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Saturday, December 01, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party - It's Saturday Somewhere

The news in my life is that I'm in transition between my current position and the one I'll start in two months. Things are clipping right along, and I got keys to my new apartment today - which is great, except that it makes me feel a bit like a cat's cradle: stretched between two points, and all twisted up in the middle.

On a related note, I'm being tugged between two places even as I type this; I am supposed to be at a youth group lock-in, but suddenly remembered my hostessing duties here. So, please forgive me for posting a bit early. As the heading states, it's Saturday somewhere.

Advent feels liturgically appropriate for this period in my life. This is the season when we acknowledge that while we wait for a greater peace, a greater hope, a greater joy...we are still here. We exist in tension.

So, what message are you bringing your people this week? And how can we help each other bear good news?

(The coffee and good food is a given. I'll see you in the morning, when I get back from youthville.)


  1. wow stacy you are fast. I'll be here tomorrow even without preaching. We're planning on having a snowstorm and it might be the most exciting party around!!!

  2. It is Saturday here, just in case there are any early birds the coffee is on, and I'm baking some fresh bread, drop over when you're ready.....

    I am preaching and have been really struck by both the Isaiah, and the Romans passages- both are being read- now I have to get sermonising!!!

    .... and write an assignment on theodicy- (sighs)....

  3. I working with Matthew and pulling on Romans. I have earl grey tea and Trader Joes gluten free pancakes to offer...

  4. Isaiah and Matthew for me:
    Working with the theme "Are We There Yet" and focusing on the line about even Jesus and the angels not knowing when the time will go.

    Our job is not to discern when, but rather to be fueled by our knowledge of the Risen Lord's salvation and use it to drive our passion for God's justice in the world now.

    It just needs a few touch-ups that I did by hand on plane ride #1 and now during plane ride #2 it is my intention to do my part to make the plane go as FAST as it can to my son.

    Thanks Stacey for kicking off the party, I will be thinking of all of you and the good work you do.

  5. I'm giving a brief reflection on the Matthew text (Isaiah and Romans being covered in a dramatic reading about Advent at the beginning of the service), entitled "An Unexpected Hour." As yet it's unwritten, and I mean entirely unwritten, but the ideas in the back of my head have to do with both thieves and expectant mothers, and I "expect" both to make an appearance.
    Meanwhile, I'm also on call at the hospital from now until 5 p.m. They don't usually ask those of us serving churches to do any weekend time, but the need was desperate, so I'm on for the day. I may or may not have to rush away.
    And the morning holds the usual mix of household chores that I never take care of on Friday, as I am devoted to my Sabbath day, and a trip to Weight Watchers, where I hope they'll talk about strategizing for the holidays! You never know when someone will present you with a plate of cookies, do you?

  6. I'm preaching the contemporary service tomorrow night, so no manuscript for me. Focusing on the Isaiah and Romans texts--working with "Living Between Night and Day" about the tension of living between Christ's coming(s). The idea for now, and it's been around 3 days without writing it down, so it's not going away, is that wherever our night, our darkness is, Christ is bringing light, so we live in expectant hope.
    I'm meant to be working on a contemporary Love Feast. Anyone got any ideas?
    Oh, and I've got COunter Culture Coffee and Fiber One (sorry). There's a Trader Joe's run in my future, and a big pot of chili tonight, so stop in later!

  7. mornin' all!

    cat's cradle- powerful image, stacey. thinking of you.

    i've had a hard time waking up this morning which is funny because that is what i am thinking about preaching on- how it is hard to wake when it is still dark- a la Romans. obviously i'll have to get to the benefits of waking while still dark- the advent message.

    k says i'm just doing sermon research by staying in bed. aw... nice thought.

    not exactly sure where i'm going with my sermon, but i downloaded a lot of wake up sounds from the computer and k has made them into a play list that may play throughout my sermon- rooster, alarms, coffee maker, birds...

    hopefully it will come together.

    fresh bread, mmm... may i have some please?

