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Saturday, June 23, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: Let Them Eat Cake Edition

In celebration of a birthday at my house this week, I hereby declare this the all cake, all the time Preacher Party (because I'm sure you know that cyber cake cannot hurt you in any way).

Stop in for a piece of coffee cake and a cup of coffee to go with it. Hot water is on for tea, too. Anyone for chai?

Tell us what you're working on today, and share a favorite cake, too!

We'll be here all day. And possibly all night...


  1. Good morning preachers. I'll be here with some coffee (help yourself, its fair trade organic from guatemala),finishing up again. I hope to be done before my afternoon obligations. I'd like some of that cake please.

  2. I think you'll love it; it's still warm!

  3. Woohoo! I'm too full for cake, but thanks, Songbird, and happy birthday to all the birthday girls and boys out there (little mary, listing straight, others?). I woke up when it was still pitch black and felt a sermon coming together (Thank you Jesus, since I went to bed feeling hopelessly without one!) So I got up and started writing so as not to lose it. A draft can be found at my place. I'd love input- and if it can be helpful to anyone working on the Gospel reading feel free to borrow!

    Any children's sermon ideas for the Gospel reading?

    I made palacinki (there should be a u shaped accent over the c) this morning- half way between a crepe and a pancake, you role sweet fillings inside them. Would anybody like me to make some more?

    Happy writing everybody!

  4. oops, that should be "roll sweet fillings"- and this is a czech dish- meant to say that too.

  5. Weehoo! First comment!

    Although considering what happened last time I was first, maybe I should let someone else go first...

    Preaching on Galatians. Trying to bring in not only inclusion but through that inclusion, refuting supersession. Yeah, tough one.

    On the other hand, I have a great illustration. The Co-Grand Marshals of the Pride parade in New York City this year are Rev. Troy Perry (founder of my denomination) and Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah. What better illustration of not only human walls coming down but that God does not draw distinctions either?

    Well, this took me long enough that I'm probably not the first after all...

    Bringing chocolate cake with raspberry filling--my favourite!

  6. I'm not preaching tomorrow. We have visiting evangelists speaking Sun through Wed. After a cup of coffee and some of that warm coffee cake, I am heading up to our district church camp to make a pastoral appearance at our Royal Rangers (think Boy Scouts with Jesus and stuff...) camp. They get points if I show up. And it is an absolutely beautiful day for a drive. I'm picking up a friend whose husband is up there too (along with mine) so it should be fun. I'll check back in with you working preachers later, and I'll bring some string cheese from a wonderful little family run cheese store we will pass on the way.

  7. The coffee cake is GREAT! I love that it has no calories!
    I am going to work on the gospel passage, probably borrowing more cows that people's illustration because I love that comic strip too! I'm also gonna work to tie in some things I learned at a preaching seminar this spring with Dr. Rick Carlson. I will check my childrens sermon resources and see what I've got...
    BUT First, I must transport my son and friend to the local amusement park--at least the house will be quiet and empty then. Back later QP
    Oh-and Happy Birthday to all who
    are B'daying.

  8. Favorite cake is Mississippi Fudge, and I'm happy to share! I also have a big batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies to share - if I eat one more I'm going to make myself sick.

    Not preaching tomorrow (s blessing of the co-pastorate) but frantically trying to get ready for the ABC Biennial (denominational conference) which will be followed by vacation. We theoretically leave on Thursday, but we have a parishioner on the verge of death, so everything now feels up in the air.

    Not doing sermon prep means I'm also on diaper duty, and judging by the smell of things, I really better get to that....

  9. Ah... Royal Rangers, SO. I hadn't heard that phrase in about 30 years. It is a nice day for a drive up here, isn't it?

    I'm writing a little later. I woke up Wednesday night with what I thought was a pretty good sermon idea--poof!--it's gone. Back to square one.

    Spouse is rebuilding our son's car engine today (and tomorrow, and next weekend, probably), ManChild is asleep on the couch, daughter is at another sleepover, and the house is quiet, so I should get started.

    Eat a piece of cake for me, will you, Songbird?

  10. Ooh Yum! That coffee cake looks scrumptious! The Fair Trade coffee is brewing as my house - I'll pour if you'll pass a piece over this way. I have some danish-looking pastries with raisins to share.

    I'm not quite awake yet but still looking at Galatians. I do have to preach twice tomorrow, once for my congregation and once for a retirement community, so I think there will have to be 2 slightly different versions of whatever I end up with.

    I'll be back after I have some coffee and wake up a little. :-)

  11. I have a couple children's stories that aren't too bad...If you want them email me and I'll send them to you.
    I forgot to mention that my favorite. cake. of. all. time. is german chocolate with pecan/coconut frosting. YUM

  12. I don't have any cake, but I made a fresh strawberry-rhubarb pie last evening to contribute to the morning feast.

    I'm preaching from the gospel this week, and I find myself circling about how Jesus and his healing the demoniac scared people-- enough that they asked him to leave. We would rather cling to what we know, no matter how harmful, than to risk the unknown? Is it a perceived loss of control that frightens?

    Now... where do I go from here...?

  13. boo, I woke up to rain rain rain. The Cardboard Cup Regatta is today so I hope the rain clears up! I want to go watch people "sail" their cardboard boats on our lake! But I don't want to go if it's raining.

    I have zero words written, only a fuzzy sense of what it is I want to say, and no "way in"--so maybe it's better if it's raining during the regatta after all.

    I'm making tea over here--I have several pots so just name what you want, I've probably got it! then, post-shower, it's down to work work work on that still small voice voice voice....

  14. Oh yeah--my email is:
    what a goof am I.

  15. Mmmmm....cake. I wish I had some of that here. Guess I'll settle for the cyber variety (better for the weight loss plan anyway). My favorite is anything including chocolate.

    So, I have no sermon - not even the beginnings of one. Lately I've been working very hard to progress on my sermons earlier in the week, to make Saturday less stressful, so I'm a little annoyed at myself. I know I need to say something about being gathered together by God, because that's where we are in the series I decided to do (and can't remember why).

