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Saturday, November 01, 2008

11th Hour Preacher Party: I Sing a Song of the Saints of God

I sing a song of the saints of God,
patient and brave and true,
who toiled and fought and lived and died
for the Lord they loved and knew.
And one was a doctor, and one was a queen,
and one was a shepherdess on the green;

they were all of them saints of God, and I mean,
God helping, to be one too.

Hello, preaching saints! This day always makes me think of this hymn and my days as an Episcopal schoolgirl. It didn't "take," obviously, since I ended up in another stream of the faith, but I treasure this hymn in particular. We'll be celebrating our "Everyday Saints" at church tomorrow and singing it.

They loved their Lord so dear, so dear,
and his love made them strong;
and they followed the right for Jesus' sake
the whole of their good lives long.
And one was a soldier, and one was a priest,
and one was slain by a fierce wild beast;
and there's not any reason, no, not the least,
why I shouldn't be one too.

I don't know about you, but the fierce wild beast was my favorite line as a child.

They lived not only in ages past;
there are hundreds of thousands still.
The world is bright with the joyous saints
who love to do Jesus' will.
You can meet them in school, or in lanes or at sea,
In church, or in trains or in shops or at tea,
for the saints of God are just folk like me,
and I mean to be one too.

And for the Anglophiles among us, who can resist lanes and shops and tea?

What will you be up to this Saturday? Where might you meet the saints? Will they figure in your sermon or your message for the children?

At my house, the coffee is strong, the dogs are happy, the guest is god_guurrlll (in town for a Conference and headed out soon to give a presentation, but she sends you a big "Hello!"), and the sermon has, well, a title.

Maybe we need some coffee cake?

*Lyrics by Lesbia Scott; precious book available at Amazon.


  1. yea! I'm first today!
    Good morning preachers. I have fresh coffee and Amish Friendship Bread. I woke up early and am stuck on All Saints sunday...I just can't seem to find where this comes together in our ordinary everyday life: remembering and honoring those who came before us, or who are living around us.

    I'm also looking for a participatory, artsy, visual thing to do in worship to have us contemplate the saints we knew or people who influenced us if we didn't know them personally. Any ideas?

  2. Hi, nutella! Did you see the thread on Tuesday's Lectionary Leanings post? I seem to remember some art-y suggestions there.
    We're going to name some living saints of the church who do jobs others might not see (such as faithfully grinding the cabbages for the Bean Supper every month for years immeasurable, or being the person named as making nearly everyone feel welcome the first time they came to church) by reading their names and giving them "halos" of glow stick necklaces!

  3. I am not preaching today, but at a retreat (my "preaching" was last night in the form of leading a group lectio divina).

    Perhaps this tidbit, written by Frederick Buechner, at Inward/Outward, which was in my email this morning, will be of some help.

    Off to breakfast, where there will be all the non-virtual calorie laden choices.

  4. I also have a strong attachment to that hymn. Last week I was playing with the idea of a faith tree (like a family tree) where people could write or somehow place the names of their 'saints' and then collectively give thanks for them.

  5. EmJayDee, that sounds like a great idea!

  6. hey! I have a Bible class for third graders, a wedding reception I'm invited to, a book signing (a friend of ours wrote a children's book) (no, not on saints), and also am looking for a children's message. I've had several on all saints, so I feel like I've done everything....

  7. Diane, I'm using the Charles Osgood poem, "Everybody, Anybody, Nobody and Somebody." We're using it as an intro to recognizing the "everyday saints" but it's a great talking point about the need to all work together (which connects to the gospel lesson instructing Christ's followers to be equal to one another).

  8. Here is the poem (although this version has a few typos): Everybody, Anybody, Somebody and Nobody.

  9. I love the faith tree idea emjaydee, and your poem Songbird. I need your prayers, tomorrow I am leading worship for a congregation who for various reasos have hit an all time low. I am not ignoring All Saints but sense the need to start from where we are and so I have writtien what I hope is a pastoral Litany to begin the service.

    I'd welcome your comments here

  10. Another Saturday morning with a too early wake up call due to basketball for the SportsQueen and music competition for the Entertainer has me posting in the Preacher Party so I can read through the day via email.

