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Saturday, November 04, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party

Friends, I'm home on a break from the church fair. My sermon is a gleam in my eye, except for a section about my daughter's braces. How goes it with you?


  1. I'm about half-way through. I'm going with Mark, and using a narrative about my time at the retreat center.

  2. Hey where is everybody? I'm not writing a sermon today. Instead I'm writing my evaluation for my first CPE unit. I was hoping to use preaching party to procrastinate. Anyone out there?

  3. I have apple- cinnamon muffins, Fair trade coffeee (Mind, Body and Soul, how appropriate for Mark text!)and a sermon title...The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love (Thanks to Lutheranchick and Quaker Pastor). I am working from the idea of how tough it can be to truly love. Yet, with 613 commnadments in the Torah, it is what we are told to do.
    Speaking of love, as you come in, please pet the kitty. He is desperate for attention.

  4. I was determined to keep an unfinished sermon from hanging over my head all day. It is now fresh out of the printer as of a few seconds ago. I am preaching the Mark text - a pretty generic-sounding sermon, I'm afraid. This is such an incredible passage, but it has been done so often that it is hard to find a fresh perspective. Here's praying that the Spirit breathes life into it tomorrow!

    Now that the sermon is done, I have two of my least favorite chores to cross off the list: changing cat litter and cleaning out the refrigerator. Once those two yuckies are done and over, I might not budge off the couch (or from in front of the computer) the rest of the day! I think I feel a nap coming on . . .

  5. Hey!
    Oh my, I will just say, "Those CPE evaluations suck!"

  6. Litterbox changed. One yucky down, one to go . . .

  7. I'm working with Mark as well. I'm starting off with a re-telling of the "warm fuzzies/cold pricklies story that I heard ad nauseam in summer camps of various sorts all through the seventies. Then turning a ninety degree angle to say that in the Judaism of Jesus, love was not primarily about a "warm fuzzy" feeling, but about a pattern of consistent ethical action--thus the 613 commandments, etc. And then . . . well, that's as far as I've gotten so far.

  8. Fridge is cleaned out. Can we all say, "Ewww, GROSS!" Yucky chore #2 is done.

    Now, the Clemson Tigers just started to play and the little ones will be going down for a nap soon. Watch football or nap???

  9. Ack! It seems that I have neglected my preacher party hostessing duties. It was in my planner and everything... Is it a bad sign that I just plain forgot that it's Saturday?

    Perhaps it's because I'm not really preaching this week. I've decided to read the entire Sermon on the Mount instead. Someone mentioned that here a few weeks ago and I've been thinking about it ever since, so that's the plan.

    Anyone have any good children's sermon ideas related to the Sermon on the Mount?

  10. Oh, and many thanks to Songbird for covering my butt this morning and giving you all a place to leave comments.

  11. It's Remembrance Sunday up here in Canada, so I'm going with that. We also have our All Saints candle-lighting liturgy, where we honour the people we have done funeral and memorial services for over the past year. And we have communion, so the sermon can be mercifully short.

    The sermon is based on the Ruth reading. It is without question one of my most mediocre sermons ever, but I really don't have the energy to fix it. I've been fighting the flu (the real thing, with bonus fevers!) all week, and I'm just done in.

    I'm actually not sure I should be going tomorrow to do the service at all, but at this point, what can I do?

  12. Done!

    But now I'm feeling as if I should clean out my own disgusting fridge.

  13. Sorry Cheesehead! I was getting close to having to call in the Haz-mat team for mine, though.

  14. Litter box? Litter box? Did someone say it's time to clean out a litter box?
    I'm home from the fair, and one short dog walk away from working on my sermon.
    I *wish* I could forget it's Saturday...

  15. Well, here I am back from an denominational morning meeting about an hour away from home. I am thinking sermon prep will be tomorrow in the a.m.--veddy early. I know what I want to talk about-the Mark passage and have several illustrations and that slick title
    "The toughest job you'll ever love." I am drawn to elaborate on the fact that the bringing together of those two commandments is what makes Jesus' message radical-for the folks in Mark's audience and for ours as well.But first, Ohio State is playing illinois and I want to watch that! Hopefully the networks will stay with the game, even if OSU leads by more than 3 TD's...GO BUCKS!!

  16. p.s. Tough love at my house right now is about rousting my 14 year old out of his jammies and into gear! He is not a football fan- did I say GO BUCKS?!

