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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday A-L - it is finished!!!

Momentous News
BethQuick is an ordained elder! and Karen (Kinesis) has been ordained Deacon (and served at Eucharist this lovely).

Brother Terry's corn is silking (in the church garden!). Chaplain Mom is one of the Top Ten Staffers at her university! :) As accolades sometimes do, this caused her to feel very stressed, so why not go give her a big virtual hug? Cheesehead has a birthday, a new laptop, and a wonderful day to share. Tripp's settling in at his new home & church. The Gord family is now on their own with the newest little one. Blessings on your adjustment.

Prayers, please
HeavyRevvy's Mother in Law passed on on the 30th and she was asked to officiate at the funeral - her first one. Prayers and blessings on her and DH in the days to come.

Words and other things
Jennifer/Claire has a great word for you. StarvingArtists has many words, stories of her children, which she keeps in a separate journal for each. Provocative words from Abiding: God is not an idiot. Blanket has 10 random thoughts (sort of). Contemplative Chaplain shares a letter to her immune system. Brick Wall has had an interesting set of conversations on her CPE and has a new pair of Birks, too. A wonderful Holy Spirit poem from Kathryn. HipPastor'sWife tells in haiku about getting THE word down.

General Updates
Gallycat's back! Woohoo! Kirstin has been very, very busy! Girl's working on a new template this weekend - check in with her to see how it goes. Welcome to Gonia Gleanings, preparing for Conference. Go check in with Emily and learn what wisdom the Perky Fitness Chick has shared! Gavoweb has finished moving and gotten the cable hooked up. JaneEllen's Hoosier House has sold. CamelDance has a darling sister in love. Jo(e) and family are camping - how lovely! PreacherMom introduces a new blogfriend and invites us to go say howdy-do.

MissPK (good to hear from you) reflects on surface beauty and the work in that line that women do on opposed to what men do. Ha! LoudBrashDramatic is thinking about how our bodies often pop up to the surface with the emotional things we are preferring not to pay attention to. LutheranChik has some darn beautiful flowers.

Memes and Blogthings
Peter's playing the "what pop culture do I eschew" meme, and Katherine is practicing with her scanner, giving us "Two Wedding Photos and a Whale Attack."

So Cool!
Mindy is ever so crafty! Carolyn's on TV and you can see it on the web. Canticles has awesome new interview clothes and is in Florida doing that thing even as I write. Keep her in your prayers!! Cathy features a young friend's creative self-haircut.

Chelley loves Liverpool Street station. Dash loves red! and considers its use in liturgy and worship on Pentecost. What are YOU doing with RED? Leslee shares a grand police drama story and photo.

Clever Title would sure love to have YOUR comment! Get over there and see her!! I will comment that I am happy to meet and welcome Catherine of Come to the Table. Dylan refers us to the Octave of Prayer for General Convention (of the Episcopal Church). Dates of the Octave are June 4 - 11; Convention is June 13-21. May I say that the prayers of ALL of you are sincerely sought at this time.

(A blessed Pentecost to those who are celebrating it today!) HipChickMamma has blown up 99 redballoons to celebrate.


  1. Sorry if I've been driving everyone crazy by navel gazing- I guess I'm working through a lot of stuff... still blogging though!

  2. Thank you for the well-wishing. I appreciate it!


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