    And now I have band practice. Maybe some of the music will inspire me? See y'all later.

  16. Well, as usual, I pew sit, but not tomorrow because we will be heading down to the beach for a week. Thinking of all of you who will be preaching the Word.

    To offer those of you who find procrastination inspirational a diversion by going to RGBP Trivia Challenge -- it's not even 10 oclock Eastern time and over 20 folks have played! Join us here.

  17. I've not had a lot of progress--of course there have been a few breaks for breakfast and a shower. I'm going to step away from the computer and put pen to paper--sometimes that gets me thinking differently.

    But first, here's my mother's yummy coffee cake. Its so yummy and so easy!

    Sift together: 2 c flour
    1 c sugar
    ¼ t cloves
    ¼ t cinnamon
    ½ t salt
    Add: ½ C oil
    Mix with the dry ingredients. It will make crumbs. Take out ½ c crumbs, set aside.
    Add to remaining dry ingredients:
    1 c buttermilk or sour milk
    1 t baking soda
    Mix well.
    Put mixture into a greased 11 ½ x 7 pan. Top with crumbs.
    Bake at 350, 25-30 minutes.

  18. We've been out with the dogs, I've gotten two loads of laundry in, I've run the dishwasher, had coffee--now what else can I do to procrastinate? Ah, yes, brush Sam, our big boy dog.
    And I think I'll put on another pot of Fair Trade, too.
    I'm still playing with ideas around disciplines (Galatians) and natural thirst (Psalm 42--commented about that on Tuesday) but for some reason when I did the bulletin, I also added the gospel reading, just because I love the story so much. Not sure how it's going to fit in with everything else.

  19. midsummer here - most churches are closed and I'm skipping ours too.

    g&t anyone ....?

  20. I am off to stripe a parking lot this morning (okay, I am going to be morally supporting the actual striper).

    It is a good time to pray, I find. I will be praying for all of you for ease of writing and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

    Singing Owl, I did a brief stint in Missionettes...isn't that the girl version of Royal Rangers? This, despite the fact that I have ALWAYS been Episcopalian. Mom ... um ... visted a lot in my formative years.

    Oh, and if you want a break, come on-a my house and see my
    new wonderful surprise!

  21. speaking of cake recipes, here's one I heard last week:

    one box Devil's Food cake mix
    one can diet coke

    mix. bake. eat.

    apparently it's fabulous. How it's possible, I don't quite know, but I might be willing to try it!

  22. Okay, in the spirit of recipe swap:

    Dump Cake

    Dump one can cherry pie filling and one can of tidbit size-pineapple into a greased 9x13 cake pan.

    Dump one box of yellow cake mix on top of the fruit. Do not stir, but even out the cake mix.

    Drizzle one melted stick of butter on top of the whole mess.

    Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes.


  23. Coffeecake sounds fab. I will have, soon, bacon and eggs, and pancakes. But first to exercise...sermon is coming along. A five minute homily is difficult. And I thought last week that maybe I could make it longer. But then I preached outside and remembered why I keep it to five minutes - just too difficult to pay attention with the various distractions of birds, planes, wind, kids, short it is. So. soon back to the homily to see if I can make it hang together. Working on both the Gospel and Galatians...

    birthday greetings and wishes all around!

  24. Another Saturday morning, another sermon-less preacher sitting on the couch, laptop on lap, cheerios nearby. Sigh. Still small voice--I need something.

    I'll take some of that Czech dessert, more cows (we used to live in a Czech community--yum). And some cake. Teri--the chocolate cake mix with Diet Coke sounds intriguing. If you make it, I'll help you eat it.

    Blessings to all who have errands and other stuff to do today. I'll just be here staring at the screen.

  25. I'm preparing for what will likely be a difficult sermon at one church, where the "D-mons" are Legion: Drama, Distrust and Divisiveness ... I solicit your prayers. Amazing how the lectionary, my life and the life of one of my churches can come together so poignantly. Jesus, heal this church of these demons ...

  26. I am off to the Bondurant (WY)BBQ tomorrow - no pigs unfortunately LOL. I am leaning more to that drama queen Elijah - oh poor me, no one to help, it is all up to me, Jezebel is after me (with good reason having killed off all her prophets), I did all you asked of me, God, and now every one hates me. wah, wah, wah -- finally he shuts up long enough for God to get a word in edgewise (still and small). Thunder and lightning and wind would have just increased his anxiety. God sends him back to find all the leaders God has been busy calling out while Elijah has been away.

  27. Okay, so here's what I (and the Lectionary group) apparently said about 1 Kings two months ago...
    "First we talked about looking for God in all the wrong places—how we would call things like tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes “acts of God” when the 1 Kings text tells us that God was not in those things for Elijah. We often think of God speaking in a big booming voice, doing miracles and making a big show, when really it’s the small voice, the gentle whisper, the silence where we can usually find God."

    That sounds so nice and tidy...too nice and tidy for me. I need it to be a tad bit untidy so I can make it into a sermon....oy.

  28. Off to teach a membership class.

    Anyone need anything while I'm out?

  29. I'm doing the Elijah passage, because this summer I'm trying to do more preaching out of the OT.

    It's also Rev Dav's birthday, so I will be making him a Hershey's Deep Dark Chocolate Cake (recipe on the website) w/chocolate buttercream frosting (instead of Songbird's famous Texas Sheet Cake since we are leaving on vacation and will never finish it before we leave). This partly depends on getting him out of the house. But right now he's had two cups of coffee, he has the dog cranked up and barking, and he keeps hovering around me. I just told him to stay out of here for a second and he's standing at the doorway putting his foot just over into the room. And he's enjoying himself immensely.

    I put this in yesterday's Friday Five comment, but head on over here to wish him a happy birthday!

  30. OK back from mom-mobile run...Now it's time to get serious, but first a quick jaunt down to the Stewarts on the corner for a cup o joe and maybe some of their oatmeal scotchie ice cream--it's sooo good. It'll be really good with my virtual german chocolate cake, too QP

  31. Rev. Dona Quixote: ooh... nice alliteration! I might could use that, at one particular "D" possessed congregation.


  32. now, i'm hungry again, mmm... think i might have to head to the coffee shop for some actual cake! the virtual stuff is so enticing!