  8. Good stuff here...creative tension, the tension of change, varieties of expectation, expectant mothers, waking up in the dark...BREAD (always a favorite of mine!)...

    I'll make lattes for anyone interested; I have sugar free syrups in vanilla & peppermint if you'd like a little shot. Orders in soon, because I have a student orientation in about an hour. Back after.

  9. Home from the lock-in, and fortunately a little less exhausted than I expected to be. At some point, I have to go to the new apartment for the delivery of the washer and dryer. Until then, I'm writing like a crazy woman...or hoping to do so, if I ever get any inspiration.

  10. Started last night, and the first draft-she stinketh. Working on number 2 this morning. It's too cold in my apartment to move from this couch in front of the space heater. But if you're brave (and warmly dressed), there are oranges and peppermints in the kitchen.

    Several non-preachers helped me exegete on my blog last night--stop over if you want to see people's thoughts:

    Signing out with my cat's login, but I'm PPB

  11. Back so soon, Stacey? Hope all went well, and that it doesn't totally wipe you out.

    I am writing on Isaiah 2:1-5. I was going to do a thing on Christmas Lights, but it came out tooo cute, so I started over.

    Diane, a snowstorm, its a bright and sunny day here.

    Hey Mary Beth I'll take a Latte, anytime today.

    I have a sick kid with strep throat, Kara this time. And I have to go to District Christmas party. (Notice the have to.) There are some changes coming in our district, and I want to see if anything is said here or not.

  12. Morning all! I'm slow getting moving this morning, which is not good, as I want to be done early so I can play a little tonight (yes, a band I like is playing...)!

    I'm off-lectionary tomorrow, going with World AIDS Sunday, and Luke 4:16-21--a ministry of hope and compassion and release. I'm tying in with Advent via the beginning of Jesus' ministry, as I mentioned on Tuesday--what did Jesus come for, anyway?

    I'm listening to Bobby McFerrin's Medicine Music--various songs were used for pre/postlude at the AIDS vigil last night. I love love love his version of the 23rd Psalm on this CD.

    Not much in the frig today--omelettes are on offer though! I have ham, onions, cheese and potatoes to put in them...orders?

  13. Oh, and I need ideas for the family service on Christmas Eve. We're doing two services, with our host church, and I volunteered for the early one, the "family service," because the host pastor is retiring next year, and this will be his last Christmas Eve in the pulpit--and consecrating Communion.

    So anyway, my thought was that rather than have a formal sermon, we would talk about the whole Christmas story, as an extended children's time/sermon. Host Church has a large Nativity set which will be on the altar steps, so I will have props for Mary and Joseph, anyway...My plan is to end with someone bringing the Christ Child and adding him--a tradition I love, as those of you who read my Friday Five know!

    Any ideas to add to that? Suggestions? Tactful thoughts that maybe this is a disaster in the making?

  14. those omlets sound good rainbow pastor, do they count as brainfood- I could really do with some!

  15. I'm preaching on the Isaiah passage and the Psalm. On peace. I try to write my sermon on Thursday, so it's pretty much done. I am trying to decide whether to hit Iraq a little bit harder. Bob Herbert has a good op-ed piece in today's NYTImes titled GOP Rambos. (I can't get the link to work.)

    Today's agenda is to hang my outside Christmas decorations. I was holidaying over Thanksgiving, so I didn't get them done last weekend. And I do need to get a run in today. I hate running, but it keeps me healthy.

  16. Good morning preachers! I am up with Nicholas and trying to let SuperDad sleep in after he let me get away for a couple days retreat. I'm putting some banana nut muffins and bread in the oven--first batch should come out in about half an hour.

    I will be focusing on Isaiah for house mass, as well as basic catechesis about the three comings of Jesus we celebrate in Advent. (Like many of us non-Left Behind types, I clearly don't do enough with the future one. Last year on this Sunday Nicholas looked at me with delight and said "Jesus is coming back?!")

