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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Festival: To celebrate our 6th anniversary

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of RevGalBlogPals, here's a post from our founder, St. Casserole.

(And be sure to read the post where it all started, on July 19, 2005.)

I called a friend this morning asking the question,"what does it cost you to believe as you do?" He gave a thoughtful answer commenting he felt homeless most of the time with groups of friends. He means homeless in the sense of having no group who shares his understanding of the world.
I know what he means.
I don't fit the categories of theological church life, either. I'm accused of being in one group or the other by people who do not listen to me. They don't know but they feel better if they can peg me in a group.
Later today, when I napped, I had a dream about the RGBP Big Event. Number 5 is coming up in January for the group and I'll be on the big ship laughing with great women.
The dream was filled with women. Many I recognized from RGBP, others I gave faces to because I don't know them IRL. Everybody was talking and being happy to be together.
Other dream life stuff filtered through like getting stuck in a room filled with a wedding party wearing the worst outfits a dreamer can imagine. All sorts of pink shiny crystals sewed to anything moving.
The dream spoke the truth. I see women who understand me at the Big Event. What a great feeling it is to feel "at home" even if it is only 5 days a year.

Are you wondering why I napped? I'm going to the first showing of Harry Potter tonight at midnight with LH and friends.

Glad to see you again,
St. Casserole

We're glad to see you again, too!

Actually, we're glad to see all of you. I hope you'll take the opportunity to share a RevGals experience in the comments, or write about it on your blog and post a link here. 


  1. Happy Birthday RGBPs!!!!! I love all of you...and love this of amazing people.
    I am so glad I stumbled upon you in my first few weeks of ministry in New England. J'adore!

  2. An enthusiastic second on that from me, revkjarla! I dared to blog about it here. I am very grateful for all of you!

  3. What a happy anniversary!

    And yes... that original mug is still sitting on my desk. :-)


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