  17. Stacey--

    Here's my children's sermon for tomorrow, based on part of the SotM. (head pastor is preaching on "Do not covet")

    I'm bringing some flowers and my office fish and we're going to talk about the flowers of the field and the birds of the air (easier to contain the fish than a bird...)

    Added bonus--I get to buy myself some nice flowers. And maybe even take the cost out of my professional expenses!

    Chin up preachers! remember the associates who covet the opportunity to preach (I guess I need to pay attention to that sermon, huh?)

  18. Hi yall from the deep south. I am not preaching in the morning, but am in the evening. Bob is preaching on the Ruth passage for me for my biday. . I am preaching on the Mark passage for the evening. I like that the Toughest job you'll ever have. Preacher mom,I did the ironing does that count as yucky jobs today. I cleaned the kitty litter box last night. Stacey don't worry we cover each other's backside.
    I have popcorn and diet coke if any one wants some.

    Clemsom is losing.

  19. Erica, thanks for putting it in perspective! It's not that I mind the preaching; it's just sometimes hard to find the place to fit in the writing!

  20. Hi all! I'm new here! I'm just putting formatting my sermon. I have to preach it first time through TONIGHT, I love the idea of peaceful evening vespers services, but having just joined the Women's Association for the semi-annual luncheon at which my husband and I showed a slide show and gave a talk about our five weeks in Europe this summer, now I just want to curl up with the computer or t.v. and cuddle up for the rest of the day.

    I've been off lectionary the past few weeks for stewardship sermon. I've been working through a list of the 10 best stewardship texts ala Walter Brueggemann at a Montreat Conference a few years ago. Four texts this year, three or four last year... Psalm 50:7-15 this week.

    Not too sure about this sermon.... we'll see. Thank goodness commitment Sunday is next week and we can move on.

    Thanks for letting me in!

  21. WHat is this obscure ritual of cleaning the fridge you folks refer too??????? :)

    ANyway, thatnkfully I was in good shape because it is now 3:30 and I have spent all day with a funeral, well almost. I did get the TV/VCR ready for the video during Children's Time. My sermon will basically be a few introductory comments about trust and a reading of today's devotional from Ordinary TIme

  22. Yes, RevAbi, ironing DEFINITELY counts as a yucky job. Maybe not yucky as in gross, but yucky as in one of THE dreaded chores of all time.

    Oh, and make that LOST. Clemson lost. By a point. In the last seconds. Quite frankly, I think someone kidnapped our team after the GA Tech game two weeks ago and sent in imposters to take their place. My blood still runneth orange, but good grief . . .

  23. Welcome, more cows than people. Hope tonight goes well for you.

    I am so sorry Preacher Mom about your team. But you know my whole season has been ruined and lost, I think somebody sent a space craft down and captured the team and the coaches. (FSU)

    I don't do refigs., windows, or toliets. LOL. I do preach.

  24. I've just brewed a fresh pot of coffee. I'm going to stop reading stories about Ted Haggard. I will start writing my sermon, right.this.minute.
    (Or soon, anyway.)
    I don't suppose anyone has cookies?

  25. I just read the Mark passage you all are preaching on. Good stuff. Actually, most of us don't need to hear a sermon on this - we just need to go do it.

    Isn't stewardship just love in action?

    Praying for you all!!

  26. Working on more of a reflection than a full sermon.

  27. Here's something really nerdy - my sermon is done on the Ruth passage. But, I'm preaching it next week becaues we have a guest preacher tomorrow. AND, I'm going on my 10th annual shopping trip with my mother next week...don't want a sermon hanging over my head! I did post a little something today and would appreciate any comments you might have.

  28. Songbird, I have some cookie dough, I can quickly bake it. Or I can offer you some genuine Halloween candy.

  29. I spent the morning watching, on webcam, the investiture of the new Presiding Bishop for the Episcopal church, Katharine Jefferts Schori...very cool! and awesome.

    My sermon has basically been in almost done mode since Tuesday...when it just popped out of me! Now I need to spend a lot of time fine tuning it, I'd like to preach it without the text, which is my prefered preaching method, but one I can only do when I have the time to be that grounded.

    Anyway I using the image of a jigsaw puzzle to look at life, All Saints' and baptism...tomorrow we transfer All Saints to Sunday, a grand feast day with renewal of baptismal promises, plus we are celebrating those who have died recently...a real jigsaw kind of liturgy - life....that somehow all comes together.

