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Monday, September 15, 2008

RevGalBlogPals Big Event 2.0--Women Prophets: Daughters of Miriam

We are delighted to announce the details for the RevGalBlogPals Big Event 2.0, Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in and Around Ancient Israel, presented by the Reverend Dr. Wil Gafney, an Episcopal priest and Associate Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.

The Big Event 2.0 will take place at The Casa (also known as The Franciscan Retreat Center) in Scottsdale, Arizona. We will begin on Thursday evening, April 16, 2009, and conclude on Sunday morning, April 19, 2009. The cost of the retreat will be $385 to share a double room, or $475 for those preferring a single room. A deposit of $100 is due by November 1st, with the balance due on March 1st, 2009.

Rate includes all meals, a t-shirt and RevGalBlogPals, Inc. membership for 2009— transportation to Phoenix, Arizona, is in addition. Shuttle bus to and from the Phoenix International Airport via “Super Shuttle” will be approximately $16.00 each way. The Rev. Dr. Gafney's book, Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel, will be available for purchase at the retreat, but you are welcome to buy it ahead of time, too.

To request a brochure with more details, or to request a registration form, please send an e-mail to

(Monday Meet and Greet will return on the 29th!)


  1. I love that liturgical gown :) reminds me of the scripture oaks of righteousness

    I'm sure you'll all have a grand time at BE 2.0

  2. Yeah! I am so excited, count me IN!

  3. Sounds wonderful... doubtful I can do it as it's the time of finals and papers... some year I am GONNA be there.

    But I am definitely going to buy that book! ;)


  4. I'm so jealous! I'll be finishing my doctoral project and won't be able to come. Maybe BE 3.0 will be the one for me!

  5. I'm there! and I'll get to combine the trip to see my Godmother too!
    Thx girlz-this looks sooooper!

  6. Ar-i-zon-a here we come......hope that retreat center has a triangle deck!

  7. I wish... but finances and 3 children at University dictate otherwise!!!

    One day....

  8. Oh, drooling. Going to process this a bit & see if I can work it out!

  9. I'm so excited! Count me in!
    Cannot wait to see all of you in April!

    The speaker wil be great!

  10. I may have to hike there, but count me in, too!

  11. Any chance there's a day rate for those who live or have family in the area? I'd love to come for this and could stay with my sister!

  12. Hadn't thought of that, let us look into it and get back to you, okay? Meals and rooms are bundled together as one price, so we would have to talk to the Casa about it.

  13. I imagine we can work out a day rate for anyone who may wish to "commute" -

    Also - count me in!!! Looking forward to this retreat!

  14. Sigh...won't be going anywhere in April b/c teh boss is going on sabbatical the day after Easter. Sigh...

  15. I am so there! Can't wait to see you all.

    I covet her chasuble.

  16. I may need to choose between this and the Festival of Homies. Don't think I can manage both.

    For those who have done both, which would you recommend? For those who know me and a bit of my journey over the past three years (which is changing daily, in good ways!) - which do you think would be most beneficial/life-giving?

  17. It's pretty hard to compare a large-scale, established event with something we've done only once, but I hope being with friends in an intimate setting will make the BE 2.0 as special as the first BE, even though the location and program will be different. I loved the Festival of Homiletics when I attended in Atlanta a few years ago. It was inspiring and challenging. But I also loved the BE for the opportunity to see online friends I already knew and to meet new friends I knew only online in a way you wouldn't necessarily spend time together at a larger scale event.
    Hope this helps!

  18. thanks Songbird.

    I'll reflect and pray on it. On the one hand, I have really enjoyed both FoH events I've attended, but it really is a more con-ed type of event.

    The BE is more of a spiritual retreat with bonus margaritas (from the sound of it at least. I'm assuming that we will have to do the margarita part off-site, unless you know something about the Franciscans that I don't know). Right now this option sounds absolutely fabulous.

    Tough call.

  19. Sue,
    I'd definitely do BE over Fest de Homies based on my limited knowledge of you and you struggles.
    the BE-ers from last year are all still looped into together and support one another over anything from hurricanes to hang nails..well not really but you know what I mean.

    Ps I've been wearing your book mark (thong) around my wrist and praying for you both since Fest de H., but was forced to break it off for an MRI last Saturday. Can you send me another one?

  20. gracebythesea - I would be happy to send another one. Just email me your snail mail address at suecan at gmail dot com. I hope the MRI was okay.

    I think I've answered my own question re: FofH vs. BE.

    The special guest in Atlanta will make the event HUGE. Quite possibly too huge for me and more stressful than I need it to be.

    I wish I could do both, but of the two options, BE sounds healthier for me overall. So, BE it is. Yay!!!!

  21. I really really want to do this. Like Sue, I'd also like to do the Festival again, but can only do one.

    and... April 16 is my birthday...

  22. I think I'm IN for this one. Gotta check with the spouse.

  23. I can't see it working this time round...I'm sorry. It was so lovely to be with you on the cruise and I will miss you horribly, but realism dictates that you can't get away with that sort of thing too often. I'll aim for maybe one year in three...
    Had wondered re Festival of Homies, cos I could get some funding for that in the way taht I couldn't for the BE...but I suspect that finances next year will be just so tight that keeping head above water may be all we can manage. But, to anyone havering, go if you was a joy to be together.

  24. I have to talk to BL about this but since we're talking about ancient Israel and since I have a friend in
    Arizona. This starts on the last day of Passover and since if I will bring my Jewess. Hmmm, I have to think.
    I also owe my dues for 2008.
    I'm rambling.

  25. Have any of you begun booking your air arrangements yet?

    How's the roommate situation? Anyone looking for one?


  26. I really wish I could come to this. is there any room left? Maybe I can scounge together the money...


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