    Rev. DQ- i recognize those demons- may they be cast out of your church and mine, come on Jesus!

    no prob, esperanza, i'm virtually prepping your sweets as we speak!

  33. Am I misinterpreting, or did Lorna just open the bar for us? (she offered a g&t - or does that mean something other than gin & tonic here?). At any rate, yes please. Except take the tonic out and substitute bourbon for the gin. No rocks. Thanks!

  34. I've finally gotten the munchkin to her room for nap time- the actual nap will not begin until she has looked out her widow at the kids playing in the park, had another cup of water, and sang The Vow by Geoff Moore 2 or 3 times!
    I'm preaching on Luke for the morning service and Galatians for the night service. Anyone care to guess how many words are actually on papaer? (Pause) that's right, zero! I guess I should get to it!
    Anyone have any diet coke or diet DP they are willing to share?

  35. Dang, that cake looks good!

    Count me in on the evening crew as we have just returned from a bike ride and after a quick bite I am headed out to scrub down our front porch before 100's of bluegrass fans descend onto "my" front lawn for one of three concerts this summer.

    So far my sermon is brilliant... in my mind.

  36. I'm preaching off-lectionary this week from the wisdom writings (Sirach to be specific). Interesting material.

    I haven't preached in a month. I was in Nashville, then Annual Meeting of Conference, then a shared church picnic, then last week I was sick so my FIL took the service for me (God bless him!).

    Sermon is written, but needs another look and a quick edit.

    I'll check back later. Somehow I agreed to go for a walk with my sister, who intimidates the heck out of me and usually gives me a good chewing out when we get together. *sigh*

    I'll pass on the cake thank you. I have yet another sister who is visiting in two weeks who ALWAYS reminds me that I'm the chunky one in our family. Yeesh.

  37. Durn! I have to go get a new battery for my car or I'll never make it to the 2nd service tomorrow, which is about 20 minutes away if the freeway cooperates. (like, that's gonna happen. Not.)

    I am still exactly where I was with Galatians on Tuesday, I think. Except I may be using a fairly simplistic example of discipline, as a dear friend graduated from college Magna Cum Laude yesterday. As children we need the discipline of parents, teachers, rules - as adults we learn to live our lives in a disciplined manner??

    Oh - and while trying to rearrange my home workspace yesterday my (very cheap) computer desk fell apart, so right now I have no work space other than couch and lap.

    Prayers and chocolate cake would help - not sure which one I want more of.

  38. Sue, If somebody is calling you "chunky" they'd better be Kate Fireplacing Moss!

    No way are you chunky--you are petite and adorable.

  39. Cheesehead - Love the dumpcake recipe. We use blueberry, and because it is so sweet add ice cream while it is still warm.

    We picked 15 lbs of strawberries this week, so I have shortcake and fresh jam to share. I'm trying to cut down on coffee, finished the first pot so I wouldn't mind a cup. But I have to run to an 80th birthday party at the church today. Some writing while the kids nap (hopefully) then a concert tonight. Some 24 of us are going to see John McCutcheon in Ann Arbor.

    I read something interesting around racism this week, so I plan to tie that in with Paul. My problem is OT is one of my favorites and hard to talk about racism and God being in the silence. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. It'll be in the back of my mind all day.

  40. Aw cheese, you are so sweet. Thanks.

    My sister is stick thin and unhealthy looking, which is fine, if she's comfortable that way. I just wish she could hold off on the comments about how big I am.

  41. Fentonian: Blueberry sounds good! I'll have to try that sometime.

    And I am sinfully envious that you are seeing John McCutcheon. I adore his music. Absolutely love it!!

  42. Must I remind everyone that the cake we are consuming has zero calories? Indulge your spirits.
    Have a piece of the sweetness of community.

  43. teri,

    I'm also preaching on Elijah, as is my husband. He's definitely taking the messy approach. He's talking about mental illness: Elijah's paranoid, isolated. (I'm not sure how he's handling the voices...).

    For me (I'm not quite as brave), the topic's burnout, with a little paranoia and isolation in the mix.

    I agree with you though. A tidy little sermon is no fun.

  44. okay I'm as done as I will be for tomorrow see my blog. Off to vacuum the house that has filled up with kitty furballs in preparation for a visit of 2 or our 3 kids for 4th of July - big doings in Wyoming then. Also one grandkid - who is at the just beginning to walk stage - and why I am vacuuming so he won't consume to many furballs!!

  45. I have a wonderful boiled raisin cake that I don't make anymore because someone in the house detests cooked raisins. I am happy to add it to the table.

    SO I am wondering. Since the sermon is about the need to be silent and still to hear teh "still small voice" would it be totally out of line to talk a bit about silence and our lack/fear of it and then sit down and have a period of silence for the rest of the sermon?

    I mean I suspect none of this congregation has been to a traditional Quaker meeting. How long do you suppose the silence would last before everyone gets terribly uncomfortable.

  46. For me, having worked on the Locked Ward of Mental Health Hosp., I have discovered that mental health or lack is a continuum, and it's not so helpful to separate "them" and "us" totally. We're good at this, though.

  47. gord, that's what I'm wondering too! Can I talk about how we don't ever have silence in our busy lives, then just practice silence?

    We're doing a guided meditation with lots of silence at the early service, and Taize with ten minutes of silence at the middle service, so it's just the late traditional that I have to worry about....

  48. Okay gals!
    The first sermon is done!
    you can read it here
    Now on to sermon number two

  49. I was thinking the same thing, gord and teri. Not sure how it would go over...maybe just a few minutes. It does seem somehow at cross purposes to talk for 15 minutes about listening for God in the silence.

    Back to work.

