! daughter of Nick and Nora (assume their surname is not Charles...?)
And, according to the little coundown thingy on her blog: TammyJo is graduating TODAY! In just 4 hours! CONGRATS!
Kristen is feeling BETTER!
Blanket has a new grove in which to rest (that means, she's signed the papers on the new abode!)
Chaplain Mom and her group are headed to Taize. They may even be there by now! At last, HOORAY! and Hallelujah!
Hey! Cheesehead wrote A BOOK! And received copies of it, too!
Tripp is still processing his new call and planning to start his tenure on June 1. You are invited!
Gord's got a beautiful 2 year old birthday girl, plus a baby still in the cooker. Great news! Three more weeks on that one.
HeavyRevvy had a birthday party. A SURPRISE!!

Cool Stuff
The amazing Sally tells her Christopher's story (don't miss it) and has done another 10 mile bike trip. More pictures. Love this.

Jan ponders the ecclesiastical mystery craze. (He ain't Nancy Drew...He's my savior)...
Against a Brick Wall has pictures to share from her camping trip, and some pondering, too, about where the current path might be leading. Bless you as you continue to discern.
Canticles is thinking about whether birthcontrol pills have contributed to the downfall of our civilization. And Cathy's been to a church supper where desserts were in the strong majority. How does that happen (but what's not to like?)

News from the Parenting Front:
Peter's daughter Em has asked permission to take the hymnal and the Mormon Bible to school, to look at with her friends on their free time. Now there's some inquiring minds!

Katherine's written a love letter to her favorite band, and celebrates one year of ordained ministry.
Hit the Back Button muses about the letter from the president of Iran to the president of the U.S.
Sophia writes a RANT!

Mother's Day and Other Strange Constructs
One of the things I love about this ring is how I am mothered here, and sistered, brothered etc., in wondeful ways. I believe it's a gift that we get more than one chance in that if our own mothers/brothers/whatevers were perhaps not picture perfect (ha) we can recreate and in some wise maybe heal those relationships together and in Christ.

Bad Alice is not all that crazy about the approach of Mother's Day, and muses about her own mom. Brother Terry writes beautifully about same, and shares a John Lennon lyric I hadn't known.

Just for FUN
Of course, you know you can buy ANYTHING on E-Bay. Including a hole in the roof of a church. Just go see Chelley for the details!
Erin's mom is playing the triangular communication game. (I stopped playing that years ago. As in, I love you, but I'm not playing.)
Sarah warns of the DREAD PARKING LOT, and Dash Loves A Parade!
Friday Dog Blogging? Go see Leslee for the true meaning thereof.
Girl has quite a lot to tell us about, and a great video, too.
Kathryn needs a new car. Preferably one she won't have to sell her children to afford.
Grandma Jean's reading about Dan Brown.
HipChickMamma is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And you know, I'm just not surprised!
This one is just for FUN-NY: Jo(e) and her friend were doing reiki,'ll have to read it for yourself.

Ministry Matters
So, when you have counseling appointments and jackhammering appointments at the same time, how does that work? ChurchLady tells us.
Net's received A Word. A good one, as it happens.
Ah, Sue. Wonderful words about ministry as hospital waiting room and vice versa. (She also has THE BOOK and a new IPOD!)
Amy points us to a great link that discusses issues vs. people - or rather, not making issues out of people.

Then there's that Friday Five
Played by HermeneuticLand101 and Gord. Did I miss anyone? It's on my list for today! And I'm sure more of us, as time allows.

Traveling mercies to the folks headed for the "Festival of Homies"... gotta tell you I'm giggling like mad at the thought of our RGBP cohort dressed up like rappers in Atlanta!

Please post any glaring omissions (or kudos if you like) in the comments section below! Everyone have a great day!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Time Change!!

because reverend mother has things to do and places to go, we are going to move dinner up to 4:30 -- meet at the turn around at 4:15 and dinner at 4:30.

