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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five: Hasty Edition

Whoops! I have been in a family-induced haze these few days, with the July 4 holiday and taking time off while relatives are visiting. So I literally lost track of what day it was!

So rather than make you guys wait even one minute longer for the five, I'll dig up an oldie:

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing

2. Reading

3. Eating

4. Doing

5. Pondering

Let us know if you play. If you're feeling up to it, post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment using the following formulation:
<a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>
For a complete how-to, click here.


  1. Yea...I'm the first to play...that's new. Anyway here is my play.

    God's Peace,

  2. oldie but a goodie

    uh that would be the topic not me... is everybody on vacation?

  3. Darn, thought I'd be first for once...but fourth is a personal record anyway.

    Nicholas played too, visit us at

    my place.

  4. I played as well, over at my place. Happy Friday, everyone!

  5. I played!
    if you scroll down a little, you can also see that I've been thinking about farms, flowers, and flutter-bys, AND that i finally posted my 1,000th post! woohoo!

    happy friday!!

  6. I played here

    Running out now. I'll be back later to see what everyone else did.

  7. I'm not on vacation either... just feel like I should be... as evident by my lack of motivation!

    working for the weekend

  8. I got so excited about this one I even put YOUtube video on here and I want comments galore!
    I played here .

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. When I logged in there was only a single lone comment, and now look at the list! Please read mine anyway?!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I played here. Enjoy and happy Friday all!!

  13. Well, I tried to get the link to work but it didn't. I'll go to the complete instructions. Sorry about that!

  14. MB said the link to me didn't work -- I didn't actually play FF - I'm in my PJs cos I'm a bit sick (prayers are good!)

    but anyway should you want to visit (all are welcome)

    I'm looking at what did Jesus do about women

    and in the post below you can see our new wee beastie ...

  15. Yowsa... I check in early, and we're still on ATM. I come back and I'm way down the page :) But that means I can do some reading!

    Come see my play here.

  16. Reverend Mother--just right for today. Thank you. I played here

  17. After a few weeks off, I'm back with answers here. Happy weekend, everyone!

  18. I like these short, easy Friday Fives (aka the ones I don't have to think much about). Here is my play.

  19. Apparently I'm not the only one reading Harry Potter in preparation for the national Harry Holiday on the 21st. Are you wearing your Gryffindor robes, Deb? I just hope I can track down a copy at a local bookseller!

    I'll played here.

  20. I promise I'll play later. Come see my other kind of list for today instead.

  21. I'm not on vacation- but then I'm in the UK school is still in and we are still waiting for summer (sigh) but I did play here

  22. Here's my take
    on it...not as interesting as some, I suspect.

  23. I played!
    OK, hopefully this link will work. If not, I'll be brushing up on my html!


  24. OK, I'm doing the Friday Five right here and by the end you'll see why:

    Wearing: Beige linen shorts, Hawaiian print camp shirt, flip flops.

    Reading: Actually I have gotten hooked on Prime Suspect and I have 2 of the DVDs here so I haven't read anything for 24 hours!

    Eating: Blueberry bread pudding.

    Doing: Well, here I am.

    Pondering: Who out there wants our lovely found kitten/cat?????? (NOW you can go to my blog and see how sweet he is.)

  25. OK, y'all ya'll--there's my Holy Week Chronology, where I posted some pics, including two of those seersucker flip-flops that interested so many of you so much--I also blogged about the rest of my Holy Week 2007...

  26. i am posting really late (again) but have enjoyed reading everyone's responses.

    so here is my crabby, slightly intoxicated friday five which includes a bonus picture of my cat, sylvester, with his new haircut/shave

  27. Well, here is my late night post.
    an oldie but goldie Friday Five.

  28. Well, I wanted to play on Friday, but.....any way, I played 2day.

    I need some instructions as to how these daily theme posts work.

  29. On Saturday morning, I played here. Thanks, reverendmother!


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