  50. Howdy. I am here in my state of birth. I do my first big wedding today and so I am excited, nervous, and all that .
    No preaching tomorrow, but I know y'all will do fine. HS has your backs.
    So, cake...I love my grandmother's recipe for red velevet cake with cream cheese icing.
    Also, my mom made an orange cake one year for my b-day, which is three days before Christmas and a hectic tiem.
    Anyhow, she made an orange cake, with orange filling and orange cream cheese icing. It was delicious and made with lots of lvoe at a busy time of year.
    I have grilledchciken for lunch along iwth some gilled okra and tomatoes from the garden. Recipe is in Southern living for thsoe of you who get it. :)
    Will ahve soem party food from wedding late tonight...nto sure what kind, but you know hte usual stuff served at a tradtional Southern Wedding! Fruit and veggies and some cheese straws and a cheese rign with stawberry perserves on top and little nuts and butter mints and some type of chicken or meat dish. These are afew of my favorite thigns.

  51. Happy B-day to Rev Dave.
    And More Cows, not sure onthe gospel text. Tough passage for kids. I always wondered what the pig farmer thought. I mean, heck his entire herd is drowned to save thsi one guy who went aroudn naked and carrying on a lot. I would nto be happy with Jesus or the man now in his right mind.
    However, Jesus showed great compasion and mercy to an individual everyon else had long forgoten. They thougt of hi mas the village idiot, the one that no one got, he was the one that everyon sneered and amde fun of. Yet, somehow, Jesus saw through the demons and recoginized this man to be a person of great worth a person of value. We should all look on others (esp the outcasts) with Jesus eyes.

  52. Lost power this morning, couldn't toast my bagel, lit the stove with the lighter for the gas grill to cook my ham & cheese omlet and the coffee had just brewed, so the coffee was still warm. Now, I'm catching up on laundry, typing my children's message on Elijah although I'm preaching on Luke with Jesus the Demon Chaser and am ironing the transfers on my VBS T-shirt as the VBS marathon days commence on Sunday.
    I think I'll just enjoy some quiet today.

  53. Okay, pals, I am losing it! Somehow the return from Babylonian exile just got equated with the recent return of my 20-y.o. son.

    Did you know that there is a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to the Boomerang Generation? Also that I am in what they call "Generation Jones", (born between 1954-1965) since we are always jonesing for something?

    How's that for procrastination?

  54. Fentonian! You DO dwell the next county down from me in the Land of God's Left Hand. I wondered that when I saw one of your posts before.

    St. Inuksuk --my brother-n-love is building a gigantic Inuksuk in one of his pastures ... I thought of you when I saw it. He is a landscaper whose specialty is working with huge slabs of quarried stone.

    I have a nice dessert wine from Michigan's wine country chillin in the fridge for later --it's a Riesling, it's quite tasty --but it has a 16% alcohol content so I think it should be served in an apertif glass ... perhaps with a Creme Brulee? Or strawberries and cream?

  55. I've returned with Pepsi for Songbird, diet Coke, turkey subs and salt and vinegar chips for all.

    So did teh Banderas drop by with my sermon outline while I was gone...?

    No? Teh kd?

    No-one? Clearly I need to have a word with SDS (Sermon Delivery Service).

    OK, to work.

  56. RDQ, prayers for the "D" church...

    You go, girl...

  57. oh for a sermon delivery service delivery right now!
    I would even take it by singing telegram that I have to transcribe.

  58. IT might also help to remember taht silence is relative (as well as golden apparently). In our world of costant background noise what we call silent may seem quite noisy to others--after all when are things actually totally soundless?

    Many years ago I read a bio-novel written by a former park ranger. He wrote about serving in a warden's cabin right next to Tekkaka Falls in the Canadian Rockies. One day he was talking with a tourist family who were raving about the silence. He had to ask tehm to speak up because the falls were too loud.

  59. Fentonian! I was just in Ann Arbor for an ordination this morning!

    Which, of course, means... VERY LITTLE done on the sermon here. Tomorrow is my last Sunday at my church before start a new job. At VBS this week, we talked about Shalom, and how it means hello, goodbye and peace... I'm thinking that I'll work that into a farewell sermon somehow. In the Body of Christ, hellos and goodbyes are so often mixed together, but peace runs through it all?

    I was also thinking about 1 Kings... how for me, at least, God is most often in the deep sighs after turmoil - the little coffeeshop a friend took me to after my brother died, the closeness of God right before falling asleep after a long day...

    I'll have some of that chocolate raspberry cake for lunch while I work on this please!

  60. RDQ - Thanks for the greeting, nice to have a neighbor, we are new to the area(state) which makes us stick out a little.

    Gord - I like that, like most things silence is relative. I find when counseling that, rather than active digging, a few moments of non-response from me will get them to talk more.
    That seemed like a good idea, now seems not so relevant.

    Birthday party done, kids napping (at least in bed), Iced Tea for me and time to start typing. I'm thinking about allowing silence leaves room to hear God tell us where to speak. But I'm not feeling convinced by that yet.

  61. Question: are any of you RGBPs in greater Phoenix AZ? My denomination is having its triennial conference there next month, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around 100+ degrees and a humidity of around 10% --which means the temp-humidity index is actually lower than what the thermometer says.

  62. Kudos to all you who are going to try some silence in your worship tomorrow! It has always helped me , when introducing this practice to use the opening minute or two to guide people into deeper silence. I do this by starting at the top of the body and invite people to alternately tense and release the various muscle groups---ie face/head, neck/ shoulders, ribs/shest, arms butt, legs, feet--doing each one a couple of times (tense-release). Then I invite them to focus on the external noises that they hear. and the internal ones--"try to listen to your heart beat..." then put forth a query or two (or read scripture)like: Think about your week, when were you happy/sad/ excited/depressed. Where is God in that. Or for this gospel...Think of something that you do that crosses boundries...what other boundries might God be calling you to cross?
    Who or what do you see when I say demon possessed? How are you to call forth God's power over evil in that situation?
    Remember it's NOT silence per say, but God's presence in that silent or quiet space. One is listening for GOD...QP

  63. My almost 12 year old and I made banana bread from well-aged bananas. No sugar added. Goes extremely well with an afternoon latte.