    Also on the agenda for the day is checking the WiFi signal in the sanctuary so we can show the stewardship clips from YouTube during worship. btw, anyone know how to download YouTube clips? That really would be a better way to make sure they show but I haven't figured out how to do it.

    And, just in case I didn't qualify as a socialist by being the last one to answer the Friday Five, I have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, regular or uncrustables (best eaten partially frozen), to share


  11. Vicar, ha! We like Food Socialists around here, don't we?
    Sally, I thought you were getting a break, but instead you're taking on a challenge!

  12. Hello preaching friends! I'm not preaching tomorrow. (There's a sentence I haven't typed since May!)

    But Spouse and I get to go to church together, something we haven't done in a really, really long time. And there will be communion, presided over by somebody other than me. And we are visiting a church large enough that not everybody in the room will know me by name.

    I'm so easy to thrill these days...

  13. Good morning, y'all. I am preaching for the first time in two months - I'm on a pseudo leave of absence right now and am only preaching just ... whenever. I was feeling so enthused about it earlier in the week - had all these ideas that didn't get written down. And now, the blank page.

    (I'm doing All Saints, the 1 John passage).

  14. Coffee's ready!

    Sermon, well not.

    I think for Children;s time I am going to take a photo of my grandfather and talk about what he did for his church and see if we can move into talking about the saints of the church here and far away. or something.

  15. Good morning, preachers! Tomorrow is our Consecration Sunday, and we were supposed to have a guest preacher. Well, he had to cancel and I was unable to find a replacement...boy, did I try! So, I'm in the pulpit hoping to inspire faith-filled generosity in these times.

  16. Hello saints!

    I'm looking at All-Saints as well--I have a litany we'll read after the sermon--but I plan to discuss how each of us is a saint. i had a pastor who used to address the congregation as "saints," and once I wrapped my mind around it, I liked it. So I'll be using the Beatitudes (what makes a saint?) and Revelation (sparingly, like cumin).

    I am also putting together the packets for our annual congregational meeting, and meeting with the fund-raising group (and here's hoping they've got some good solid ideas).

    And staying in tonight--besides probably having a sermon to complete, I had the chemo port put in on Thursday and I just hurt.

    I have sesame seed bagels, yogurt (plain and vanilla) and fruit (apples, bananas and grapes) to share.

  17. Welcome, welcome! Let me get another pot of coffee started.
    Chilly Fingers, that stinks!
    Rainbow Pastor, imagine me offering an extremely gentle hug.
    cheesehead, you lucky duck.
    kp, sounds like a good idea.
    And earthchick, there's nothing harder than coming back after a break. Let us encourage you! What can you remember from earlier in the week? (Personally, I have two words: the title.)

  18. morning friends! Our interim pastor is in place and preaching for the first time tomorrow. I confess to being very nervous about this. She's also presiding over communion by herself, and the worship committee got someone to do the children's time today a long time ago, so I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do tomorrow. I'm contemplating whether I can be "sick" and "stay home" (aka go spy on the big congregational church in town and see what they're doing). Probably not...

    So I'm here to moral support y'all if you like--I have snacks and yummy lunch food (I'm thinking of making a lentil-and-wild-rice stuffed acorn squash for lunch) and kitties who can "help" you all you like! I also have to get ready for the High School Youth halloween party, which will necessitate a trip to the store and also a trip to the spa for a massage this afternoon... :-) Let me know if you need anything while I'm out!

  19. We're singing that one! I love it!

    I don't have too much to do today preaching-wise since we're mostly scrapping the sermon portion for an intro into the participatory banner making as suggested on Tuesday. I need to finish tying bells onto ribbons and cut and glue the letters on. Lots of crafty stuff to do yet today, but not much writing.

    That is unless I decide to go with another brainstorm I had. I've never had one in worship that I've attended and I've certainly never written one, but I thought the Revelation 7 text sounded like it lends itself to a possible guided meditation. I have no idea how to write one, about how long, etc. Does anyone have any from previous weeks posted that I could read to get a feel for them? I don't know if I could write one, but I might give it a shot if I get my crafty stuff done tonight.

    Lectio Divina is another idea. We'll see.