    That's simple prep, so my writing task of the day is handouts for the (still hoped for) job talk to the M.Div.'s at Dream Job University. One is on female images for God in the bible, one on those in Julian of Norwich (mother, of course) and one on those in my girl Gertrud of Helfta (wisdom/bride/queen).

    Good luck, all.

  17. I'm not preaching this week - it's our annual Hanging of the Greens service with lots of scripture reading and singing of Advent hymns.

    But I am preparing "15 minutes on Peace" for a retirement community to be delivered by closed circuit TV on Thursday. Some ideas have come but nothing clear yet.

    I am also preparing a BIG pot of cinammon apples for a pot luck this evening. Simplest thing in the world to make - just put 10 pounds of cut up apples in a pot, add a box or 2 of Red Hots and 1 cup of water and let cook for 30 minutes. I get lovely red spicey cinammon apple slices to serve in a big red bowl. There'll be plenty to share, so help yourselves.

  18. Oh my goodness...bread, omlettes, banana muffins. I'm really sorry I just had cereal =).

    I will be heading up to my church in about an hour for our Advent decorating party. It is always a festive event AND we are expecting snow in the lowlands.

    Sally...I am praying that you might find some peace and rest in the midst of all the chaos.

    I am preaching on Isaiah and am talking about the very idea of being in tension during Advent--looking to the glory of past Christmases and looking forward with hope...and though our situations might not be perfect in the moment, we still "walk in the Light" we hang up our decorations, bake cookies, sing carols, etc.

    This is also a way of avoiding the Hanging of the Greens scene during worship =)

    Blessings to all.

  19. So much for writing like a crazy woman; I've got nothing here. I'm having a severe problem remaining motivated to do the tasks of the current job while simultaneously moving toward the new one. Oh well. The rest of you seem to be coming along alright...can I get anyone anything while I'm out waiting for the washer/dryer to come?

  20. Greenies.

    Well, actually scratch that. Get my human mom a sermon. She's been working on it forever.

  21. Phew. Sermon written, posted here. I'm not going to use the sound effects. A wise colleague has suggested letting the sermon evoke them and connecting with the imagination will be more powerful.

    So now... must call senior highs and see if anyone is coming to our gathering this afternoon, must get ready for said gathering if anyone is coming, must make a hospital visit, can do lots of other things, might take a bath.

    I'll take an omelette, thanks.

    Rainbow Pastor- my dad always told the Christmas story to children by placing different parts of the nativity scene in different places in the sanctuary. Mary and Joseph would be located and would take a journey to Bethlehem. The shepherds were off on a window sill, and had to be brought in. He'd have a kid carry the star as everyone went in search of the wise ones and brought them back. Might this be helpful to you? Maybe we'll do it too. I think he spread it out over several weeks, bringing the last few elements in on Christmas Eve.

  22. It is afternoon. I slept in this morning, Alleluia! I needed some added hours. I can't recup the way that you young ones can.

    I am thinking about Advent. Anticipation, yes and the yet the unknown-ness of it all.

    I am also thinking about the world AIDS Day and the horrible loss of life and what contributes to it. I went through it with so many of my gay friends years ago. It seems so ridiculous to have it still wiping out so many because of resistance to scientific information.

    I had coffee cake this morning but I am about ready for a turkey sandwich on homebaked bread with cranberry sauce and a peach tea. Any body else? This is about as creative as I get on Saturdays.

  23. More Cows: We have a play coming up on Friday and Saturday and the sanctuary is a bit of chaos at the moment. But we will put up the creche on Advent 2 and begin the journey to Bethlehem by placing the creche images all over the nave and have the children carry the creche images to the different places. I generally put the Wise men behind the altar (in the East) and they don't get to the creche until Epiphany. Oh yes, the creche stays up until Epiphany!

  24. I am incredibly blessed with a music director who not only writes Christmas and Easter plays but gathers or composes the music that goes with it. The performances that have gone on for about 10 years are a gift of the parish to the small town we live in. The proceeds of the performances pay for the music budget. For a part-time position, I have a 15+ voice choir that can not only read, but in true Lutheran tradtion, sings 4 part harmony at the drop of a hat!