    I am doing a word study on "living sacrifice" and still learning my aleph-beth-gimel's


  64. OK, I did the membership class, started laundry, blogged both RP and Lavender Chronicle (OK, it was a cross-post) and checked my email twice.

    Time for some crafting, since neither teh kd nor teh Banderas is in sight.

    Sounds like the rest of you are working hard...

  65. Back from band rehearsal, with very tired lungs and diaphragm. I stopped for lunch on the way home, but man and woman alive, all this talk about cake is making me HUNGRY!

    My brain is absolutely fried, and more tasks keep demanding to be done today. A few weeks ago, I ended up scrapping a sermon at the last minute (as in, decided during the service) and doing something completely different, so I have a 'spare' sermon that I'm now refining a bit to fit tomorrow. Series, schmeries.

  66. Just got in from a trip out to a farmworker's ministry. Had five other people from the church go and we all enjoyed it. However, it did require rising at 6:30am. So it's naptime right now for me. Luckily I wrote the sermon on Wednesday. After I wake from the nap, hopefully refreshed, it'll be time for some editing.

    Anyone got any children's sermon ideas for the sound of sheer silence?

  67. cpclergymama, hurry up with that Galatians sermon, please. I need all the help I can get today. :-) Just remembered that in addition to 2 worship services (1 Disciples, 1 Lutheran) I also have a congregational meeting to prepare for!

    And, I hereby commit the ultimate California blasphemy saying "I hate Cars!" I need an alternator? On a Saturday? When the real mechanics are all off for the weekend? Arrgghh!

  68. Cheesehead, I think you just gave me what I need! Generation Jones, indeed. Talk about tombs.
    While I was napping, Cheesehead was solving my problem. God bless you, Cheese.
    And thanks for the Pepsi, RP. Now where is that Mississippi Mud Cake?

  69. Checking back in. I am hungry today--I think it's all this cake talk. Pass some more, please.

    Emily! Wednesday! I'm impressed. That happens around here very, very occasionally. And 6:30! Nap well.

    I'm about halfway done, I'd guess. Trying to work with the hint from last week: what do you want to say? I found it helps me to think--when I do the charge at the end of the service, which I never script, how will I sum up what we've just done in the past hour?

  70. This is my first time here. Songbird helped me do the techie thing to get me cleared to post. It is now late afternoon. I have done the grocery shopping, prepped for a funeral of a 90+year old. I finally found out what the readings are to be tomorrow--I am substituting for a small Lutheran church. And NOW I can sit down to write about demonic pigs and small voices. What guy thought to put these readings together along with Gal.?

    I wish I could say that in reality there is no greek or jew, male or female. In God's view it is so, but how do I convince folks that it should be that way in our lives too? Hmmm. Back to the pigs, by far more dramatic!

  71. welcome Mutha+. Songbird helped me, too, and many others. May you find this place as welcoming and helpful as I do.

  72. muthah+, glad you found your way here! Next time you sign in to comment, use your Blogger identity to sign in and you'll generate a little link to your profile, and from there to your blog.
    RP, I'm very disappointed that your sermon has not appeared.
    Mine is coming along, with a healthy assist from a three-year-old sermon on these texts. Not an out and out substitution, mind you, but an inspiration or two (okay, maybe a paragraph or two).

  73. Where is the recipe for RAISIN PIE? I'm preaching the Luke text.
    I'm hoping I'll have a sermon by tomorrow morning because what I've got now is many trips to Amazon through the RGBP store to smell Amazing Grace and wandering around out side looking at my plants. Call me Rev.Useless and Distracted, willya?

  74. Okay, Stacey I know what you meant but the first sentence of your comment at 3:21 made me spit soda out of my nose.

    My tip for the silence during traditional worship that while you are leading up to it you somehow let them know that you will be keeping track of the time, you promise and remind them that silence always seems longer than it really is because we are just not used to it.

    As for me, the porch is scrubbed down and the bluegrass bands have started to play as part of their sound check meaning it is going to be a looooong banjo night.

  75. I think I'm all set for tomorrow. Why, then, am I sitting in front of my computer @ the church, you ask?

    I'm off to a conference @ Fuller M-W next week. On Wed. night, when I get back, I'm doing a domestic violence training (as in, information on how the church can help, not a how-to. The phrasing always sounds wrong to me.) I'd like to get my teaching outline finished before I leave and hand-outs ready for photocopying.

    Why has no one mentioned cheesecake yet? mmmm. . . .cheesecake (spoken ala Homer Simpson.)

  76. I took out the old paragraphs, except for some stuff about daimons being intermediary spirits rather than devils, because, seriously, I have no other way to describe it than the way I did three years ago. Now I feel better.

  77. Could it be chocolate cheesecake? Because this member of Generation Jones is, um, jonesin' for the chocolate.
    (Not the raisins. I'll just ignore the discussion of such abominations as raisins cooked in a pie.)

  78. Chocolate cheesecake! I'm in. Or, I could settle for regular cheesecake with some chocolate sauce over it. As long as it's really chocolatey.

    And now WS has my mind going other places entirely...tee hee.

  79. I'm ready to stop whining and panicking now. The Husband used his handy skills to create a workspace for me, and I suddenly have about 2/3 of a sermon which I think will work well for both congregations. (big sigh of relief)

    Would anyone like some yummy marble cake with sliced bananas between the layers and fluffy white icing? It was the hit of my friend's graduation party yesterday.

  80. I'm back to check on all of you. Sounds like the cakes are still coming - yum! Can I throw a pie into the mix? With an extra pie crust left over and plenty of apricot puree left, too, I have all the makings for another apricot custard pie. Here's hoping my meringue does a little better this time....

  81. I'll have a little piece of each, thank you!

  82. okay, so I finished watching Walking the Bible and I took a I'm bringing my turtle cheesecake out of the freezer to share...and I also have an opening paragraph! So that's progress.
    The title of the sermon? "Earth, Wind, and Fire." the first sentence? "It was a dark and stormy night..."

    no, I'm not kidding.

