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Saturday, February 09, 2008

11th Hour Preacher Party: Temptations, I've Had a Few Edition

Preachers, if you could turn a stone into a donut, would you be tempted?

Yes, it's the first temptation of Christ, or the failure of Adam and Eve to resist temptation, or a long and complex set of explanations from Paul that might actually tempt you to donuts...or whatever your "donut" might be.

Let's get each other through this day of wilderness sermon writing, gals and pals. Tell us what lies ahead for you, what you're preaching about, whether you need help with a children's message and what the weather is like in your part of the world.

And remember, virtual pink donuts with sprinkles? Have no calories. So eat as many as you like.

Coffee is on, and I am pouring it generously, because that virtual half and half? Same deal.


  1. Bring on the sugar and caffeine, I've got a busy one!
    Prayer Study class at 10:30 a.m.
    Chicken and Biscuit Dinner at 5:00 p.m. (endless chores/prep all day)
    Sermon to write--(very little prep done)
    bulletin, children's time, etc.too
    AND my sinuses are stuffed full

  2. A desert island away from everyone and everything sounds like a BIG temptation right now.

  3. That is quite a day, QP!
    I have a Weight Watchers meeting to attend this morning, and I could use the encouragement. After my first week of working out at the gym and lifting teh weights, I'm pretty sure I've gained a little weight. I'm sure it had nothing to do with half a dozen pancakes on Tuesday night...
    Just the massive muscle I've been developing, right?
    Later the day is pretty clear, so I'm hoping to finish reasonably early, for me, and enjoy some time with my husband later. He leaves on Tuesday for a month or so of working out of town.
    It's a really good pot of coffee, here, so that has to help!

  4. wooh! some busy people here. We've got company this weekend, so I'm glad I'm not preaching. However, I am doing an congregational meeting of sorts after one of the worship services. Kind of hard to explain, but based on a "listening campaign" we had. So pray for me on that, and I'll offer prayers for all of your sermons, and whatever inspiration I can muster up!
    going to walk the dog, and then off to the Bible study breakfast I'm leading!

  5. Songbird,
    Muscle DOES weigh more than fat--
    You've done so well, keep up the good work.

  6. I've thought of that, QP. But does it happen in a week? ;-)
    Diane, blessings on the church meeting and your leadership of it.

  7. a week of the gymn- well done Songbird!

    As for preaching- struggling away with the temptations here... that pink donut provides some good inspiration!!! my mouth is watering!!!

    an easy day today though nothing but sermon prep and procrastiantion!!!

  8. Weird, chopped up day for me ahead. Food fundraiser at 3:30 but we are having a surprise snow which could just make the whole thing a wash. Meeting with a family at 2 about their ailing father and sermon from almost scratch.

    Through Lent I am handing out items to go with the sermons. Tomorrow we have apples so I guess I'd better stick with Genesis!

  9. I'm just popping in to wish you preachers well. Especially those who have given up mochas and/or real treats for Lent.Today I am Pinewood Derbying (Cub Scout race) with WonderBoy, then preparing Sunday School and Children's Worship lessons for others to teach. And figuring out how to get two adult SS classes to share a space.

  10. Hot oatmeal for me.
    I've got a memorial service, a visit with an in-town former member who is back for the weekend, a sermon to finish and the temptation of slothful couch-sitting when the spouse returns from a business trip tonight.

    Thanks for the donut...blessings to you as you attend WW, Songbird. May you find encouragement.

  11. Good Morning preachers! QP - that sounds like a busy day even without the sinus trouble.

    Songbird - way to go! You are amazing!

    Best wishes everyone with sermons, meetings, food/snow events, memorial services, Sunday School prep....whew! We're a busy bunch.

    My sermon (first draft) is more or less done, but I'm not happy with it. I feel like I've preached in nine times - wait - I *have* preached it nine times, in nine years of ministry.

    It's that old chestnut "first Sunday of Lent" sermon in which I describe, again, what the season of Lent is about, historically and personally, and how meaningful it is to our faith and our faith communities blah blah blah.

    You see my dilemma.

    Pass a pink donut with extra sprinkles.

    Really, this sermon needs some serious renovations.

  12. Hee hee, clever title...I've had a few myself...

    My sermon is posted...I know...I know...but all I did was re-work the never preached Ash Wed sermon into this one.

    And I have no time...way too much to do this day.

    SO I hope the sermon works 'cuz it is what it is.

    You can read and leave comments (please) for Remember you are dust, remember you are Christ's.

    Blessings everyone. I'll try to stop by later and read yours. Now I'm off for a baptismal prep and then bowling with the kids (as I prepare to say good bye to these precious ones), then get son ready and off for a turn-about dance..and who knows what else...

