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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A "Never Again" Friday Five

"It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

It was supposed to be a "staff bonding" moment for us... The church staff team and some of our spouses got all decked out in a harness and helmets and went on a high wire "confidence" course. It was supposed to be liberating and fun and build a spirit of camaraderie.
Yours Truly. Terrified.

I was talked into doing it. Sounded simple. You put on a butt-hugging harness and clip yourself to a verrry thin wire. You go way high in the air and climb around trees with the squirrels. It ended with a zip wire. To this day, the memory of it sends chills down my spine.


You may have read David Foster Wallace's essay "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" where he notes his lack of enthusiasm for going on a cruise. (That's putting it in a nutshell. It's hilarious. Do read it!) However, I think it (perhaps) is just a wee bit of a hyperbole. ;) Some of our awesome RevGals are heading out on the next BE 6.0 (Big Event) for a cruise. They absolutely will have an amazing time. A very non-DFW cruise. And even the cruise-phobic among us would wish that! 

All this is the inspiration for this week's Friday Five! 

Perhaps you have tried something that everyone assured you was SO MUCH FUN!!! and you swore on a stack of Bibles that you would never ever be dragged to said activity ever again. Was it horseback riding? Rappelling? Ballet class when you were 7?

So share with us 5 Supposedly Fun Things You'll Never EVER Do Again. You may find some commiserating souls among us. A bonus if you share pictures. 

P.S. Bon voyage to our Rev Gal friends! May you have smooth seas, sunny skies and many little umbrellas in your drinks. :)

Oh - yeah - don't forget to put a link into your comments! 

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  1. I played once but never again but never again this Friday over at signs-along-the-way.

  2. Thanks, Deb, for the challenge and the early post. Here's my take.

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. Don't know what happened. Thanks for the save. Another way to get there is to click "search" when "not found" comes up.

  3. I'm on the 21 day journey of wonder, so today's post is already up. I'll add my 'never again' here b/c I love Friday 5s :
    Horse back riding!
    a relaxing evening trail ride?
    except my horse was a little too eager to enjoy his freedom from confinement and it was downhill all the way. yep. over the edge of the cliff with me desperately gripping the reins and screaming for dear life all the way down!

    not sure if I should thank you, Deb, for the memories ? :)
    but i've enjoyed reading the ones posted so far !

  4. Here's my list. I'm a woman on a mission (housework) for a bit, but I'll be back to visit everyone! Play on! :)

  5. okay, I came up with some! One may be a little tongue in cheek. ;-) I love this topic, it's so fun to think about, and led me down another rabbit hole too!

  6. since I only play fives or sixes on my blog, I'm playing my only 2 for today in the comments: someone from former church tried to convince me about the 1. ski slope – I'll sit by the fire in the lodge with a glass of vino and a book or sketch pad; my aunt's husband insisted I'd love a 2. martini – isn't this what perfume tastes like? thanks, Deb!

  7. Well, HERE are five of my nine lives I won't be getting back...

  8. I am relieved to read that two of mine are represented here! Cake decorating and amusement parks!

  9. Last time I went on a spinning ride at an amusement park.... my head kept spinning and spinning.


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