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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Festival of Homiletics Meetup

Are you ready to meet up with some other Rev Gals at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis?

Join us!

Taxxis Restaurant,
Hyatt Regency,
1300 Nicollet Mall,

May 20th
at 4:00 pm

It will be so great to see you all!

Thanks to Diane, who made a lot of phone calls, and talked the Hyatt into opening their restaurant Taxxis (which is usually closed on Tuesday nights) just for us. Yes, that means we get the whole place to ourselves!

If you havent signed up, but think you might be there, let me know by emailing psalm46betstill - at - gmail - dot - com.

Jennifer (blogging as juniper at possiblewater)

(and keep scrolling down for the Saturday preachers party...)


  1. Thanks Jennifer and Diane!!

  2. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!!!

    Yes, thanks to Juniper and Diane!

  3. the manager thinks we sound like a cool group. She wonders if we want a cake or anything :)

  4. Thanks for putting this together. We can't wait to see everyone!

  5. Thanks...looking forward to it!

  6. Woooopie! I can't wait! Cheesehead, shall we show up in green and gold? LOL! We're gonna need nametags with our cyber names and our real names. :-)

  7. Cake? And why not?

    I got hooked up through the registrars with a woman who wanted to carpool to the festival. I told her about the group and the meetup, so she'll be joining us. She's a seminary student, and I think she said she's lurked a little here. Maybe she'll join the fun after meeting folks in person. I'm fired up about it!!!

  8. Also fired up and glad the rest of you are also.

    Can one safely wear green and gold out on the streets in the Land of Purple? Hmm, maybe a few brave souls will find out!

    RE nametags - were you joking about that, Owl? We talked about it and decided against it since we figured we'd have our festival ones. But we can bring others so we can have our noms du blog if you'd like.

    Yes to cake! I'll save my points. Although at the rate I'm saving my points for things these days, I'm going to have to exercise for two hours every day!

  9. Hoping it's ok to bring along "potential" bloggers as well!

  10. I think so. Or I hope so? I am! I'm sure it's OK! We're friendly!

  11. Yes, please invite friends, partners, and curious potential bloggers. The more the merrier!

  12. I agree with juniper. the more the merrier. Can I bring my husband? He's not going to the festival... but he's curious about all you guys.

  13. Well, my husband will be there, I think, so I hope it's ok....


  14. Just remember you'll be like any other "in" group; people who are not bloggers may feel on the margins whether or not you mean them to be!
    Have fun!!

  15. Looking forward to meeting you'all.

  16. Songbird's right, I think. Not that they wouldn't be welcome, but might feel left out no matter what. I was at a cyber friends meet up once where all of us were so excited to meet one another, and there were "strangers" present and they did seem uncomfortable.

    Just for what it is worth.

    I'm not sure if I was joking or not...maybe mostly not?

    I'm okay with whatever you decide,and will know most folks, but likely not all.

    The only bad part about attending is we miss the amazing party here. LOL!

  17. Sitting here in a bit of shock - - Don't know what next week will hold for me. I just got a phone call from a hospital chaplain about the death of a church member today. She was a true agent of God in this congregation, guiding and leading a process of peace and reconciliation that preceded my call here. I came in January and she was one of the members of my Pastor Nominating Committee. I don't know how soon the funeral will be so I don't know if I will make it to next week's meet up after all. I am hopeful that I will be there, but this will be my priority for the coming days.

    Prayers are appreciated new friends!

  18. Oh She Rev - this is hard. You and the church are in my prayers,

  19. I'll need to check all the extra lectures I signed up for but, believe me, I'll drop pretty much anything to meet some of y'all in person!

  20. Could someone who has attended this before give me a clue about what kind of clothes to pack? Are we dressily casual? Or...? Do people dress like they are going to church? Jeans? You know the stuff I mean, right?

    I did purchase some cute shoes and a purse for the occasion. It isn't as cute as Cheesehead's purse, but she went to Kohls and I went to Wal Mart. LOL!

  21. I had no intention to wear anything nicer than jeans and a Land's End long sleeve t-shirt! That's my uniform for continuing ed. I haven't been before, but my guess is the dress will be wide ranged. There's always some guy in a suit, right?

    Thanks for the prayers, ladies. The week is going smoother than it could be, but is definitely packed as I'm trying to work on this funeral, prepare for the usual Sunday, get bulletins together for the two supply preachers the next two weeks, get stuff together for deacons tonight (more mental than real "work") and session tomorrow night, and find a replacement pastor for a graveside service I was supposed to do for a non-member on Saturday at the same time as the funeral for the member I now have.

    So, at this point, my week is just REALLY REALLY busy and full of little details, which I'm not so good at. It hasn't been particularly emotional yet, but like I told the family yesterday, the drop of activity after the funeral Saturday will invite sadder moments. It could be that way with me, too.

  22. So, sherev, are you still coming to Minneapolis?

  23. Thanks for asking - - I am. The funeral is Saturday so no need to debate whether to miss my trip. I mean, it wasn't so much a trip as a daily drive in since I'm local-ish anyway. Anyway, I'm in!!! It's a busy couple of days to get through Sunday, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. A week at the festival, then a week in Florida!!! Maybe by the time I get back from Florida spring will be here for sure!

  24. boy, I haven't been here all week. I'm praying for you She Rev, tomorrow.

    Juniper, perhaps your husband and my husband can talk. He's always making sure that I don't talk "blogging" all the time when I meet someone.

    Are there twenty of us yet? Should I have the management make a special cake for us?

  25. I will be there. The conference folks hooked me up with a woman who was looking for a roommate, and I told her about the meetup and she'd been to the website before and was interested. So it will be me and possibly my conference roommate.

    I haven't done a good job keeping up my blog - but I'm trying to be better. And I don't post here very often, although more on the preachers party since starting my new call. So I won't know folks as well as some of you will.

    But, I'm pretty extroverted and am excited about the meetup and the conference. As for dress, I wondered about that myself but figured I'd probably pack jeans and dockers, etc. Might as well be comfortable.

    What about dress for the meetup at the restaurant? Casual or a little nicer?

  26. good question, I don't know about attire. I think keep it casual myself. any other thoughts?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Here is about what to wear to the FOH.

    Also, I sent an email tonight with one more confirmation about the meetup. If you didnt get it, and want it, let me know. Otherwise, just show up!

    See you soon!

  29. For heavens sake.

    Blogger did something crazy to the previous comment, as well as the one before that, which I deleted (I'm sure it couldnt ahve been anything I did!!), but just click on any of the underlined text to get what I'm talking about....


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