  13. Busy day here - at least the weather is supposed to get to 50 before we wake up to teens tomorrow.

    I'm taking on wilderness, but in another direction. I'm beginning a sermon series on "Finding the Center" and since tomorrow is Boy Scout Sunday, I'm talking about finding peace and relationship with God in nature - garden, forest, wilderness, you pick. I've been reading a book by Richard Louv called "Last Child in the Woods" which talks about how our children are losing outdoor experiences.

    Off to the library after dropping daughter at school for a study group, and then the little churhc has a fundraiser soup and chili dinner tonight.

    Blessed preparation and preaching!

  14. tomorrow we begin a series (using the OT lectionary texts) called "Holy Insecurity"--about learning that we can't ensure our own "security" and we have to learn to trust God because that's the only place security can be found. or something like that. An interesting theme given the theme of Bush's speech to the conservative convention.
    Anyway, SP is preaching tomorrow on Adam and Eve, something about how we have to leave the garden and go out into an ambiguous and insecure world in order to become fully human. I think.
    I have children's time....right....I think I'm going to do something about light and darkness b/c we are doing a sort of reverse-advent-wreath thing where we are putting out a candle at the end of each service during Lent until it's totally dark on Good Friday.
    I want a donut now! Instead I have frozen homemade pancakes to offer--defrosting and microwaving as we speak! have some! please!!!!

  15. Oh, my temptation would be to eat that doughnut. I haven't had a real doughnut in months. I finished my sermon: Sunday, Bloody Sunday and then someone emailed me that our matriarch has changed her mind about my series using U2 music and is now busy posting flyers around her apartment building. Seems a seminarian called up the church asking what time the service was and she answered the phone. So, now that I know I'm going to have visitors, I need to take the sermon up a notch. I've been sick for at least the past two weeks. Today is the first day I've felt decent (of course, I've only been up for half an hour). I'm skipping Presbytery, though. I'm facing the possibility of some serious health problems, so at least feeling better is a good thing.

  16. ((joan)))

    Those last minute shifts in the sermon can be so stressful!

    Praying for you...

  17. Joah, I'm praying for you.

    A young teenaged boy from my congregation just came by to help my jolt my car's dead battery. He's a boy who has come through a lot, and has been much in my prayers. As he walked away from the house, I started crying and had the funny but awful thought, "I'm giving up my church
    for Lent." ACK! So I came in and sat down in front of the computer, and clicked on RevGals.

    And what to my wondering eyes should appear for the "temptations" sermon illustration? A LARGE PINK DONUT WITH SPRINKLES!?

    Songbird, it struck me so funny. I laughed out loud and stopped crying. Hee hee! Thanks.

    Nothing for me to do today except work on teh sermon, but I'd better get to it. It is possible, though not probably, that we will have no church tomorrow, because the temperature is dropping like a rock and we are forecast to have dangerous wind chills of -50 or worse and BAD blwoing snow. .

  18. well... the temp here is falling as well. it will be a big fat goose egg by bedtime and tomorrow brrrr chilly!

    in the meantime i'm having my coffee and piecing together a sermon... we're all about original sin this weekend and the necessity of realizing we do nothing to save ourselves. Because... oddly and heretically enough some churches do teach/preach that we save ourselves. ugh...

  19. Songbird, good for you! I started back to Curves last week after not going for 18 months. I'd forgotten how hard it was in the beginning!

    I've been so busy with retreat planning (3 of them! one for the congregation, one for ministers in their first 5 years, one for our regional clergy!), website revisions, preparing a syllabus in hopes I can get a job teaching denominational history at a local church related university, and life in general that I haven't been here in a while. Today I just couldn't stay away any longer!

    I'm using the temptation of Christ. I was so impressed by the college and high school (!!) students who were working the polls on Super Tuesday that I want to find a way to use them as an example. They resisted the temptation to let someone else do it???

    My biggest temptation today will be to spend time on my sunny 70 degree patio instead of writing. Hmm - I could take the laptop outside . . .

  20. Ummmm, is building a snowman out by the church sign a good stewardship of time?

    Don't answer that.

  21. will smama ~ Building a snowman sounds like a good idea to shows friendliness and hospitality to all "people"

  22. Good morning everyone; it's good to be back at the party. I finished my first scriptural meditation for the Sophia's Rosary manuscript yesterday, about Joanna, Susanna, and other little known women disciples. It felt really good to get a length and tone established, so I'm hoping to get started on another one today. I'm also getting ready to write a John 3 "born of water and the Spirit" reflection for the Feminist Theology blog--but, hey, it's not due till Wednesday....

  23. SO, I live to serve. ;-)

    And will smama, don't you know that counts as Activity Points?

    The meeting was good, although I was up .2. But .2 is believable as weight lifting muscle-building, isn't it?

    Let's hope so.

  24. SB, it is if snowman building is!

    Off to drop off The Boy and hit a few other errands including 'playing the game' at the annual fundraiser. Small talk is not my specialty.

    Good luck all! Check in later...