  83. Just finished googling Generation Jones, in which like Cheesehead and Songbird, I also fall.

    Right now I am Jonesin to get in my denomination's website, but there's a server error. This makes it difficult to prepare for a certain kind of meeting tomorrow.

  84. I know I watch way too much TV... but help me out. Ya know the Verizon commercials with all the gazillion people standing behind the Verzion guy and the customer, the "network"? I think I want to use that image to talk about what it means to be one, clothed with Christ. That we take the Body of Christ, the communion of saints with us wherever we are - the nourishing we have received from one another and at the Lord's Table, it fills us and follows. Too out there, or workable? I just dunno yet..

  85. Heehee! WS, I noticed that sentence after I posted it, and wondered how long it would take for someone else to comment on it. Please, let me assure you, there's only one sort of diaphragm we use at band rehearsal, and it isn't the kind that would make you spit soda out of your nose :)

    So, with all this dessert talk, I'm now trying to decide whether to work on the early worship order, or make a freakin' cake.

  86. I guess I'm in the Woodstock Generation? Besides Boomers, what is the generation called that's just a tad bit older than all you Jonesers?

  87. Susie,
    I think you are DEAD ON! That's a great example and those commercials are everywhere (well, on TV anyway) so I imagine it'll resonate with your church folk.

  88. Speaking of making a cake, I ate the last piece of my daughter's birthday cake. We still have the odd fixings for it. Do I make another?
    Please say yes.

  89. Reading all the posts is still a delight...I started my sermon (on John the Baptist) on Tuesday. Still stuck on Saturday...although I love the Verizon network idea (can't quite figure out how it can apply to John he was the opposite of quiet. I just joined weightwatchers this week, so I will have the vitual cake, but any of them would be fine (along with that Sermon Delivery Gail

  90. oops vitual cake? that probably has calories in it too Gail the tooth

  91. Susie - I like the Verizon illustration. I say go for it.

    And pass some of that chocolate cheesecake ... yum yum.

  92. Oh Blessed Day! Just got a FedEx delivery of 3 volume commentary "Preaching Without Prejudice" by Ron Allen and Clark Williamson (2 of my seminary professors). One is titled "Preaching the Letters without Dismissing the Law"! and of course includes this passage from Galatians.

    God is Good!

    Another Birthday cake? Yes please, Songbird.

  93. Maria, you're worrying me. Is there something else I should know about Galatians? Because I was calling it a wrap on my sermon, and getting ready to make that cake.

  94. I'm back. The afternoon was rough at points, but I'm back in one piece.

    However, I do need some of that cake...

    Happy Birthday RevDave!!

    You all have such great ideas this week!

  95. SB definitely make the cake again, then overnight some to me. please? I live alone so making a whole cake is horribly wasteful (or bad for me...either way it's not good).

    I think I have a sermon. I have decided to leave two minutes at the end of the sermon in silence. Don't worry, I tell them it's coming! I figure that for newbies to the silent scene, two minutes is a good start.

    I'll be posting the sermon draft shortly over at my place...check it out. :-)

  96. Not to worry, Songbird. You've actually preached this before - I haven't. I'm only on my 2nd go round with the lectionary. :-)

    Since I decided to preach verse by verse, I was having some issues with the whole "Clothing yourself in Christ" - since we all know people who seem to put their Chrisianity on and off as easily as I change clothes. I was going with the Breastplate of St Patrick as how we are to clothe ourselves in Christ (Christ before me, Christ behind me, and on and on)

    Ron and Clark point out that in Paul's time, clothes really did make the man. So the image of clothing themselves in Christ would be understood at that time that, as they are all clothed the same in baptism, so they are to relate to one another in the perfect egalitarian community that is the Christian community - how God intends for all people to live in the world to come.

    Fun, yes? I'll just add this little piece to the St Patrick bit . . .

    Anyway, gotta love getting new books on an otherwise wierd day.

    So, bake the cake please?

  97. Sorry I'm late ladies. Hope all the sermons are coming together. I finished my lectionary meditation (since I won't be writing sermons for years) and now I've got some leftover wine from the concert this afternoon and a big plate of turtle cookies. Who wants some?

  98. I'm back, waiting rather impatiently for the guests to show up. I want to get them set up at church, checked in to the local motel, visit mom in the nursing home and then veg out. I SHOULD start next week's sermon early, that's what I should do. As for "Missionettes" yep, that is the girl version of Royal Rangers....but man I hate that sissy name. I am not fond of any name that ends in 'ette.' My daughter always wanted to dump Missionettes and be a Ranger. Rangers have waaaaaay more fun!

  99. You all are making me hungry. I-4 grace, please give us recipe for red velvet cake with cream cheese icing ... I love that cake.

  100. Yes, I would love the Red Velvet recipe, too. My mother made one once. Once.
    (Now who gets that reference?)

  101. Sermon: done!
    Bath: taken!
    Glass of red wine:poured!
    Supper: oops. Forgot something.

    Now I'm looking for cheap flights to Hotlanta in July

  102. I guess "The Silence of the Pigs" isn't quite the right title for IKings and Luke...

    oh well

    Bulletin finished, sermon squared away for 41,111 revisions.

    Moved from dessert to supper here. Roast beef sandwich with fresh tomatos, dollop o'horseradish...

    What about that raisin pie? gonna go do a Google on it.

  103. Wow, what a party! I've just logged on after a week of "Hands and Feet" Service Camp with my confirmation class. It was a blast, but as a result I have 34 mosquito bites, a touch of poison sumac, and no sermon. I DO have fresh rhubarb and will start on a cake and hope divine intervention sets in. Glad to see at least a few folks are celebrating John the Baptist (we're including every festival possible to increase frequency of communion without frustrating too many folks). Any fresh ideas other than it's risky and hard and potentially life-threatening to be a prophetic voice and that John points the way to Jesus? I'll bring some fresh rhubarb cake along later. Pax et lux.

  104. Okay, sermon is done at least in the strong draft sense, dogs have had a trip to the beach, and we have eaten, so nothing stands between me and baking.

  105. Sermon edited and printed out.

    Off to the beach to practice what I'm preaching ... a time of stillness before God as I watch the sunset.