    I'm totally fired up to go to bed no later than 11:00 pm and get an extra hour of sleep EVEN on a sermon night. Holy cow, it's possible!!!!

  20. She Rev, I want that extra hour of sleep...for YOU!!
    Teri, your menus always sound completely awesome.

  21. Seriously, all I can think about now is lunch, Teri, and it's only 10:30 here!

  22. good morning ladies and gentlemen!!!

    I'm no farther than I was on Tuesday - which basically means a sermon title and a general direction.

    I like the idea of using a picture of a saint in my life for the children's sermon. I was trying to figure out how to make the jump from "what did you dress up as for Halloween" to the saints - but I might do something like, "if you could be anyone in the world, who would you want to be most like?" and talk about how I would want to be like my grandma (who was a saint in my book).

    I thought about making a banner out of ribbons/bells and actually had all the stuff in my shopping cart, but decided one step at a time - we'll do the candle lighting this year and next year then I'll have something new to offer.

  23. Welcome, Katie Z! Sometimes enough is as good as a feast. I think your transition idea sounds very workable.

  24. songbird, all I can think about is lunch too and it's not even 10 here yet! :-)

    Sherev, I've done a couple of guided meditations--After getting started, I sit on the steps of the chancel to lead them. I generally aim for about 10-12 minutes, much as I do for a sermon.
    Here's one using the burning bush story.

    and one about Elijah and the still small voice.

    I don't know if that'll be helpful to you at all, but there you go.

    off to scoop out the insides of a squash and cook some lentils and rice...

  25. Actually I mam relatively comfortable about tomorrow morning. A degree of focussing and confirming waht to say is needed but a good clear direction is there.

    But... I have a phone interview on Monday and they want a 3-5 minute meditation as part of it. Hopefully I can condense tomorrow morning into that (since I am preaching about steppping out into the unknown it seems a relevant topic for an interview).

    Since the last job interview I had was in the spring of 2000 (for a summer job whilst in seminary) and the last interview of any sort I had was my final candidacy interviews in the fall of 2000. the whole interview thing is a little stressful.

    Mind you, of the three places I have sent application materials thus far this is likely not the one I am most interested in going to. That may make it a good place for a first interview (hopefully???)

  26. I'm off to treat my sisters to lunch for helping so much with our recent move.

    Sermon - nowhere near done. I'll be back. Will anyone still be around REALLY late??? I sure hope so. I'm preaching on stillness (as opposed to quietness) as it pertains to discernment. I'm way off lectionary, but this is what all of us need to hear this week as we meet with another church to talk about future amalgamation, shared ministry, whatever....

    It's also All Saint's Day and we have a candle-lighting liturgy early in the service.

    Can I get away with doing the All Saint's liturgy (a family member lights a candle for someone we have held a funeral or memorial for in the past year) and then preaching on something else?

    Please say yes. I could possibly tie in All Saints with Psalm 46 and being still, but it would be a very loooooong stretch.

    I'll be back. Gotta run.

  27. I'm late to the party! I have an almost finished sermon that I don't like. I'm preaching on Psalm 107 with the theme of depending on God's steadfast love, but I'm trying to work in our depending on our elected leaders instead of God. I'm trying to figure out how to work in a saint or two. We're doing communion, with a procession of the elements at the beginning. We'll be using a Central American custom of naming "saints" and calling them into our presence. After each person names a saint, the congregation reponds "presente". It can be really powerful. So, I'm not happy that I can't figure out a way to weave a saint into that.

    Went to the farmer's market, but the tomato guy hadn't gotten there. He just called and I'm trying to decide if I want to make another trip.

  28. great idea she rev! the guided meditation bit...I had the exact same thought right before I went back to sleep. I have no idea how that works though. Do you do it like a guided prayer, say a sentence then wait a minute, say another and wiat, or do you just keep talking? Do they write something while you're talking?
    Im also thinking about the flower stick/ribbon idea...but we won't process while waving them, so I don't know how to get them up to the communion table in a cool way.

    basically, today, I have ideas and no glue whatsoever to paste them together at all. argh.

  29. Oh and I posted the link on Tuesday's thread but late (like Wednesday afternoon). So I'll post it again. Here is a prayer I wrote before the Canadian federal election on October 14.