    So Christmas preparation is part of the DNA of this crowd. I think I will bring this in as a part of my sermon and not dwell too long of the readings.

  25. Thanks for the snacks and treats - yum!

    Mom dropped off Christmas cookies. There are plenty to share. Milk, coffee, or tea?

    Struggling to get anything on paper (or screen) but the title is "Happy New Year!"

    I'm going to pop up from behind the pulpit with a hat, noise maker and some spring loaded confetti.

    **we get our seasons mixed up - HaloThankChrisYear

    **it is the first Sunday of the new liturgical year

    **New Years mean fresh starts, hope, expectations, dreams, anticipation, possibilities - hopefully we can come into Christmas that way. Open to whatever the Spirit has for us.

    Isaiah & Romans both seem to say to me "live as if..." As if you are already in the light. As if the Kingdom has fully come.

    As if it is already the New Year, the new day.

    We'll see where it goes!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  26. Oh's 6.00 on Saturday and I have just discovered that tomorrow is when we are implementing our policy of a thought for the day at the 8.00 Eucharist...which has never had one before. I'm presiding. I haven't even looked at the Gospel yet....aaaargghhhh
    Sorry. No time to put party food on a plate but there's a tube of pringles over yourselves..

  27. I am working on a reflection for Matthew that includes a brief overview of the entire Gospel. I like to remind myself and others of the "big picture" and then how this reading fits into it. I am looking at the ways we live in darkness, spiritually and literally...and connecting it to the Millennium Development Goals, which are a primary theme for us this Advent season...a way to balance the over abundance of spending and eating by reminding ourselves of the needs of others.

    I also need to get my dogs out before the ice storm comes. Pray that the storm is mild and that no one looses power.

    And tonight we are celebrating my husband's 50th birthday (it's really Monday, but he's working, so we are celebrating tonight). So. I have that meal and those festivities to prepare.

    I'll try to stop by later and post my sermon and read the others that are posted. I really like that we do this. I enjoy reading the different ways we tell the story of our faith. Blessings, all!

  28. WEl, let's see. Thus far I have gone to help set the tree up for tomorrow's tree trimming party after church, I copied the weekly prayer brochure, I did some decorating in teh living room at home (which involved cleaning off some flat surfaces to have a place to put decorations)

    Now, what about my little monologue on waiting...

    THinking of an unemployed person and starting with the verse from FOur Strong WInds about moving away for work.

  29. Hi folks. Just got back from purchasing, stacking and restacking a facecord of firewood. If we lose power in the coming winter storm, the only things we can heat our house with are the four burners of the gas kitchen stove and the fireplace. I am tempted to get some propane for the campstoves in case we need those too.

    Wondering if I will get to preach and have our congregational meeting tomorrow or not?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. More Cows, I like your ideas today, both for sermon and for Rainbow Pastor's family service.

    As for me, I'm trying to combine the first Sunday in Advent with the concluding sermon about the purposes of the Church. It is coming together, I think. I'm using Isaiah (but not the lectionary passage) and John 1.

    Sermon is mostly done, but I have to work on a litany for opening the service. Which I'm doing in between trips to the kitchen because I am baking cookies for a bake sale tomorrow. So it's plop 'em on the cookie sheet, into the oven, back to the to oven when timer dings...make next batch, etc.

    I'll save a few for us. Warm cookies...chocoate chip pecan, peanut butter, and orange cream...and milk.

    There goes the timer....and all this may be for naught, as a snow storm followed by icy rain is in the forecast, and the snow just started. Argh!

  32. I want a snow storm! I want a snow storm! I want to snuggle at home in front of the fireplace all day!

    Thsi sermon thing stinks and human mama claims there are 4 more before she's done with this schtick.

    I want to play on Saturdays.

    Greenies? String?

