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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday Round-up N-Z

Happy Hump Day! Although, it does feel like a Tuesday ... Here's the End-of-the-Alphabet Wednesday Roundup:

Scott over at Nachfolge is on vacation and is not "preaching" over the next two months. Let us know how that goes, Scott! Steph asks "Why can't we agree to disagree and leave the childish behavior behind?" Good question! NotShyChiRev gives us good reasons to be ashamed and angered. Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee is checking out his Site-O-Meter. So is Stumbling . Check it out! And speaking of checking it out - check out the cutie patootie at Pink Shoes' blog. will smama blogs about her Memorial Day Sunday service. Love that flower arrangement! Chaplain Lydia offers her thanks and blessings. Right back at you!

Quotidian Grace suggests that seminarians should take a course in Small Business Management. I agree! And how about Early Childhood and Elementary Ed as well, because most churches I know don't share or take turns real well and most parishioners run with scissors. 'Nuff said. Rainbow Pastor has a neat idea for Pentecost and she asks "What are you doing for Pentecost?" Mibi and family went to look at their new domicile. Rev Dr Mom is in a time warp. Reverend Mother has used heavy dots (·) to highlight items in a list of thoughts about life. Non-violently, of course. Reverend Mommy and family are making some changes in their life that's causing both "excitement and anxiety." Lorna is waiting ... on the hammock.

Songbird blogs about dancing and unexpected gifts. St. Cass comes in on the clergywoman fashion meme. Swandive is in Florida and met THE M-O-U-S-E. (I was named for two of the original Mouseketeers!) Amy is inspired ... by shoes? Happy Anniversary to Ken & Mary Beth! Stacey is on vacation and reminds us to "play nice" while she's gone. Rachel at the Big Dunk says check out the Monster Truck Church Advertisement.

ppb blogs about her thanatology class. Stop over at Singing Owl's and see the beautiful cradle her husband found at a garage sale! Whoa! What in the world is Twerpette doing blogging at 2 am? The Vicar offers up two prayers - one for "Tuesday-as-the-start-of-the-work-week;" the other "Hump Day." Ginger over at Walk Humbly has her summer ALL.PLANNED.OUT. I need a vacation after reading her summer plans! And finally, Beth has writer's block.

Have a good rest of the week. Leave a comment if you wanna.

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  1. still posting from Canada (grin) but really disappointed that lulu only got around to shippping my copies of OT yesterday when I ordered as soon as it was available i.e almost three weeks ago.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this? I'm really not sure this delay and have now emailed asked what the reason for the delay was (there's no way we'll get the book earlier than 3 weeks into OT which is a real disappointment!)

    But anyway I am having a great time in Canada. Now in unionvilled near Toronto.


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