    Feel free to use/adapt it as we head into a USan election on Tuesday.

  30. Prayers for Roseann (Being Peace), I received a note today - she is in the hospital, and will have both kidneys removed on Monday. She's asking for prayers.
    Pass this on to the rest of the blog world. The more praying for her the better her recovery will be. Thanks RGBPs

  31. re: Sing a song of the saints of God:
    The kids often sing "one was slain by a fierce wild priest"

  32. Sue, yes you can!
    Isn't that the beauty of being United Church, whether my version or yours? We can change things up! We are talking about our Saints, but I'm using Sunday's lectionary. Free to be you and me!!

  33. I finally got dressed and will head out to do a few errands, dogs on board. Dry cleaning, shoe repair, lunch...or rather something FOR lunch.
    Back in a little while!

  34. Ann, I'm just seeing your comments. First--priest! Heehee!
    And more seriously, I don't think I know that blogger, can you give us the URL?

  35. Joan, were you in Church Across the Street when SuperPreach did that? That's one of those ideas that I am tucking away for a later year!

  36. Hubby is having a session retreat and I made breakfast casserole. Help yourself...if any is left. My keys are inadvertantly in the car he took so Flash and I are stranded at home. I just caught up on Friday5 and am wishing I had thought ahead so that we'd be singing I Sing A Song of the Saints of God tomorrow...argh. We're having a substitute organist anyhow, our organist is very ill.
    We sounded terrible acapella last week. Really awful.

  37. not preaching tomorrow and relishing the respite (so are others, I expect), but baptizing a couple of cute little hop-toad incipient saints.
    And I've always loved that hymn too, especially when led by priests liable to spoonerisms, who tended to get the "priest" and "beast" mixed up.
    Hilarity ensued.
    And my verification word is "lumpolis." I've lived there most of my life, I believe.

  38. Hey SB, thanks for the encouragement! I'm just now getting back from taking one of my boys to the doctor - he was diagnosed with asthma. (dh was planning to take him, but since we expected the asthma diagnosis, I wanted to be the one there to hear the whole treatment plan. It's possible that I wanted to procrastinate on the sermon prep.)

    Hmmmm, what I remember from earlier in the week. A title - Not Yet Revealed - something about baptism, and communion, and the communion of the saints. Yep, that's about it! Oy. Pass the coffee, please!

  39. Songbird I am takin a break, it starts on 1st December until then I have to fulfill my committments, even now I am feeling overwhelmed by next week as I have too much on again!!!

  40. P.S. I am back from weekend shopping and hoping that someone has hot tea to offer!!!

  41. Sally, pull up a chair! I have a new Yogi tea that is supposed to be good for our joints.

  42. Business meeting packets done, church yard sale visited, peanut butter bread in oven for meeting later this afternoon...

    Sermon--um, I have some ideas. Good thing Strong Heart isn't here, she'd have something to say about procrastination--a concept foreign to her, alas.

    How's that stuffed squash coming? I have some of the above-mentioned peanut butter bread to offer to go with it.

  43. okay, I have acorn squash stuffed with lentils, wild rice, some other veggies, and a little tomato sauce, with a teensy sprinkle of shredded cheese on top. Eat away, late lunchers (or early lunchers on the west coast..or dinner-ers across the pond!)...

  44. Praying for the concerns that have been shared...

    Trying really hard here to stay out of the kidlets' halloween stashes. Though chocolate may help me finish my stewardship sermonfor tomorrow!

    Honestly, my mind is jumping to next week to my candidating sermon for my new call. Next weeks's lectionary is full of "end times," which I'm not sure is the right direction for my first sermon with them!

    Here, help yourselves to some candy. We have waaayyyy too much!

  45. Back from lunch, which was lovely. Now - must. finish. sermon.

    Crimson - I loved the image of "cute little hop-toad incipient saints" - that made me laugh out loud.

  46. I've just returned from lectures by Fred Craddock and a morning talking about slavery and reconciliation.
    We are doing All Saints in the evening with a service of Evensong. There's no sermon but lots of chanting.
    In the morning, I'm talking about Pharisees. As soon as I get something down in a file, I'll post the link.
    Nothing to eat here. I've a bit of an upset stomach. Tums are the best I can do.