  33. LMK, I just did new ribbons for the front wreath and lightpole so there was some fun ribbon swinging around here. DH is outside putting up lights while I write. see how well it's working?

    Cranberry Apple cider, anyone?

  34. SO and RDQ, I think we are all in the path of the same storm...right now we have snow, near blizzard-like snow. But the temperature is supposed to warm up bringing in ice then rain then ice...sigh...and I do not have a fireplace...I really hope it does not manifest to its worst potential, for everyone's sake. I pray you (we) all stay warm and safe.

    My sermon is finished, at least in draft state. Now I let it percolate for awhile and come back and tweek it. it will be posted on my blog here.

  35. Is it ironic that in writing a sermon about staying awake, I, uh, nodded off?

    PPB, using LMK's login.

  36. Y'all, I have managed to do everything imaginable to procrastinate, but I'm finally writing.
    Oh, except the laundry. Maybe I should put a load of clothes in the washer?

  37. I'm looking at mountain top experiences as experiences of slowing down. We are called to the mountain in Advent...right? Anyone?

    "Come to the Mountain"

    Okay...the church is greened. The snow is falling here in Ouilmette. I still need to write. All I want to do is drink egg nog. Mmm nog.

  38. MCTP, thank you for the ideas. Unfortunately, this is a one-off occasion for me. I'm a guest preacher for this service; also there are only three pieces in the set--Mary, Joseph and the baby. Hence my difficulty... Well I have a while ton contemplate it.

    For tomorrow, I have a rough outline on paper which has to be transferred to the computer (read: translated from scribbles so that I can read it tomorrow)but the prayers and announcements are done!

    We're also in the path of the winter storm...but the weather service has changed the alert from "winter storm warning" to "winter weather advisory." I'm still planning to go out too, like RDQ (assuming I get the outline on paper, ahem).

    I'm impressed by how many of you have sermons done already! Go you all!

    Hot chocolate anyone?

  39. Oh right, I did laundry too!

    If in my monologue/meditation I make a joke about ministers who quote Shakespeare in a sermon the week after having done so (and using the same quote) will anybody pick up on it????

  40. Gord, I wish I thought they would!

  41. I am back at last. However, no washer/dryer arrived, which is really ticking me off, as I wasted half of my day driving down there and waiting for it. So, I am writing my sermon about waiting. It's frustrating, and yet it is the state in which we live constantly as Christians. And somehow, against all appearances, God will be right on time.

    Cranberry apple cider for me, please!

  42. Well, I have a sermon. It needs to sit for a while and I will come back to it in a bit for some polishing, but it is essentially done.

    I can play tonight!

    But first, is anyone besides me hungry for dinner/supper (depending on where you are) already? I've got burgers and home-made fries with a salad...

  43. Okay, I'm done. Usually the minute I moan that I will never be finished, I get on with it. Don't you grow tired of hearing me say that? I do.

  44. hi all, just starting the writing (PST, ya'll, so I'm not panicking or anyting) - got lots of ideas and it has to be short because of communion this week, so mostly hopefully it'll be a matter of paring it down - but I DO have to begin sometime!

    It does have a ttitle: "you are what you eat" and i'm talking about hope (moved things around lectionary-wise this month).

    Gotta go - I'll check back in when it's getting closer.

  45. hi everyone. It hasn't turned out to be the quiet day I had planned. working on advent services etc in the morning, and then to the hospital. Then we went to buy two shovels (ours broke) because It's Snowing Like Crazy here!

    now I'm making Tortellini Soup. A little later I'll put the corn bread on. I'll have lots.

    We bought cocoa for later too.

    I love all the ideas here! Especially the family idea, mc, and the sounds effects.

    But other ideas, too.

    Our advent evening services are going to be the "advent saints" so Wednesday we are going to have a visit from St. Nicholas, and the next week from St. Lucia. Who after that? stay tuned.