    Blessings on all who continue to sermonize.

  106. Well, kd (or someone) showed up with some inspiration for the outline. So I have a good draft-could-be-final.

    The rest of the service is under--oh no! The children's thingy. Oh drat.

    Well, I'm starving. I'll think about it over my bacon and cheese omelet dinner.

  107. Let's see. I'll take some of the turtle cheesecake, red velvet cake, and a slice of the fresh Texas sheet cake. I love virtual dessert!

    Sermon is ok, done I think. Hubby made chicken fajitas for supper, so tummy is full. And I decided we'd have a good chunk of silence for the Prayers of the People this week. How much is enough? Too much?

  108. I can usually gauge the receptivity. If it all feels good, it probably is. If I become highly aware of cars going by outside, other people might be, too. I never ever time it, and no one has ever complained. Just feel it.

  109. I think I'm glad I'm not a preacher so I don't have to write a sermon and can just enjoy cake. I have to admit that I like plain yellow cake, no frosting, and still warm from the oven, if possible.

    I also like rum cake, but I've never made it. My mom made a version that was very light (not some superaged fruitcake-like concoction). If anyone has such a rum cake recipe, please pass it along.

  110. I use silence in prayer time often. When people start wiggling I move on.

  111. Instead of cake, I had dinner: pasta with shrimp and spicy sauce. I am resisting baking. This is even more difficult now that the sermon is done.

    I'm wondering where semfem is tonight, and whether she's started her sermon yet! (That even-later-than-me sermon-writing schedule amazes me)

  112. I knew I was in trouble when I typed my Luke sermon in an hour! Here I am still bugging about Galatians. I have an rough outline, but not enough to preach!
    Sorry rev.maria, looks like I'm the one needing help tonight! I'll post the outline here in a couple of minutes.
    Peace and pass the cakes, yes, all of them!

  113. Prairie PAstor,
    That is why I always take the sermon time the SUnday after camp to share "What did we do at camp?"

    My first year here I came back to do a wedding on the Saturday afternoon and then try to come up with a sermon. Never again.

  114. I did that preaching-right-after-camp thing my first year here, too, and like Gord, that was the last time for that! Last year, we had a baptism that Sunday, so I just made a few notes and talked about the sense of community formed at camp, and the more long-term community of our congregation, and how that related to the congregation's promises to care for the child we were baptizing. It went surprisingly well, despite my self-flagellation about winging it ;)

  115. I've got one of those camp Sundays to look forward to in August; we'll sing camp songs, too!

  116. Ye god, this may be a virtual desert bank, but all the suggestion is going to send me to the frige and then I will add to my girth.

    I have no idea what you are talking about Jones generation. I come from the "silent generation" however as an ENFP, I have never taken that appellation very seriously.

    The sermon is still a figment of my imagination. However after 24 years of preaching on neither greeek or Jew, male or female, I think I will have something by 10 tomorrow.

  117. I have no idea what the Jones generation or the silent generation are. But then, I also don't know what generation label to give myself, so I'm hardly the authority.

  118. Follow the link to Wikipedia and you can both read about Generation Jones and see what group you fall into yourself!

  119. That's actually what I did immediately after posting that I didn't know...and discovered myself to be, as I expected, either Gen X or Y, depending on who's setting the boundary years.

  120. Gord, I wish to heaven I could do Camp Sunday tomorrow, but that comes at the end of the summer once all the kiddies have been to the various camps. Alas...

    But that will be a fun Sunday and something to look forward to! I can't wait to see some folks when we do the motions to "Days of Elijah"! This will be my first time to do Camp Sunday in this call, and this was the first time at camp for some of my Confirmation students.

    My JB sermon is coming together, the cake is still in process--the rhubarb is cleaned and chopped, and now it's off to water the gardens and take a walk.

  121. Okay, the cake is cooling. After countless loads of laundry and three walks in addition to a sermon, it feels like a very full day. I'm not sure how much longer I will last.

  122. Returning after a long day of: walking dogs, having their nails trimmed, doing various other errands, laundry, etc. etc. etc. Now. Dinner finished (marinated grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, steamed asparagus), red wine. Plus, baby birds in the plum tree outside our back door, so cute. So sweet. Very distracting.

    Anyway, little homily written. Not much, but probably good know, the cold cereal homily. Maybe I'll be able to serve brunch next week, or at least a continental breakfast. I'll post it for those who want to wander over...

    Any, sounds like lots has been going on. I hope all is going well, that you all are inspired, and the Holy Spirit has your back, your dreams, your hopes, and fills your words with the breath of LIFE. Me. I'm going to have a small bowl of ice cream and rainbow sherbert and a tall glass of iced tea. Then. I'm going to bed.

  123. I'm calling it a night early (still have a prayer to write for tomorrow's service, but I usually do that early Sunday morning). DH and I got up to watch the sunrise this morning, as a late nod to the solstice, and I've been going, going, going almost ever since. I had thought I'd stay up late tonight, but my old bones are weary. Reality is starting to dawn on me - I will not get everything done that needs to get done in the next four days before we hit the road.

    Welcome, muthah+. Glad to see another ENFP here! (am guessing there are many of us!)

    G'night all.

  124. I'm one, too!
    And I'm also headed to bed.
    Last one out, get the lights?

  125. Well, mom is visited, visiting preachers are fed and tucked into local motel, and I am Waaaaaay tired and thanking the Lord I do not have to preach. Praying for all still working as I follow Songbird's example and head off to bed. Don't you wish we could hear each other's sermons now and again?

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Sb, if you walked three time today, does that mean you can take off Mon and Tues? (I thought not, but always worth asking...)

    (and clearly time to send me to bed, getting a little punchy).

  128. Well, no inspiration for the children's thingy but my head is pounding, so off to bed it is.

    Night all! Holy Spirit has your back an' all that!

  129. Well, I am just checking in so don't turn off the lights. Since all of you are gone you won't notice me grabbing the cake plate and a fork.

    What I really wish I could do is go back home and take out my contacts but there are too many relatives there.