    I have Earl Grey tea and peanut M&M's...

  30. We're celebrating tonight- I am officialy done with work at one place and haven't yet started at the new place. So this is a completely church-free Saturday night. It's odd, not thinking about texts...

    Mr. Listing is making homemade pizza... And there's pumpkin pie- we're happy to share--

    I'm thinking of all of you and sending you serious mojo...

  31. I don't have a kitty (darn) but do have frig--and I gave up cleaning it for Lent and haven't gotten back to it (just kidding, well sort of) Sermon is done, sort's not clicking however. WE are doing John 11 / Lazasrus for All Saints..and again too familiar a story, which isn't all that familiar when I started digging around...I have home made sugar cookies with orange and white frosting, and real coffee..come by just don't look into the frig. Gail

  32. Oh by the way-- you guys are delightrful..I read my own email and then always RGBP Thanks for the laughter, the community and for the ideas. gail

  33. We just had some excitement here! It's too long for the comment column, so if you have a chance (or want to procrastinate a bit longer), pop over to my place to see why I love my small town.

    P.S. I hope the link works!

  34. Just finished obssessing over the power point for tomorrow morning. We are presenting the mission trip to Mississippi that 6 of us went on.

    I do need to pull some thoughts together, but I am remaining out of the sermon trench for just one more week.

    You all are doing great!

  35. Sigh.
    At the moment, my previously brilliant-seeming real-life connections to the Ruth story just don't feel like they fit. I'm bummed. I'll just have to keep writing and see where I end up...

  36. Hello all,

    I've been away from blogging and the party for several weeks (too much procrastination that I didn't have time to procrastinate here), but it's nice to be back. I have a draft of a sermon (I'm in the midst of a sermon series on fruits of the spirit -- this week is peace). Unfortunately, it's too easy to find illustrations that point to the lack of peace in the world. I'm trying to avoid making it too political as well -- a tough thing to do this close to the election.

    In the meantime, some fair trade coffee sounds just about right, if there's any left, that is. I'll offer some leftover apple crisp to go with it.

    PS. Blessing to you mid-life rookie on the cpe evaluation. I took a unit a few years ago -- one of the most rewarding and most demanding summers of my life!

    PPS Clio (my cat) sends greetings to the kitty and wonders if anyone wants to change her litterbox while
    she/he is in the groove -- MEOW!

  37. Well, we are at week 5 out of 6 for our stewardship study with matching sermons. It's based on the membership vows (prayers, presence, gifts, and service) and is MUCH better than I hoped it would be.

    Tomorrow has communion and noon kickoff so the sermon will be better received if its short.

    I spent the morning about a hour away with the parents of a church member whose father is dying. They were very connected to their church in Iowa but haven't really found a church where they live now. So my empty Saturday got filled.

  38. Hi everyone. I've been hanging around for a while but not commenting much. I'm supply preaching tomorrow, and I "finished" the sermon on Thursday. After a weekend of youth ministry meetings, I'm trying to prop my eyelids open to look it over.

    I got intrigued by the final verse of the Mark passage "no one dared to ask him another question," and started thinking about the questions we are afraid to ask because the answers will require too much of us. I was looking for a fresh perspective, too. We'll see how it goes. The cupboard is bare around here, so no sermon snacks to share.

  39. Felt guilty, so I cleaned M's litterbox;he is most grateful for greetings and friendly remeinder.
    Did afternoon visits in hospital. Amazing folks get sick with sr pastor out of town. A syndrome! Caught game scores. Sorry to the Tiger and Bulldog fans.Congrats to winning teams.
    Hate to be pessimestic, but I may be joining ranks after Gamecocks take on R-backs.
    Sermon's coming along, has to be short due to communion. Like the 613 and "consistent ethical action" and correct, you don't need the sermon, just do it! Another great sermon title! Just do it!

  40. Sorry. One litterbox a day is my limit. But before you think I'm being uppity, just remember that I still have two kids in the midst of potty training! (Hmmm . . . maybe I'd trade one litterbox for the changing of one messy 'accident'! Any takers?)

    As for football, as I said before, my blood runneth orange. Which means, of course, that my two favorite teams are Clemson and whoever is playing Carolina! Sorry! (It's all in fun - I think!)

  41. oh, and yes, peacepastor, still plenty of fair trade coffee left...
    and a chicken rice casserole for tomorrow's luncheon in the oven.
    Love campbell's soup recipes.