  25. Blessings on all you preachers and teachers and meeting leaders! I've got groceries and library books taken care of and will get to visit City of Ships today while husband is in rehearsal there. My genealogy meeting for tomorrow was cancelled because of impending more snow, so no conflict with the caucus (I was going to the caucus anyway, but now I have no guilt at all). I'm assuming and hoping the caucus (which is a word I can't seem to type correctly) will NOT be cancelled. I got a phone message from one of the candidates last night, but I'm voting for the other one. When you all post your sermons I'm always amazed at how good they all are, so don't worry.

  26. Sistahs,It is one of those weeks--I wrote a sermon yesterday and I hate it so I am working on a different one--about looking at our faith and how we allow it to exclude others rather than bring in. I have been reading Constantine's Sword for Lent and it is making me wonder about how we teach our faith that can lead to holocaust if we are not careful.

    I am wondering if we need to look hard at the way that we have theologized over the past 2000 years and sold Christ short in our need for security.

    Pray for us sinners...

  27. And shame on whoever posted the donut--I am so hungry that I would even eat something pink with sprinkles!

  28. Morning everyone! I find the whole donut thing amusing since I did actually give up donuts for Lent (paczki was just too much for my stomach to handle, so it was an easy choice).

    Trying to wrap up the prep for the baptism and new members tomorrow. St. Smaller is receiving some new members, and in the afternoon, we are baptizing two members of the same family.

    The exciting thing(s) is that these are the first baptisms at St. Smaller in 13 years. And that the two people being baptized are over 60. Whee! (Any tips on how to do this with the itty bitty font?)

    Oh, and then I think I'm going to Starbucks to work on the sermon. Somehow I have to focus on the sand in the wilderness. No clue on that yet.

  29. Good (late) morning!

    Spouse and I slept in,then I indulged in some high fiber bread/low cal syrup French toast. I would have loved to have that pretty pink donut,though.

    I was up this morning from 3:30-5:00 am, writing the first half of my sermon. I'm dreading going down stairs, because I don't think I want to see what I wrote in the groggy wee hours of morning.

    If I recall, I think I'm playing catch-up from missing Ash Wednesday, but Obama, Chelsea Clinton, that goob from MSNBC, Heath Ledger, and Britney Spears might be in it,too. Oh, and a certain serpent we all know.

  30. Chiming in before lunch. I stopped by the church this morning to grab the materials I need to put my installation service together. It's in two weeks so I have to turn in my order of worship to the presbytery now. Never heard of this in other presbyteries, but oh well.

    I'll be working on that service and my sermon when the kiddos go down for naps after lunch. I'm using a video clip in my sermon for the first time, so we'll see how that goes. It means there's less to write, but somehow I don't think it'll take less time or energy. I really want this video thing to go well, so I want to make sure it is set up well and fits nicely.

    There's snow coming down pretty steadily here. I think the high was supposed to be 4, but I'll be honest, it didn't feel that bad when I was out there getting to and from my car. The toddler and I are off to Target, and then we'll go home for lunch. I'll read more and check in later!

  31. word count: 0
    cups of java: 1.5
    cravings: that french toast sounds really good!
    motivation level: eek...
    valentines made: three

  32. Back from a training day to finish off a sermon I started last night, before heading out to a concert in church at 8.00.
    Also need to complete scary diocesan form and do some serious planning of next week's sermon before Monday, as I'm off on a course all next week.
    Tomorrow's sermon is an evensong one again - so at least I don't have to do the "here we go again" temptation version...and I can resist donuts. But not flapjack. Never that...
    So, I'll put some out on the table...Hugger Steward's special recipe :-)

  33. You're making your own, hotcup? Cool.

  34. SemFem, we baptize by immersion but my last 2 were wheelchair-bound. So I dipped out a pitcher of water and dribbled it over my hand onto their heads.

    Will smama, Snowman building is an Excellent! stewardship of time. It's called "clergy self care'. :-) Wish I could build a snowman, but I'd have to drive for a couple hours to get to the snowline in the mountains. I scrubbed off my patio instead.

    Sermon? oh, right. I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing.

  35. I have mine posted at

  36. Kathryn: MMM FLAPJACK!

    I could head back to the UK for some of that.

  37. I don't know whether to laugh or cry- but I have posted a draft here, and I've earned a few activity points out in the garden... we've had no snow this winter ...sobs

    I'm making rooibos tea if anyone would like some!!!

  38. Guilty on the donut picture! I like the pink. It is Valentine-y.

  39. I scrubbed my patio too rev maria! V. theraputic!

  40. Blessings to all for today's workings out and the doings of the morrow.

    Will, is your snowman looking out to the street with open arms? I somehow picture it welcoming all too.

    The building and air will refresh your gifts for doing-whatever-you need-to-be-doing.

    I think the Friday Five asked the question: do you give up (things for Lent) OR, do you add things.

    I try to turn some things around to be more conscious of what I am doing and saying. This is a time of reflection and preparation.