    The good news: no. more. banjo.

    Let's see how fast I can get what has been rattling around in my head on cyber paper.

  130. Et tu, rainbow pastor? I was depending on your witty reparte to get me through this.

    Hope your head feels better in the am.

  131. Then pen and paper trick really did it for me today. That sermon came flowing our right quick. I should have stepped away from the computer two days ago!

    Now I am back from an afternoon pool party/bbq with some sunburn on my shoulders. I'm going to put this hand written sermon into a legible quasi-outline. Then to bed. Blessings all you still working this night.

  132. Done and posted
    here, with thanks to susie for the Verizon network image. :-)

    G'night all. May the Spirit be with everyone who's still working, and blessings on all in the morning.

  133. sermon written and practiced. Different from my usual thing, so it feels a little weird, but it'll do.

    Rewarded myself for "all that hard work" (which consisted of a nap, lots of internet time wasting, and about 90 minutes of actual work) with thai take away, ice cream, and a Harry Potter movie. awesome.

    Now it's to bed for me as well...bring on the three services tomorrow morning....

  134. Nite all. Blessing on us all who are preaching tomorrow. Blessings on all of us who are doing all other kind of work of the spirit. Shalom

  135. Hi.
    Serena and Songbird. I will post Red Velevet Cake recipe on blog by Monday mornign. Recipe is at home and I am in state of birth still.
    Got couple married. Delicious cake, wonderful food, and good times. Blue Cheese Chicken is wonderful!!!!
    I managed to "place" the liscense in the trash with my empty mascara package, but suddenly missed it and immedialty, but in a calm and frantic manner retrieved it and now have it in palce to go directly to the USPS box on way to my folks church in morning.
    So, now it is tiem for a cup of Decaf Krisy Kreme is so good.
    Anyone want a cup?
    Oh, the above named mascara is Cover Girl's new type that "doesn't clump" and lengthen lashes and is suppossed to be really good. I will let ya know.

  136. Thank you all for gettng me through the longest day of sermon writing ever. The sugar high was splendid, calorie free, better yet. Best of all were the great laughs! Next time I think I'll pass on the pigs!

  137. Still pluggin'... need real cake.

  138. I could use some real cake too. Even though I'm done with the sermon, I'm still up, and my brain is showing no signs of slowing down.

  139. You all have been busy while I was gone.

    Back from the concert. John McCutheon was fantastic, he released his new CD tonight, so I have one of the first 100 or so signed copies. If you are interested in him his website is

    I came home to find 2/3 of two different sermons in my computer. Argh
    Now I have to figure out if I should preach one and save one for later, or try some real twisted manuevering.
    What kind of cake goes best with corn chips and diet pepsi?

  140. Just realized its been an hour since the last post. Anyone still working? procastinating? are we going to make it to 150?

  141. fentonian, it's Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake! It goes best with everything!
    I really did go to sleep a couple of hours ago, just passing through...
    how goes it, will smama?

  142. I'm still here fentonian, been waiting for you.

    Now I can start.

  143. Just kidding... I am printing out and getting some sleepies. I'll be up early though with a houseful and conservative, judgmental in-laws coming to church in the AM - yippee!

    Is it my fault that the sermon just happened to get into how the Bible says women should be preachers?

  144. wills mama - isn't it amazing how the Spirit helps us move and say what needs to be said to thsoe who need to hear it?

    songbird - go to bed, I'll get the lights.

    Texas sheet cake with an extra spoonful of sweet sweet chocolate icing - right out of the can it is.
    After a few backflips and some manuevering with a forklift, I've managed to merge the two into one. Just need to do the first edit and then to bed.

  145. Done - Just the final edit waiting for me in the morning. I'll turn the lights off, and set the coffee pot for the first ones up in the morning. Peace be with you as you sleep, may you awake refreshed and ready to proclaim the good news on the morrow.

  146. Heh Stacey! I've been away all day in Syracuse and just got back at midnight.

    The good news? I went to Syracuse with no idea what I was going to preach, and came back with a really good idea and a pretty complete outline.

    The bad news? No real words, and I'm still a manuscript kinda girl. So we'll see what happens after a quick eye-resting head-on-the-desk nap. *yawn* Let's get started and we'll see how far I get before I need to snooze...

    btw, I'm sorry I missed the whole party!

  147. Oh, and Stacey, Wikipedia claims you (and I) are part of the MTV Generation, also known as Generation XY.

    Seriously. I am writing. Really. But I desire cake.

  148. Done! And...I'm spent. Off to grab a quick shower and nap before the day really begins.

    Again, I'm sorry I missed the party, but I'm glad y'all had a good time. Blessings on all proclamation this day.

  149. Semfem--

    You never cease to amaze me--I can't do anything at all after the hour of midnight and I never could. I amazed and disgusted college roommates by getting at up at 5:00 to finish homework rather than staying up late.

    Preach the Word!

  150. Good morning!! Who wants coffee?

  151. Me, please!

    Happy preaching, all!

  152. waaaaaahh! I wish my coffee shop was open on Sundays....but no.

    I might have to re-learn how to use my espresso machine (currently in a box in the pantry) if we keep this worship schedule...

    Happy Sunday all!

  153. Blessings on the preaching, revgals!
    I am excited--Ladyburg and her youth are stopping by today for lunch on their way up into to mountains for their mission trip!
    I pray for their safe travel--and I give thanks for the opportunity to meet friends face to face....
    peace out, QP

  154. It felt strange to have the sermon all ready and printed out for both services when I woke up this morning. I have hours before I have to get to the church. Guess I'll just drink coffee and pray for all our words to fall on receptive ears.

    Blessings on all this beautiful Sunday morning!

  155. Ok, I've been checking back to see if Songbird was going to reveal the reference on the Red Velvet cake made once (and once only) by her mother.

    Does everyone else get it so it's not worth mentioning?

    Seeking answers!

  156. I was trying to make it sound like a line from Johnny Dangerously.
    "My mother made a Red Velvet Cake once. Once." In other words, it was a disaster.


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