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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Thunderfestival Edition

Hello folks - we have had quite a bit of thunder around here, with a little rain to boot. More rain would be appreciated so if you have any to spare, send some our way.

On to the Wednesday Festival participants.

1-4 Grace has a quiz that I double dog dare ya to take -- because those questions - I did GOOD - but I won't win the prize - see if you do.

Junia's Daughter presents a trilogy of posts of her celebration, conflict, and resolution.

911 ! Reverend Mother's little one takes a trip to the emergency room!

Inner Dorothy has a most interesting photo on her blog -- and she has a challenge -- are you up for it, twinkle toes?

Let's hope we don't have to go to the drive thru for this - Deb posts an alert! and asks we take action on it!

Sally is looking for women's equality throughout the world and then offers us some calming pictures.

Hey! Did you know that there was not only a RevGalBlogPal meetup, but a RevGalMOMPal meetup at the Wild Hog Restaurant - check it out here.

Happy Birthday to the birthday girls! Across the pond from each other here and here.

What do you do when you come to your ? Help out Clever Title with her milestone post.

Need chill bumps or tears? Watch this on Quotidian Grace's blog as she has been tracking this diamond in the rough.

The County Fair strikes!!! We have a winner with ribbons to prove it on Shekinah Jubilee's blog.

You are invited to share other posts in the comment section. And remember to send your nominations to You can nominate yourself or others. Thanks for those who did send in their nominations. Now go tattle tale on your RGBP neighbor!


  1. I want to know why none of the links are showing up for you to click on --- they did on the preview --- can someone help me on that???

  2. I think I fixed it - sorry for anyone that had to try and figure out where the links were.

  3. Well done Cathy- excellent round-up!

  4. I have a question posted over at my blog

  5. Yea Cathy! I don't like Blogger a lot! Thanks for prevailing!

  6. isn't she lovely?

    my we were so proud of her little girl last weekend when she got confirmed. (It's a big thing here in Finland)


    the photo of her with her big brother was esp. special for us.

    Just when did they grow up?

  7. Lorna,
    I got your link put up on the Wednesday Festival -- I had it there, but in my haste I must have deleted it since I was having such a time with the links and them showing up. Both Lorna and Songbird have birthday girls. There HAVE to be more too!

    Now, back to being Mom and making cookies.

  8. Great round up Cathy. I just posted a readers theater for this week's gospel lesson Luke 8:26-39. Anyone is welcome to use it in their worship service.

  9. I have a posting about the book we are reading for June (next MONDAY!) -- accompanying it is a Youtube video which is an excerpt of Feiler's Walking the Bible. It's a visit to St. Catherine's Monastery and is very interesting. Check it out here!

  10. Cathy - no harm done - but it wasn't DD's birthday (that was in May when she turned 15) the post was about her confirmation party last weekend. I'm really sorry for the confusion! Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes though.

    and Congrats to the princess too. 12 this week. wow :)


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