    What do I need for this year's journey, might help me, or someone else, to stay here in what's going on now. Then it can't possibly be the 'same'. Each year has brought its own temptations, and decisions.

    How can I work to change things so the results are more loving, accepting? We are already accepted by God, so we need to not leave some too long in the deserts of their lives. Ways to come out of the deserts is a grace filled teaching too.

    Blessings all!

  41. P.S. Pass the donuts, without ups, there would be no downs. Without downs, there would be no ups.

    It would be a straight line....boring. We are evolving, we are not finished...yet!

    And that's all right!

  42. I haven't worked on the sermon any more but I did go to my sadly neglected blog and write about why I'm too busy to blog

    Sermon - I do have the 3 pages I wrote on Tuesday, but 1 full page has a notation saying "re-write this bit." I seem to be giving in to all those temptations instead of writing about them. . . . Hey! That'll preach!

  43. Brittney's made it into my sermon Cheese!

  44. Virtual sprinkles, what a great idea! I hate to be a bore, but it was 40 below again this morning, what IS this nonsense? Never mind, car started, YES!
    Talking about wilderness, I think...about how it can sort out our loves...God takes his people into the wilderness where he can speak to their/our hearts, where we have to hear him out, where our hearts have a chance to think with his, speak with his, love with his.
    I have to nail down a quote from Gabrielle Roy, "Where Nests the Water Hen"...northern Manitoba pioneer stuff...and the itinerant Capuchin priest reflects--something like this--that the farther north he goes, the more he is permitted to love...

  45. (joan)
    wow,lots of busy days. I just came from the hospital, where one member of my church just died, and another had a major stroke and isn't expected to live.

    I'm nervous that people won't come to the meeting tomorrow, and thus expose my lack of leadership skill.

    But this puts those fears in perspective.

  46. Greetings y'all! Just got in from a morning wedding (I sang, have yet to officiate one) At 4:30 we are taking the church kids, babygirl included, to a local nursing home to hand out valentine's Day cards they made. Hubbie has morning service so I have night church. I'm looking at Genesis and that's about it, looking. I'm thinking about how the sin was wanting to be like God, and how often we want to be like or actually be God ourselves. I'm also thinking that the woman didn't have to hunt the man down, he was WITH HER. And that if he was doing his job there would not have been a serpant in the garden! Some caretaker! (not ment to dog men, but to remind us that we all fall short of the glory of God)

  47. Thank you, Crimson Rambler. Your words fit well with my theme.

    I got a lot done at the library this morning while daughter was at school. I'm off to bigger church in about an hour to run bulletins and then to smaller church to help with the dinner. If the Cub Scouts and families show up tomorrow, we should have a good-sized crowd.

    Chili and/or soup anyone?

  48. No sermon tomorrow, and apparently not in March either. I'll blog about that when I have actual details next week. On the bright side, I no longer have to worry about starting a new position on March 1 and leaving on the 27th for the Big Event. Nothing to keep me from Big Event now. I did however just get a last minute invitation to work an Emmaus walk. I'll need to preview my talk in a week. I haven't given this one before, so I'd better get busy! I'll just leave you all some orange-cranberry muffins and assorted tea bags for hot tea. It sounds like some of you in the colder climes could use it!

  49. Oh, and by the way ws, building a snowman is an excellent use of time. We do not play enough! I'm glad you did. Hope the boy enjoyed it.

  50. word count: 1341
    conclusions: zip
    temp outside: 25 & dropping
    cravings: hot cocoa
    loads of laundry waiting: too many!

  51. just re-checked weather for tomorrow....yesterday they said Sunday's high would be 6, with windchills of 23 below. Now they're saying a high of 0 with windchills 30 below. Does that seem fair? no.

    I'm making gardenburgers for lunch--anyone want one? (I have cheese! and pickles!)

  52. LMK is letting me use his account to say that I have exactly 3 sentences written. Of course, part of that is because I just now started! I find it hard to hit just the right tone in Lent.

  53. bless you all as you wrestle with the Word.

  54. I have a draft at my place that could use some help. I think it is too, I'm not sure. But if the words sounded like I was yelling in my head that might not be a good sign. sigh. Off to get the kids to the nursing home. I'll check in later. Blessing's y'all!

  55. I want snow- and hot chocolate... not grey skies and wind and rain...

    I know I'll give up the British winter for Lent... any one live in Barbados????

    Not happy with the sermon...

  56. How's everyone doing? I've been suffering from spousal distraction (my husband leaves for a month out of town on Tuesday, and time together is a priority this weekend), but he has gone out with the dogs and I'm alone and can do some theory.
    Shall I put on a fresh pot of Fair Trade?

  57. Well just got back from a meeting of a non-mandated level of the church. The meeting itself was just over 2 hours. Add in almost 2 hours travel each way and a lunch and I was gone for 7.5 hours.