Stace, you are not going to make it. It usually takes me 2 hours to grab bags and drive home from ATL, so if you are landing at 4:45, you won't be in Buckhead until 6:45. We will see you there.

*a caveat: Entropy is sick. SICK. I almost took her to the hospital this morning kind of sick. If I don't make it, y'all have fun without me. The reservation is in my real name.

festive friday five

Good morning! It's my first Friday Five, so be kind.

Many RevGals are on their way to the Festival of Homies next week, so let's talk conferences, retreats, workshops and conventions... many different professions have them, and ministry is certainly no exception!

1. Describe a memorable conference, retreat, workshop or convention you've attended.

2. Tell us about a memorable speaker or preacher you've heard.

3. Do you attend all of the scheduled events, or play hooky? If the latter, what do you do with your free time?

4. Do you like having a roommate or would you rather have a room to yourself?

5. What's the most exotic location you've conferenced or retreated?

Let us know if you play!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The World

The World
by Henry Vaughn (1621-1695)


I saw Eternity the other night
Like a great Ring of pure and endless light,
All calm, as it was bright,
And round beneath it, Time is hours, days, years
Driven by the spheres
Like a vast shadow mov'd, in which the world
And all her train were hurl'd;
The doting lover in his quaintest strain
Did there complain,
Near him, his lute, his fancy, and his flights,
Wit's sour delights,
With gloves, and knots the silly snares of pleasure
Yet his dear treasure
All scatter'd lay, while he his eyes did pour
Upon a flower.


The darksome statesman hung with weights and woe
Like a thick midnight fog mov'd there so slow
He did nor stay, nor go;
Condemning thoughts (like sad eclipses) scowl
Upon his soul,
And clouds of crying witnesses without
Pursued him with one shout.
Yet digg'd the mole, and lest his ways be found
Work'd under ground,
Where he did clutch his prey, but one did see
That policy,
Churches and altars fed him, perjuries
Were gnats and flies,
It rain'd about him blood and tears, but he
Drank them as free.


The fearful miser on a heap of rust
Sat pining all his life there, did scarce trust
His own hands with the dust,
But would not place one piece above, but lives
In fear of thieves.
Thousands there were as frantic as himself
And hugg'd each one his pelf,
The downright epicure plac'd heav'n in sense
And scorn'd pretnece
While others slipt into a wide excess
Said little less;
The weaker sort slight, trivial wares enslave
Who think them brave,
And poor, despised Truth sat counting by
Their victory.


Yet some, who all this while did weep and sing,
And sing, and weep, soar'd up into the Ring,
But most would use no wing.
O fools (said I,) thus to prefer dark night
Before true light,
To live in grots, and caves, and hate the day
Because it shows the way,
The way which from the dead and dark abode
Leads up to God,
A way where you might tread the Sun, and be
More bright than he.
But as I did their madness so discuss
One whisper'd thus,
"This Ring the Bridegroom did for none provide
But for his bride."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Festival of Homies My A-S (actually A-M)

Congrats to Susan Rose who welcomes her niece into the world.

Jean brings us a toast and an opportunity to read Ben Stein's last column if you missed it. LutheranChik want to learn how to read music and wants us to read THE BOOK. James posts on romance and relationships and THE BOOK. A. Lin is attempting to follow her 10 month old's lead and let go of the couch.

Kim returns and takes us on a tour of this ol' house. Jo(e) is sharing the places she loves with friends and the daughter she loves with family. Amy asks us to see the humans behind the issues. Surely Sue is enjoying her ipod.

Sophia wonders if she is crazy. Jane Ellen has been busy and notes that there is A BOOK. Gavin is blogging a lot about Youth Ministry and I gotta tell you at this point in my life that is a lot like math.

Hipchickmamma is dealing with something we all have had to deal with. Hermeneuticland had a surreal moment in front of her church. Someone's 40... go here just for the song.

Hazlenut is reflecting on anniversaries. Net got some good words from the Bishop. Kathryn's 'j' side just bit her in the 'b'side. Leslee's got a new look of - cleverly enough - fresh cut flowers.

