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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday's festival: Last full week before school starts

Yikes! are you ready for school to start back? We have done our shopping for the school supplies and new clothes. This week we are getting the kids to bed early, and getting them up early. (Well, at least we are trying.)

Enough about school, let's get this party started!

babies, babies, babies, oh baby! is about Karla's struggles with the decision to NOT have children, in spite of still wanting the gift of motherhood. She winds her way to the end to think I need a ritual to claim in body and heart and mind the good decision of my partner and me. She also wonders if there are any others out there in a similar situation? Hope you will go visit her blog and help her out a little.

See through Faith offers two posts of her own: being s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d at Kids' Camp and what happens to a church with broken wings? All prayer are appreciated as she writes the last paper for this coming session and start to revise for seminary exams which are in two weeks.

This is the best thing about rev gals; Love in action (Will smama's oar ..)! Ahh, now that's love.

Abbey of the Arts has posted a photo at her blog with an invitation to others to submit words or poems inspired by the image. (I think I'll take her up on her invitation, it sounds like fun.)

Well, that's all the nominations for this Wednesday's festival, perhaps you want to add some of your own in the comment section. Thanks to those who sent in their nominations, it was a lovely party had by all. And remember, to send in your nominations for the next festival to


  1. Thanks for the great Festival.

    Egads, Abi! Back to school shopping already! And this is my first year in 9 years NOT to do it. :) B graduated this summer and has already moved out.

    I must say I will NOT miss the clothes shopping...what a nightmare...but I loved the school supply shopping.

    Maybe I'll take myself school supply shopping notebooks, post its, pens...

    It's a new school year for ME anyway (working at one)!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. First html glitch for a while- any way ...we don't go back to school until September, so I've posted some sunset pics here

  4. Our kids' go back on 13th /14th which is when I go back to seminary. So we have next week free too - PTL!

    Like MB I love the buying new pens etc ... but teens are pretty self sufficient and no new clothes this fall (no budget)for any of us!

    Thanks for prayers for the seminary assignments I put the finishing touches on a mediocre one today. Praying I can get it printed tomorrow.

  5. Wow. A poem just rolled out of me from the photo inspiration... sure surprised me!

    Thanks for a great festival!


  6. This is a sort of late lectionary thing and just plain neat. My friend Lori has written a reflection on the Gospel for HRC's Out in Scripture feature. Here's the link.. Sorry I can't get the other neat thing to work.
    Lori rocks!

  7. I have an article up on my site: Depression and Spiritual Depression" that I didn't get up in time for the festival.

    Since graduating seminary going back to school has not applied to me. The Cat does not seem interested in the idea. :)

  8. School is starting???? The Kid and I were just lamenting that it starts in four more weeks!!

  9. we still have three weeks before school starts here...good thing, otherwise our kids and youth would be whinier than usual!

  10. School starting already? Wow. My kids don't go back until early September .... we are still in vacation mode here.

  11. oh and check out Abi's post here it's really inspiring !


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