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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Harry WHO? edition

It's still over a week away, but the excitement is building. I'm talking about the July 21 release of the seventh and final installment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Several of our RevGal blog folks are feeling the buzz.

Gord has joined the speculation about how things will turn out for our young hero, and he's inviting predictions about what happens.

Purechristianithink posted encore editions of a couple of posts about how various churches and styles of ministry fit the personalities of the different Hogwarts houses. Anybody out there want to be thought of as a Slytherin?

reverendmother explored the theme of love in a Harry Potter sermon (the second of three).

Michelle of Quantum Theology is off on retreat, but she shared some thoughts about the joys of silence in a commentary piece that was recently published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yeah, Michelle!

Lorna mourned the suspension of Sunday worship at her church for the summer, and pondered the challenge of making time for God.

In response to several requests, Shawna shared the recipe for Blueberry-Lemon Bread, and reflected in a blog titled Chicken-fried Ministry that more of Jesus' ministry took place over a meal than at the synagogue. She thinks maybe we should be doing the same.

swandive has returned to blogging and asks what mythological creature you are (turns out she's a chimera).

Mother Laura has posted a sermon about the Good Samaritan that she'll be preaching at one of Sally Coleman's church this weekend. "How cool is that???" Sally asks. Pretty cool!

At Eternal Echoes, Sally herself has a synchro blog on Utopia; Mrs Brown and the Kingdom of God, as well as a description of praying with colors/auras and a reflection on the experience.

And I, your humble scribe, am packing up for my mission trip to Alabama next week. I put the ebook version of Judith Merkle Riley's A Vision of Light on my pda (I'll be back in time for the July 25 RevGal discussion; we'll see if I'm finished by then!) and I'm loading up the mp3 player and looking for thoughtful podcasts to take along. Got any suggestions?

You can add your own nominations in the comments section below. To recommend a post for next week's edition, send an email to, including a short description and the URL.


  1. Potter fever is huge in our house... and I will be out of the country when "the" book arrives!!! Will try to visit folks later. Off to the library to write more scintillating Church Administration prose..... (yargh...)


  2. excellent round-up; though Potter fever is passing me by!!!

  3. Harry Potter fever - thankfully I seem to be immune. I read the first book, that's it. Of course, it occurs to me that I was in seminary when the first one came out and everyone caught the fever and I had no time for reading anything other than assigned texts. Perhaps I should expose myself to the HP bug and see if I catch it! You've given me something to think about.

  4. Podcast recommendations: Get thee over to NPR (or can access through iTunes) and try Speaking of Faith

    There are LOTS of good ones on there for just about every topic you can imagine. Go nuts. :)

  5. oops forgot to add to my comment that I've got a question up on my blog I'd LOVE the RevGals input on:

    Lectionary Recommendation (Help!)

  6. I saw Potter last night at the local IMAX!!


  7. Haven't seen to movie yet (don't tell me!) and I am so excited for the book! My Harry Potter Costume Contest at the library is tomorrow!
    I'm dressing as Professor Minerva McGonagall.

  8. Another great roundup. A friend and I are going to see the Harry Potter movie on Friday the 13th. Rock on.

  9. Awwww, who feels the love, I do! I do! Thanks for welcoming me back revgals.

  10. PCIT's thingy on Hogwarts church is WONDERFUL. A must read.

    Getting the book as THE FIRST DAY and seeing the movie in IMAX ASAP.

  11. For next week's festival, I nominate a post from the archive of a newcomer. She reposted it for Father's Day this year.It draws a parallel of listening to the voice of an earthly father and the voice of our heavenly Father.


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