Follow Frodo to the funeral seminar and of course THE BOOK. Be patient, Cats is moving. Follow Eternal Echoes to her 5 minutes of fame. Ouch! Rest up Dylan.

Is this chaplain contemplative or random? Erin is moving on from her past. Tripp is tuckered out. It might be time to pick up a good BOOK. Clever Title Here likes this clever title, here.

Has anyone seen my jackhammer? Check out Chelley's random playlist. Cheesehead has received some grace in the nick of time and just happens to have a link to THE BOOK.

Cathy is looking for a vegetable or at least some balance to the Wednesday night fare. Carolyn has been cleansed. Blanket in the Grove needs prayers. She is comparing her apartment lease to the Old Testament. Geez Mindy, don't have a cow!

Kirsten is learning some life lessons. There are wildflowers against the brick wall. Jan has found junk for starving artists. And I post about the disconnection between generations as I see it.

By the way... did you hear about THE BOOK?!?!?!

OK, I will need a head count

for Dinner Monday Night for Maggiano's at the Festival of Homies.
I think we can leave around 4:45 or so, get to the resturant, eat, etc and then back for worship in plenty of time.

Who's going?

Festival of Homies N-Z (or Maybe Just Z-z-z-z-z)

Hideeho friends! It's time for the Wednesday round-up of the end of the Rev Gal Blog Pals list. Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times. And please remain seated until the ride completely comes to a stand-still. Thank you.

Sister Steph at Narrow at the Outset invites our prayers for Sister Mary Ethel and their community.

Welcome back RuthRE of Now! In Lutheran Flavor. We missed you.

Pink Shoes wants to know how to meet new friends other than those in the blogosphere. You mean real ones, Shoes? Not imaginary friends?

Juniper68 confesses her parenting angst with us.

Add relator and fire warden to hats will smama wears.

Quotidian Grace tells us all about El Jefe's Jury Duty Day!

Caroline over at The Alabaster Jar needs our help! Please send her the greatest, funniest or most terrible advice you received from your mama. ASAP!

Mibi tells us about the connection between her daughter's 18th birthday tattoo and her Rector's 25th ordination anniversary. Sapere aude.

Oh no! Reverend Mommy has run out of her favorite lipstick.

Reverend Mother and C have had a mother-to-daughter talk.

Lorna asks "What are the two or three revelations of God (key Scripture verses) that are imprinted on your heart? She also blogs about self-worth, friendship and unconditional love. Good stuff!

Check out Songbird's random thoughts.

Prayers go up for Sister Christer as she updates us on what is happening in her world.

Good news from the PCUSA about Gulf hurricane relief on St. Cassarole's blog. Praise God!

Welcome to OTR Girl at Sojourning who is wondering where God is leading her.

Another welcome to swandive!

And still another to Rhiannon who shares with us her family matters. Prayers for your grandfather!

Pastor Amy has gone back to school, much to the enjoyment of her children.

Mary Beth gives us non-Episcopalian's a crash course in Singing Complines. And no, it's not a barbership quartet (That was MY first guess too!)

First Year Minister's Stacey has a problem.

Congrats to Sarah at The Episcobrarian on completing her Masters of Library and Information Sciences!

ppb's feet hurt!

Check out Figgy, the Contemplative at Mike's Mercy Blog.

Singing Owl is wondering "How do you connect the generations in your community of faith?" Any strategies?

Welcome to Ann at What the Tide Brings In! Thank you for the awesome morning prayer!

Zinnhead is feeling twitterpated because it's spring.

Have you seen Natty's "If You Comment" Meme?

It's been a bad week for the Vicar. Not only did she get pulled over for speeding, but she also put her foot in her mouth during her sermon! Oops!

And my favorite blog this week: Wide-Eyed and Laughing! Beth took a "How Sinful are You?" test and she found out she has a 34% chance of going to hell!

Personal note: Thank you all for the prayers! It will be all right. God's in charge!

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Please come again. Leave a comment if you wish! Watch your step.