  46. Cookies are done, pie is baking.

    Our service is conemporary, so we do have a video projector which shows our song words, but I don't necessarily use Power Point for sermons...I'm kinda old fashioned in some ways. Ha...BUT I have one for tomorrow's message, I have a nice bulletin insert to go along with the sermon, and I have written the Advent litany/prayer (posted at my place).The church is decorated, and looks especially beautiful this year.

    And outside the snow is falling sideways. Sideways? Yes, that is because the wind is howling. I'll be surprised if we actually have church tomorrow since this is forecast to go on till 6 a.m.!

    If not, I'm doing Advent, Week One, NEXT week...with a few modifications. Sigh.

    How is it for you, RDQ and MP?

  47. And now it's snowing at Diane's place too! Let's have an it-is-snowing-outside-and-we-might-get-snowed-in Upper Midwest party.

    Gee, it would be nice to have you guys over for some apple pie and hot tea.

  48. We're not going to get much snow here, but what we do get will be between 1 am and 10 am; and my field education/intern church is an hour away in a more rolling rural area and I'm preaching for the first time there. so I could have no problem with my commute, or I could be sliding off little country roads. Luckily I have All Wheel Drive.

  49. I'm done, I'm done! *happy dance* Now I can go out and play! Oops, maybe not...must get the early service done first. How's everyone else coming along?

    I hear that snow is coming my way, but not until tomorrow. Yech.

  50. Well it's snowing here. Not enough to keep me from going out to play later... It's supposed to get very nasty later--sleet then rain then sleet who knows what it will be like in the morning? But boots, scarf and Cabela's anorak tonight!

    For the moment, I'm polishing the sermon and listening to "Lola" by the Kinks (don't ask).

  51. P.S. In the unlikely event that anyone was concerned about my driving in this stuff, be reassured that River City is small enough (or my part of it is) that I can walk to my favourite playgrounds.

    Back to sermon work...must not be distracted...

  52. I'm off for a bit of fun, so I'll see you all later. Blessings to those of you who are still writing. I'll leave the Oreos.

  53. Okay, signing out. Didn't end up having energy for the handouts but it was a good day esp. for liturgical writing (midday Sophia prayer is half done, woohoo).

    I wish we all could gather at Singing Owl's for that apple pie and hot tea.

    Congrats to all who are done writing and good luck for those finishing--and hoping for snow days. :-).

  54. singing owl, I'm with you on the apple pie and tea. It's pretty here right now, as long as you aren't out on the road. How about where you are?

    Right now I need to do more laundry, and sit for awhile.

    The Advent wreath is in the middle of the dining room table, ready for tomorrow.

    How about hot cocoa later?

  55. Our Advent wreath is at church, as of earlier this afternoon, and so beautiful this year...a mix of evergreen, holly and some lovely bright red stuff that I do not recall ever seeing before. I'm not using purple (or blue) and pink. Our candles are white this year.

    White. Oh yeah...outside is blowing so hard I can hardly see across the street! So don't know if it is beautiful or not. Ah, I'm sure it will be by tomorrow, but for now the snow seems to be piling up quickly from what I can tell. I just spoke to one of our worship committee folks who is on the road, and he says it is horrible out. Sure looks like it. I see on the TV that some churches are already cancelling tomorrow's services, but it seems a bit premature to me.

    Hot cocoa...sounds good!

  56. Looks like almost 6 inches out there already. Mind you it is dry fluffy snow. ANd cancelling for snow would be almost unheard of here--might miss some of the lake-dwellers but those in town not likely to miss for snow.

    ONe of the former board members used to work at the grocery store and said they learned to always get ready for a busy day when there was snow like this--nobocy wanted to give in to a bit of snow.

    Monologue/meditation is pretty much set in mind. Mind you I still need to find a MAry to do a monologue (or maybe a dialogue) next week.

    Hot chocolate sounds great

  57. 67 degrees here - no preaching tomorrow, but I'll be here next week figuring out what to say...

    Prayers for all of you in the path of the storm - I love Gord's no cancellation at 6 inches - we would cancel here if there was ONE inch of real snow - sometimes we get ice & it really shuts everything down.

