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Friday, April 21, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Favorites

Don't think too hard about these.

That's an order!

On this particular day, these are my favorites:

1) fruit

2) song

3) beverage

4) shoes

5) flower

Let us know in the comments if you play on your blog, or feel free to play here, too.


  1. played at

  2. Exactly the simple sort of "don't think too hard" I need today!

  3. i played. and i included pictures!

  4. 1) watermelon
    2) haven't thought about music recently
    3) Dr. Pepper
    4) my comfortable sandles
    5) violet

  5. 1) raspberries (oh dear...long wait ahead)
    2) today...ooh...I've had a worship song "Refiner's Fire" on the brain..not sure if it's a favourite, but it certainly won't go away
    3)dry white wine
    4)my flowery Doc Martens (even though I can't wear them all day as they rub my high instep)
    5)primrose...almost any day, honestly

  6. Fruit: Strawberry
    Song: The hymn "Set My Soul Afire"
    Beverage: iced tea (decaf)
    Shoes: none--prefer bare feet
    Flower: tulip

  7. 1) fruit = fresh apricots

    2) song = (nope can't think that fast!)

    3) beverage = black tea, or tea with lemon and a little sugar

    4) shoes = comfortable ones

    5) flower = daffodils

  8. Fruit: Strawberry

    Song: That one song by that one chick

    Beverage: Sweet Iced Tea

    Shoes: Mia's

    Flowers: All... but daisies if I have to pick one kind

  9. Ooops, I thought it was poetry day. Oh well, it's a form of play, too, as well as work...

  10. I did it at preacher, blogger or procrastinator... and I think I might have to admit an addiction.

  11. I'm in, too.
    Plus an update on the apartment search.
    Blanket in the Grove

  12. Done did it:

  13. Delayed response at my space -

  14. Fruit: Pineapple
    Song: Maymorning - Runrig
    Beverage: A nice cup of tea!
    Shoes: My black DM boots
    Flower: Yellow tulips

  15. A Day Late BUt I'm on my way to play now...


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