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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's the Second Friday of the Month Friday Five...

...and you know what that means--yet another edition of a Random Friday Five!
So, without further ado, let's get our random on!

1.  If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth,where would you take them?  (Remember, you have superpowers from last month's Second Friday Five, so if you need to use them for transportation, feel free to do so.)

2.  What is making you grumpy these days?

3.  O.K., so now that you got the grumps out, what is one thing today that will be sheerly joyful for you?

4.  I am pitifully, once again, trying to grow a garden.   Last year I only harvested one cucumber.   This year, I have zucchini, cucumbers and tiny tomato plants.   Everything is abloom, but the jury is out whether there will be any yield.   So, do YOU have a garden?  What are you growing?   If you don't, what is your favorite fresh summertime vegetable/fruit/flower?

5.  If the aforementioned aliens suddenly demanded all the contents of your closet, OR ELSE (as in clothing, shoes,  etc.) but kindly said you could keep three items, what would they be?

Have fun, and as always, let us know if you played by telling us in the comments, and linking us to your page!


  1. My creative self has been stifled for months, yet today I'm the first to post! Thanks for making me get random.

  2. Mine is here

    Seem to be experiencing poor internet I hope to make it around to others today.

  3. Glad to have time to play today—I got my random on here! And does anyone know why my profile picture isn't showing up?

  4. I played but Blogger is acting up again and I can't post picts or even have a regular font size.

  5. Today I played with intentional randomness... thanks, revkjarla, and my apologies for not taking time to find any pics; getting anything posted so soon in itself is close to miraculous.

  6. Heh. I was in a creatively snarky mood here!

    1. I am chuckling out lout at the visit to the news studio, and the egits and the nosy neighbors. What a FUN play! heh heh heh. I tried commenting on your blog, but somehow it didn't work.

  7. I played here But I also did a blog entry about the joy I'm feeling about the Episcopal Church's decision to allow same-gender blessings. That's my true joy today. " You'll find that joy here


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