    ANd tonight I have a meeting with teh Ministry & PErsonnel meeting.

    Luckily the sermon was largely planned out (with overhead projector slides) early in the week.

    BUt sleep sounds really really tempting round about now.

  58. Here's a pot of Ghiradelli Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Cocoa made with 1% fat milk for those of you in the frozen zone. It turns out I don't have the outline I need to get started on my Emmaus talk, so no writing here today.

  59. Sermon done--off to do it at tonight's service. But for tomorrow will need a children's time. Any ideas?

  60. yes please Songbird- hope you get to spend the evening together...

  61. Word count: 1402
    Conclusions: 0
    Time spent at my son's apartment: 1 hour.

    In my defense, my spouse was watching some Sci-Fi channel show and Teh Clooney was mentioned. TEH CLOONEY! How am I supposed to work with that level of distraction on the other side of a thin wall, I ask you?

  62. Home from the concert - my sons decided to come too, which made for a lovely outing - but now really do have to work out a conclusion to this sermon. That hazlenut choc hot cocoa sounds utterly wonderful - is there any left?
    It's really half past bedtime already, so I must whizz...Happy writing, all of you xx

  63. Finished sermon. Left for the store. Came home and read sermon. HATE IT! What was I thinking? Sermon in trash. Starting over. Argh!

  64. Silent - - Over lunch with my toddler (PB&J and pretzels) I had an epiphany (wrong season, I know). I, too, need a children's sermon for tomorrow and wasn't feeling inspired. The pretzels did it for me. I don't think I've ever done it, and even if I have in the past, I'm new to this church so I know I haven't done it here, but there's a "good ol'" children's sermon around pretzels for Lent. I don't know if it's the real story or an urban legend (I think it's real), but pretzels were invented for Lent and there's symbolism in the design (hands praying). I'm going to dig up (on-line) that legend and tweak it for my children's sermon. My sermon series for Lent is working through the Psalms and how they can guide our prayer. Works for me, hope it might be a help to you!

    Other than that - - not much written. I know where I basically plan to go, but don't know how to start. I need something to inspire me.

    The baby didn't sleep long, so he's crying on the other side of the wall with my husband who is putting off giving him Tylenol for his teeth for some reason I can't understand. The toddler has been asleep for almost 3 hours so we'll expect her up any minute. If I can just get my little spark of a start, then I'll feel much better about my writing after they go to bed, and MAYBE even get it all written before I sleep tonight. I hope!

  65. Pretzels were made for Lent...good one.

  66. Oh, Singing Owl!
    And poor baby with sore teeth!

  67. Back from day of activities and I am really glad playing the snow was priority one as it is all gone now except for two very LARGE but melting balls snow out by the church sing.

    I am not usually this picky but my kitchen needs a little attention before I can do any serious work on Madam I'm Adam... or GIANTS by 3... or whatever I decide to name this thing.

  68. I am so not into writing this thing. But I've rearranged all my furniture, sent about a thousand emails, cleaned the fridge..... (PPB)

  69. But are you playing Scrabulous?

    (Please don't tell will smama I'm leaving this comment. I promised I was writing until 8.)

  70. Back from trip to nursing home and pizza place. Only had one child get sick. Unfortuantly this happened on the doorstep of the nursing home. Fortuantly they know how to deal with these messes. Still not thrilled with sermon, but too worn out to work on it now. I'll get a fresh eye on it in the morning.
    Night y'all!

  71. Um, AND you distracted me from my HARD, concentrated work on this sermon (oh, look, is that a dust bunny? must play with it. I'm hungry. Wonder who won the primary, when was the last time I scrubbed the bathroom sink) work on my sermon.

  72. I am a bad, bad RevGal.

    But I do have a draft up, over here.

  73. Did someone mention a deserted island?

  74. I want a deserted island.
    I think I don't want to write this sermon because I don't really want to leave this church. Sigh. You never have to say goodbye on deserted islands, do you? Because, um, they're deserted, and then all you have to say goodbye to is your volleyball.

    I have one page done.

  75. Okay, I'm glad I wasn't drinking milk when I read "Madam, I'm Adam" or it would be running out my nose and all over the computer screen. I like that one. Blessings and good rest to all of you preaching tomorrow.

  76. It' -4 here, plus wind.
    I don't want to go to church tomorrow.

  77. Words written in actual manuscript: 0
    Mochas consumed: 1 (sorry Songbird, but you did post that donut picture)
    Types of precipitation fallen while writing pre-sermon notes: 3
    Knitting projects completed: 1
    Goals scored while watching some hockey: 2 (Habs finally scored)
    Temperature: 32 F and falling

    I guess I should actually go write this thing. I now know what I want to say, just have to actually say it.

    Time to go read some sermons you all have posted, heh!

