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Monday, July 01, 2013

midsummer Meet-n-Greet and Blog Carnival!!

One of my favorite things is telling people how great RevGalBlogPals are. We do incredible things in this organization. There's so much good news to share about this group! I hope you are all sharing the amazing things God is doing through RGBP, so we can welcome even more new friends!

This month we have some lovely bloggers joining the ranks...

Maureen, formerly the "40 year old seminarian" is now a UCC pastor in New Hampshire. You can find her at The Pastor Is In!

Odoroita is a recent seminary graduate in the UCC. She is in the process of moving from the East Coast to the Midwest.

Both write beautifully and include lovely photos in each post. Please stop by and say hello!

While you're popping around the interwebz, take a moment to write a blog post of your own. We're hosting a Blog Carnival in July! Each week there'll be a different carnival ride for you to play. We'd love to see you blog on the topic we suggest, then send us your links at or drop your link in the Wednesday comments! Don't have a blog? Write something for Wednesday's comments, or leave it on the facebook page, or just email us and we'll post it for you.

This week's blog carnival topic is: What does Galship mean to you? The phrase was originally coined to refer to RevGal Fellowship--all the ways we build community, share our lives, support each other, and have fun. So blog about Galship--have you had an experience of galship in person or online? Has galshipping changed your life or ministry? what's your favorite part of our galship? Or whatever way you understand the question--there are no wrong answers! What does Galship mean to you? Ready, set, write!

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