  58. Okay, as crazy as it sounds, I'm starting my sermon. At 11:30 on Saturday night. *sigh* I don't even have excuses or explanations. All I can do is start writing.

    I'm talking about waking up, and being on the brink between darkness and dawn.

    Which it will soon be if I don't get my butt in gear NOW.

    Anybody else still out there?

  59. Hey semfem, I'm here. I've started more than one sermon at 11:30 pm. Tonight I happen to have just finished but haven't got the prayers done or anything printed yet.

  60. Hey vicar! Good to see you as always.

    I have a lot to say swirling around, but putting it into a logical order is proving to be difficult. I think I'm focusing on Romans now as Matthew is proving problematic.

    It's good to know I'm not alone!

  61. SemFem, you are the absoulte queen of late-night sermons! You and Vicar keep each other company. As for me, I'm heading for bed. Snow is slowing, so we shall see.

  62. Night Owl sermon writers rock!

    I did Romans and focused on putting on the armor of light. Do you have a start with something or do you want input?

  63. And we're off! 271 words in.

    Thanks, Singing Owl! I usually don't mind working late-night like this...but found out that there will likely be no holy nap tomorrow...and need to be alert for nasty road being done earlier would have been Really Good.

    At least there is a ton going on in worship, so hopefully that will allow for a shorter sermon!

  64. Vicar--my overall catchphrase for this Sunday is "darkness and dawn," so I started out talking about being at church in Alaska and how the color of the paraments matched the color of the sky outside...

    So I think I'm going along all right for now, but stuckness may be just around the corner.

  65. Anthony de Mello has a story about how you can tell when the darkness of night has turned to dawn. The punch line is something like "when you see a man and recognize he is your brother" I'll look for it if that sounds potentially helpful

  66. Wow, that actually does sound like it could be helpful. Still there? Any idea where it might be found?

  67. I'm still here. I changed computers for the printing because my printer won't network.

    Give me a minute, I'll pull it out of an old sermon and post it.

  68. Google found it faster on my blog than "search" has been working on my computer. The book is at the office and I didn't cite title or page but here's the Anthony de Mello story. Hope it's useful.

    A rabbi asked his students, “When is it at dawn that one can tell the light from the darkness?”

    One student replied, “When I can tell a horse from a donkey.”

    “No,” answered the rabbi.

    Another said, “When I can tell a dog tree from a goat.”

    “No,” answered the rabbi again.

    Another said, “When I can tell a palm tree from a fig.”

    “No,” answered the rabbi again.

    “Well, then what is the answer?” his students pressed him.

    “Only when you look into the face of every man and every woman and see your brother and your sister,” said the rabbi. “Only then have you seen the light. All else is still darkness.”

  69. oops that should be "dog from a goat" not dog tree

  70. OOH. That's perfect! Thanks, Vicar! RevGalBlogPals scores again!

  71. Glad it works.

    Now I gotta figure out what to do about printing the sermon again 'cause the ink is almost gone. Do I venture out to the 24 hr store with all the folks who have not yet finished their Sat night party or try to manage with the lighter print? I'm thinking lighter print for the first service and a flash drive so I can print a darker copy during Sunday School.

    bed is certainly looking better than the 24 hour place that carries printer ink.

  72. I vote for bed, as long as you can still read the lighter print.

  73. I managed to get the girls' almost-ready-to-die printer to print. I had to mix and match the two copies to get one usable one. But I did. So, I'm headed for bed now. Great party semfem, I'm trusting you to get the lights.

  74. 1428 words, and I'm done. Getting the lights now, although I will be back after a snack and a shower to do some polishing. Thanks again Vicar! And thanks for a great party Stacey, even though I showed up late.

    Blessings on all preaching, proclamation, pondering, and preparation tomorrow.

  75. vicar, good story...I may use that next week...

    semfem, I often have the impression that you are just going to bed as I am rising for the day...(at least on Sundays) least our paths cross for a moment.


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