  78. The kids are in bed and at least on their way to sleep. I must type starting now since I don't know how long the teething one will rest. Maybe that will be just the incentive I need to get this done before my usual bedtime. I think I found the anecdote I need to get things rolling - - something about how St. Augustine kept Ps. 32 fixed over his bed. I saw I small note about it in Texts for Preaching, but now I'm just searching for more "evidence" to back it up and more info about his reasons why. I give myself 20 minutes on the internet to find it, then tough toenails.

  79. What do we need around here? Midnight snackage? Popcorn? Pizza delivery? Diet Coke?
    I am at your service.

  80. We need ANTONIO!

    Thanks Songbird!

  81. LOL!
    Of course we do! I'll give him a call!!!

  82. I need a children's sermon that explains the reverse-advent-candle thing to both them and adults. We're blowing out a candle (there are 9) around the cross at the end of each service during Lent. Something about symbolizing that the light is in the world but we don't want to see it, or (if I were a more stereotypical "evangelical" I would say "our sin puts the light out" or something like that) something about light and darkness and how in Advent we anticipate the coming of the light and in Lent we remember that the world's darkness is stronger than we realize, or something...anything at all. help! I spent my day playing Scrabulous and watching Buffy and now I'm wondering what to do....

    my offering to you all: skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. I have vanilla and chocolate. :-)

  83. How about something like, even though the way got harder, Jesus kept going on the journey, so since it's hard for us to see in the dark, we'll be putting out a candle each week to remind us that even when the way was hard to see, he kept going...
    See what I mean? It's late, and I'm not at my most articulate.

  84. I'm out of diet coke.
    this is not a good thing.

  85. is anyone else still writing or am I the only loser?

  86. I'm still writing. Just starting my actual writing in fact. We're not losers; we just get our inspiration from the stars! (Guess we're in trouble if it's cloudy.)

  87. (And it's still 9:15 here, not too late at all)

  88. I'm here ppb! And definitely NOT a loser... just ran out of time this week... and mojo... and nachos (mmmm, nachos)... and well, whatever.

    You get the point. No losers here and I am sure you have semfem at least until 3!

  89. And now we DEFINITELY have to get to 100.

  90. Your hostess has to be up early to figure out whether church is on or off, so I am going to turn in now. I hope the rest of the party goes well! If Antonio gets here, give him my best.
    Good night!

  91. NOOO! I cannot write until 3 this week, I just can't! whine whine whine!

    That being said, I have 28 words so far, all of which are my opening prayer. GRAR.

    Okay, PPB, will smama, and she we go! We will triumph!

  92. My sympathies to Gord for two hours of driving for non-mandated meetings. I stopped going to ours a few years ago. I stopped apologizing for missing the meetings about a year later. Key: Non-mandated. We've got enough to do, thanks.

    I've a had long day. My sermon sucks. I feel like my head is exploding but can't go to bed or take anything for the pain because I have to wait for #2 son to drop off my vehicle after he finishes work (so I can get to the church in the morning).

    I need to drive him home because we're having a blizzard. Not much accumulation but lots of blowing snow, really cold, bleh...

    Wah wah wah...sorry for the vent. I soooo dislike my sermon, but have zero energy to fix it. I'll have to count on the Holy Spirit to make something good out of this one.

  93. Ok, so here it is 9:30 CST and I am just now sitting down. What a day. WHAT A DAY...busy...sigh...

    So, thank you to all of you who stopped by and left comments about my little sermon...

    I'm sorry I haven't reciprocated...(is this what my life is going to be life until I move?) (I suspect it is).

    I will however, hold you all in my prayers tonight and tomorrow...

  94. You go walk that dog, Sue!

    *hug* mompriest.

    405 words in. The beginning sucks, but oh well.

    Is it bad to procrastinate by doing some long-overdue shredding of documents? At least it's productive, right?

  95. I am dipping pretzel rods in frosting because as a grown-up - I CAN.

    Plenty of words here... no purpose.

    Here Fido!

  96. At 7 o'clock blog time, I sat down to write the sermon, then the phone rang. Easy to handle request taking little effort. Phone rang again. Off to the hospital. I am now finally back at the computer to write the sermon. I could use a delivery by Antonio. Whoever sees him, send him my way please.

  97. thanks semfem - tomorrow will be one of those days when all I have is the dog in front of me. I'll walk it.

    WS, those pretzels sound so good. You're killin' me here. I got nothin' - I finished all the cinnamon hearts around 8:00 pm.

    *eating virtual snacks*

  98. 1900 words, no ending.


    Can David Beckham deliver my sermon instead of Antonio?

  99. Ooo, vicar got 100!

    Party with the late-nighters, aw yeah, aw yeah.

    I happen to have multiple bags of MnMs hiding in my pantry...I am trying to forget they are there...but anybody who didn't give up chocolate for Lent is welcome to them. :)

    (words: 540)

  100. "And they all lived happily ever after, Amen!"

    Hmm, wouldn't it be cool to create a website where you could have the hottie of your choice deliver a sermon?

