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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Afternoon music video- Here I am Lord

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Methodist Connexional year here in the UK; today in West Norfolk we had the privilige of welcoming two new ministers to work amongst us. The Chair of District preached wonderfully on the ministry of the whole body of Christ encouraging us to serve one another. I have blogged about it here
We sang Here I am Lord- a perfect start to a new year of ministry.

How about you, what have you sung today in praise and worship of God, was it a song of recommittment as ours was? How did the music challenge/ encourage you? Let us know in the comments.


  1. We sang, "Wonderful, Merciful Savior." That song is truly beautiful to me. I look forward to more great music this evening as we have a pot-luck and sing-along. That's what church is all about right? Singing and eating?

  2. we had a hymn sing at every normal hymn slot today, so we sang all kinds of stuff, but Here I Am Lord made an appearance both times--so interesting.

  3. This song has always meant a lot to me personally from the time we first sang it. We did not sing this today, but sang one that was new to me, but had very much the same message, "Will You Come and Follow Me," ELW #798. I was reminded of "Here I Am, Lord" as we sang this. Great choice and thanks for posting it.

  4. This was not a song I sang at church today, but a song I listened to/sang on my way to church...a song I first heard In Mexico this summer-- Solo Le Pido a Dios... All I ask of God. The whole song sings of various scenarios-- war, injustice, pain...and begs to not be indifferent to it. I love that...and pray for that.

    One link that has the words and a YouTube vid of it:

  5. Will you let me be your servant?/Let me be as Christ to you/pray that I might have the grace to/let you be my servant, too
    Such lovely, humble lyrics.

  6. Our worship was so powerful yesterday. A blessed time for the leaders and all participants. The hymns at the early traditional service were strong: "Come as you are ... loved and forgiven" "God! When human bonds are broken ... give us grace and make us still" (I just love the exclamation marks in this hymn)and "This is a day of new beginnings"

    And I'm with sunny on the singing and eating bit


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