  42. Hey Everybody!

    Too worn out to do more.

    Litterbox. Done
    Frig. Last week
    Laundry. mostly done
    Me. tired

  43. OK, where does it say that clergy are somehow these strange people who don't do what others do?

    Funeral luncheon at the Legion. Sitting playing cribbage with Legion members and having a drink (we had a toast to a fallen comrade). Deceased's grandaughter comes by and seees the beer beside me and says congratulations if that's yours (it wasn't, but the rum and coke was) like she totally didn't expect me to be having a drink--this has happended before, the first one to comment on that ws my brother-in-law and his posslq. THen a few minutes later someone comes by and says "oh GOrd's playing cards, good for him" (for the record I have played cribbage since I was old enough to do basic addition--it was a great way to practice, and my grandmother was a crib fanatic).

    Really, do I give off some vibe saying I never do these sorts of things??? HUh???

  44. Procrastinating again. Last load of laundry going into dryer, fridge cleared out but not cleaned. Four evaluation questions answered in long-hand, but they need to be typed. Five answers left to contemplate. Really, I'm finding this informative and formative. Last verbatim handwritten, but needs to be typed. I think manBoy and I will be battling for my computer tomorrow as he has an assignment that must also be typed. Well I'm going to try for one or two more answers before I crash. Thanks for the encouragement. Blessings on all of you who are preaching tomorrow. I know the Spirit will abide in you.

  45. Gord, that is a great question that will keep me away from my sermon for a few more minutes (although perhaps not as many as the breaking news re: Ted Haggard).
    People do seem to assume that we are not like everyone else, and that is bothersome. It contributes to the pressure on pastors (and their families) to be some kind of impossibly perfect role models. I'm glad I don't have a wife who needs to deal with that stuff, and I'm glad for my husband that he totally doesn't care about it.

  46. Thanks, m-l r! Good luck with your work!

  47. It is totally all in fun, Preacher Mom. I don't think Spurrier is having fun though!
    The fun for me is living among all the Auburn and 'Bama fans when I'm the lone Gamecock in the church.
    I do have a Masters in SP. Ed from Clemson, have attended baseball games and cheered for the Tigers! Shhh! Don't tell anyone. :)
    G'nite all!

  48. One other thing. How am I supposed to keep the answers for nine questions (more than one of which asks for several examples) limited to five pages when the questions themselves take up a page and a half? Never mind. Rhetorical question. Good night.

  49. Carolina lost, which at least keeps this Clemson fan from having to take a lot of lip. But I have to say they played a lot better than my Tigers did!

    Good night everyone!

    God be with you wherever you worship!

  50. It's 11:00 pm here...and I got nothing (after being gone all week and at a hymnal workshop all day today). Sigh. It's going to be interesting tomorrow morning.

    We're into All Saints, with John 11 and Lazarus and Mary and Martha. At this point, if I can keep from tearing up during the reading of the Gospel, I'll be doing well.

  51. Okay, friends, I have something, finally. As I mentioned to another RevGal in an e-mail, I've been trying to massage my sermon on the Ruth text to include something about Ted Haggard (pun completely intended). That actually helped me reach a conclusion, so it can't be too bad a choice, can it?
    It's 11:18 p.m. EST, and I am going to bed. There's chocolate pudding in the fridge if you need a midnight pick-me-up!

  52. 1-4 Grace,
    Have you had anyone try to get you to commit one way or another for Auburn Or AL?

    I live amongst them too. But we make it just fine.

    Good night all, God's blessings on all. Sem Fem it will come.

  53. Good morning preacher of the Word! I hope everyone had/has a glorious morning.

    Remember not to fret because...
    1) The Holy Spirit has got your back.


    2) IF you have a dog... walk it proud.

  54. Revabi,
    I was asked I would be pulling for Bama or Auburn before they asked my political party. Priorities were set. I seem to coexist fine with all.
    Happy Preaching to all.

  55. Good morning all, the party was a lot of fun, good conversation along with some great procrastination. Thanks WS. Does that work for this evening too?

    Seriously, prayers for all as you go forth today with a word from God for your respective places. May the Holy Spirit bless you.

    And Gord, why don't you or one of us write a post in your blog about what you wrote in here.

  56. Just want you to know, my hubby, Bob did good with his sermon. I was right proud of him. But now tonight it is my turn.

  57. Good for Bob. Hmm. I wonder if I should turn Pure Luck loose on my congregation?


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