  101. Would you like your sermon hand-delivered by:

    a. ANTONIO
    b. David Beckham
    c. Teh Clooney
    d. McDreamy
    e. Brad Pitt


  102. Not that it has to be all men on that list...that's just what popped into my mind...ahem...

    Oh, right. sermon.

    (Can you tell I need a visit to the SO, like, NOW?)

  103. If sermon delivery is not exclusive to Antonio, then could the Seattle Seahawks deliver mine?

  104. Poor Sue. I hope things look better tomorrow.

    I will not be hanging around with you late-nighters. Sermon draft #2 is complete, and I don't like it but I'm gonna walk it.

    That is, if we have church. The wind is HOWLING outside and the thermometer is plummeting.

    Good night preaching friends.

  105. Can you end the sermon with a question?

  106. And sure, you can have the Seahawks. They've been off for awhile now and I am sure they are available.

    Did I mention I almost titled my sermon: GIANTS by 3

  107. And have I mentioned I am juggling apples for the children's sermon? I need to go practice, don't you think?

  108. ws, yes you can end a sermon with a question.

    I think GIANTS by 3 is a terrific title!

  109. Just don't knock any little kids out.

    Try to juggle near the cranky old ladies.

  110. oooo, semfem - GOOD call!
    Better to drop them than fling apples at unsuspecting church-goers... especially the young and innocent ones.

    Little Man Kitty - how goes the ending?

  111. No contest. Teh Clooney.

    Yes, you can end a sermon with a question.

    Thanks Singing Owl.

    I'm going to post the prayer and head to bed with some ice for my head.

  112. Juggling apples!
    And now....the weather shifts and it looks like town where church is will be hit by blizzard. town where I live, not so much.
    I'm going to be so not happy if I don't get to go to c hurch tomorrow after staying up with this sermon.

    I put a cheesy ending onto it. (Killing me....endings are usually my strngth, oh well.) Now....prayers....

  113. If I juggled apples, they would witness the making of applesauce

  114. maybe the question should not be: Are we through yet?

  115. lol vicar - on both counts. Applesauce could very well be what I end up making.

    I am shutting it down here and waking up early to put on the brilliant ending that I am sure will come to me in the night... blessings to all as you continue to write and to you and your parishioners who are looking at rough and brutal weather tomorrow.

  116. ws, good luck in the morning. Meanwhile, ... I'm looking at old sermons trying to come up with something for tomorrow. Maybe I could distract them with apple juggling/applesauce making ...

  117. I never counted words before I started blogging with you people. Now I'm obsessed on writing days. I'm at 487 and I have no idea what that means. I need to adjust my length this time to make room for a 5 minutes video clip. I guess it means I have less to say since the clip will say it for me, but that's hard. I'm wordy!

    Anyway, finally got the thing started for sure, so hopefully I'll be able to pound the rest out in the next hour to hour and a half. My husband is diligently playing video games so I should be safe staying here in the bedroom room. My other options are not sounding good tonight because they are a little drafty in this new old house and the wind is HOWLING. God bless anyone who has to work outside tonight. The internet tells me it's -4 F right now, and feels like -27 F. It's only getting worse at this point. YUCK.

  118. here's the opening

    When God discovered that someone had eaten of the forbidden fruit, He asked Adam: "Who did this?" Adam pointed to Eve and said: "The woman gave me the fruit and I ate, not knowing what it was." God looked towards Eve with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an explanation. Eve quavered and pointed at the serpent: "It was the snake who said I should eat therof." The baleful glare of the Almighty fell upon the snake, but the poor reptile stayed silent – for he didn't have a leg to stand on.

  119. (Groan). I don't know if I can muster a giggle for that one.

    OK. I'm smirking.

    Fine, I'd probably chuckle.

  120. Awesome - - our forecast for the start of worship is windchill of -37 F. I know that's not much for some of you, but I just moved here AND I grew up in Florida. That's STINKIN' cold! The schools were closed at these temperatures a week or so ago. If I called off worship, I wouldn't have to finish this sermon would I?

    Kidding. I don't even know how I'd go about calling off worship.

    I might ask someone about that tomorrow in case we ever really need to do it.

  121. vicar--GROAN.

    Everyone seems to be preaching on Genesis...I feel like I missed the memo. Or maybe everyone else is just tired of Jesus in the wilderness.

    she rev--We have it set up with one of the local TV stations to show a notice that we have cancelled services (like they do with school closures). I've never actually done it, but I do have the sheet with the phone number and the password.

    Talk about temptation. I could give myself a day off if I wanted to...

  122. WS - I like to end with a question. Get's em thinking.

    Vicar- LOL - didn't have a leg to stand on - let me know how that goes over. I will be sure to share it with 15 yr old manBoy - he'll like it.

    All - goodnight and good wishes. Prayers going up now for all of you.

