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Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet - September 3, 2007


Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Rev Sharon, "peacemaker, blessed pastor, empty nester, life explorer, spirit coach, kitchen witch, garden elf, quilter, writer, daydream believer." Her latest posts include some fun quizzes. Are you Dumbledore or a cultural creative? Not sure... go look! Pastor's Husband, Geek Dad. Great insights and fun reflections from the other side of the female pulpit. (Why does that sound gross? I didn't mean it to)

Southwest Parish: almost daily musings of pastor of 5 church parish in Southwest Oklahoma. PCUSA I've been a minister since 1978. In serving the parish the last 7 years I've driven 200,000 miles. "Rev. Dr. Bobbie McGarey - Presbyterian Minister PCUSA since 1978. Currently serving five congregations in Southwest Oklahoma."
That's right... five.

Telling Stories and Learning Faith: Random Musings and an attempt at journaling as a spiritual discipline as i try to figure out where I fit in God's story. Revanne is a United Methodist pastor married to a UM pastor. In her own words, "I am a more-or-less faithful Christian trying to work out for myself and my family where our lives are leading us. I have a dog and a cat who are the boss of me, but they are slow to share their plans for me (beyond "feed me" and "pet me"). I am an associate pastor in a good-sized church--a new move for me; I've been the only pastor in the churches I've served before now. I am interested in how we communicate and share faith, specifically Christian faith and the UM variety, and how we grow faith communities."

God-parenting: A blog for people who want to be involved with the spiritual lives of children, whether as parents, grandparents, friends, or actual godparents. From momma helen, "Blogging about my life as a parent and priest. Sometimes it's about things that might help others. Sometimes it's about things that have helped me. Always it's about growing closer to God."


  1. There seems to be some trouble getting to Mitch's blog, and I don't think it's the link. Mitch, if you read this, will you let us know if it's a server problem?

  2. The link appears to be working OK now - it might have been my poor server having trouble keeping up. My site has had record traffic lately!

    I hape everyone else is having as slow & calm a day as over here. It's nice to recover from a Sunday with a full day off...

  3. Welcome to all our new members. Hope you find community here.


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