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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Birthday Carnival!

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday dear RevGals,
happy birthday to us!

That's right, this week is the birthday of RevGalBlogPals. We're eight! It's hard to believe it's been eight years since the comment-conversation that led to t-shirts and a website, then later a board and an annual event and now a staff person! We are growing almost as fast as an eight year old, and we love every minute! As many of the founders can be heard saying: "we made a thing!" It's always said with an exclamation point, of course.

I have a friend who always wishes people happy birthday with the greeting "happy new year!" It's a reminder that a birthday both marks things past and looks forward to things to come. So may our birthday be an occasion for looking back (as we have done the last two weeks) and looking forward at what God has in store for us next!

Because eight year olds love things that are slightly complicated but not really, and because 8 year olds are some of the most imaginative people I know, we'll be doing a two-part carnival this week!

1. What's your birthday tradition?
2. If you were blowing out the RevGal birthday candles, what would you wish for us? What's your dream for RevGalBlogPals?

Post on your blog, or in the FB group, or in the comments here, or email us at wednesdayfestival at gmail dot com, and let's get this party started!

If you leave a link to your blog using the following formula, we can all click through and enjoy! <a href="your blog address goes here, starting with http://">what you want the link to say goes here</a>


  1. very cool—thanks for the reminder! My currently only active (out of 4) theology blog turns 11 tomorrow, so I have double reasons to write a birthday post.

  2. Off I go on my way, but here's my post for today!

    Ummmm... the rhyme was unintentional! LOL...

  3. At this point I would just as soon ignore my birthday, thank you very much.

    1. I'm sad about that. But I hope you'll let us celebrate your life and the gift you are to us all.

  4. I hope I get to blog about this, but in case I don't:

    1) Favorite Birthday tradition: A special birthday dinner (in or out) with beloveds

    2) My dream for RevGalsBlogPals is to keep on doing -- more, better -- what I have found here. That would be: open-arms welcome for women and men who support clergy women; diverse heart-felt blogs; gatherings in person and virtually; and the ability to grow and change and meet with grace the challenges of living out this vision of community.

    I did write a blog post for birthday number 6.

    Since then: 2 more Big Events, 2 mini-events with Dallas-Ft. Worth friends, and having the joy of being one of the hosts of the Preacher Party and occasionally responding to Ask the Matriarch.

    Thank you, RevGals, and God bless!


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