  123. semfem, I'm not really focusing on Gen. I'm really talking about Lent and penitence. but I couldn't resist the joke since both Gen and Matt are being read tommorow

  124. It'll go over great ... they're used to it by now

  125. 674

    This is not going quickly. I need to get a computer with no Solitaire.

  126. any one else still up? I'm just joining the party (pst, natch).
    I KNOW what I want to SAY, I just have to SAY it.....
    And I thought I was being all clever and original with my Britney opening. Sigh.

  127. I'm still up but not for long. Maybe semfem or she rev are still around

  128. Whoa, I got to 1210 somehow!

    I don't really like it...too much explaining and not enough story. But I think it'll have to do.

    Now for a conclusion...hmm...

  129. Juniper--I might be up longer now that she-rev has mentioned solitaire. Heh.

    You know what I just thought of? She-Rev instead of She-Ra! COOL!

  130. I'm headed for bed. God be with you as you finish up

  131. I'm still here, but hopefully wrapping up something soon. This is such a different style for me that it's really a struggle. I can see this is going to be a tough Lent. I'm preaching psalms each of the 5 weeks before Holy Week, and it is very difficult for me since I usually really dive in deep to characters and plot and things like that.

    These psalm sermons might end up being a little more of "how to" than I usually preach, and that's so hard for me to do. This week, at least, seems to have a "character" with which to identify, but I don't have the time to really work with that because of the extended video metaphor of restoration I am using.

    I don't know. This is just a very different process with new challenges than I usually face. It's interesting. I guess it's the Lenten discipline I didn't know I would find - - or didn't even know I was looking for.

    I think I'm at a "wrap it up for tonight" point. I'm nervous to try to go to bed in case the baby wakes up and needs me longer than I will be able to give, but I think that's the risk I'm going to take. I think I want to sleep on this all for now, and get up in 4 or 5 hours to wrap it up. I'm pretty close to being done.

  132. OK - - I can't go yet. The She-Rev/She-Ra thing is where it came from. My best college friends were all Catholic, very Catholic and relatively unfamiliar with the idea of women clergy. It was very strange for them to think that a woman they knew (and a not very well-behaved one at that) might become a "Rev". The title was just male to them. One very close friend, however, had a neighbor whose daughter had become Methodist (I think) minister at some point several years before. They had some cutesy name/title combo for her that helped them get used to it, and so, similarly, I was dubbed She Rev like a superhero! It totally outs my 80s childhood!

  133. she-rev--That's GREAT! I think you should buy an old She-Ra doll on eBay and redo it with pastoral garments of your choosing, a la Clerical Barbie. Now I have the theme song, appropriately adjusted, in my mind. Heh!

    I'm at 1327 words, and I think I'm done. I'll take a quick shower and then glance at it again, but I really hope it won't need major surgery.

    Good luck to anyone still out there, and blessings on all preparation, preaching, and proclamation tomorrow.

  134. Well, it's 3:20 in the morning where I am, and I'm still plugging away here. Talk about 11th hour!
    I've been lurking around the site for a few months now, and just wanted to thank all of you for your inspiration as we travel through this crazy thing called ministry! I hope to join in a bit more vocally in the future.

  135. Leanne, you are not alone. I got a lot done yesterday morning, but now have to put it all together into something that makes sense. I planned to get up at 4, but woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I'll be here for an hour or two, and then maybe a quick nap before the rest of the family wakes. Hang in there.

  136. I'm back! (It's 5:00 a.m. here)Woke up about 15 minutes ago and just about finished this thing up. As I was making my final pit stop in the bathroom last night a little after midnight, I had my final brainstorm of how to get where I needed to be to put this thing to bed. Whew. Jotted it down on paper and tried to go to bed. That's hard to do with a nagging, tickling thing in your throat. Did you know that without chewing it a Halls cough drop can stay in your mouth for over 3 hours 45 minutes? I put one in at 1:00 a.m., and when I woke up at 4:45 a.m. it was still there - - smaller, of course, but still there. Amazing.

    Anyway, I typed up my mostly concluding thoughts just now. I need to wrap up a few loose ends, then I might even go back to bed until the kids force me to wake up for good.

    God bless!

  137. Done, done, done, and I'm joyfully going to crawl back into bed for at least a few minutes. Peace my friends!

  138. Wow, 145 comments! This was quite a party!
    The afterparty coffee is on, for those who need it.
    I'll just be over here sweeping up the sprinkles.

  139. Well done ladies... I'll have some of that coffee sb.

  140. Here you go, ws.
    Hey, if my sermon is *about* a dog, does that make the *sermon* a dog?

  141. 6:48 AM and the sermon is printing. Back to bed now for another 45 minutes or so of sleep since this thing won't keep me awake any longer.

    Happy preaching fellow partiers!

  142. Soory I turned in and missed the fun! Blessings to all the preachers and participants this morning. See y'all next party.


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