  47. The good news is the WiFi reaches the sanctuary so the YouTube clips can be shown in worship tomorrow.

    The bad news is the sermon has not yet reached the preacher and its appearance, before the clocks change at 2 am, is looking doubtful.

  48. Apple Pie is ready to be served. I tasted it and YUM! I picked up my alterations and have decided that I am stuck on the sermon, and so will go ice my ankle for a bit and ruminate. I'm using the beatitudes (all saints lectionary) but not sure how. I have a description of what the day is, why we as reformed protestants don't actually pray to the saints (which will go over so well in this crowd of former catholics!), and talk a little bit about who the saints of our church have been (but not by name as I don't want to forget anyone --that would be trouble!). So now to procrastinate for a while, which I do not consider procrastination as I can;t balance the computer an elevate the nakle at the same time. Knitting it is. But only for an hour!

    Oh, I have tea for those who requested it too!

  49. I've been reading here for a long time but only now am leaping in to post. I wish I had more to share in thanksgiving for your rich offerings over these many weeks; alas, all that's around at the moment are extra Halloween candies and waffle pieces that I scraped off the waffle iron a bit ago.

    I'm preaching a kid-friendly All Saints sermon at two services tomorrow, using an image of the stars in the crowns of the saints. I made a large 3-D crown from poster board; I'll have construction paper stars to attach to it with words like love, justice, creation [caring for], forgiveness. I'm thinking I might have blank ones, too, and invite ideas from the congregation as well.

    I'm also an elementary school chaplain, and in chapel on Thursday I used "I Sing a Song" and explained about the real people behind the doctor, queen, etc. We are fortunate to have stained glass windows for several of them, to which I can refer on cue. And yes, when we sing that song, I can't even look at my own kids because we all start laughing over the fierce wild priest!

    Songbird, I love the glow stick "halo" idea...I'm going to tuck that away for next year.

  50. Welcome, Betsy! I am not proud; I will take waffle scrapings. :-)

  51. Haven't preached for four weeks for various reasons. So having bother getting back into it. Its almost 8:30pm here and I've spent the day facilitating a discernment conference. I was up until 2am preparing so I need a nap before I get down to it. I'm giving everyone a paper halo tomorrow with their bulletin to remind us that we are all called to be saints. Wonder if they'd be saintly enough to forgive the pastor who doesn't have a sermon. Anyway - nap time.

  52. Best wishes to you Gord for your interview tomorrow evening. I'm surprised that they are asking for a meditation.

    In seminary we were told that the UCCan had a strict policy about NOT requiring potential paid-accountable ministry personnel to preach for their call. Even a 3-5 minute meditation sounds a bit like preaching for a call. I think maybe the JSC at that church might be skirting the rules just a tiny bit.

    Anyway, you will be fine. Whoever they are, they would be blessed to have you.

  53. Really, Sue? You don't have a neutral pulpit or something along those lines?

  54. Oh, mercy. It's all coming back to me, how this sermon prep thing works. The head full of ideas on Monday. The blank mind on Saturday morning. The work, the work, the work, and then - it looks completely disjointed. That's where I am now. Do I have three completely different and totally unfleshed-out sermons on my page? Or am I actually getting close to something that will preach?

    It has not yet been revealed.

  55. No SB, we really don't--officially.

    However enough of our RPesbyteries are so incestuous that it is easy to hear a candidate speak--just drive across town. ANyway, I already sent them a CD containing one of the fall services as part of the application package. So it is interesting. Mind you worship leadership and preaching is one of my (few?) areas of strength in ministry.

    The interesting thing is that my childhood charge is currently in search. When talking to my mother who is chairing teh search committee she mentioned that their PResbytery rep suggested not asking for a sermon sample (ie a CD or DVD) because really a sermon without context is less meaningful.

  56. So:
    grocery shopping--check
    prayer brochure--check
    finalize thoughts about stepping out into the flood (aka sermon)-- ???????

    I do know that I am using the midrash from Exodus about the sea not parting until NAchshon walked in up to his eyebrows.

  57. After clearing the reminders for the girls' morning activities from my calendar, I saw the reminder that I am teaching the lower elementary Sunday School in the morning. Now where did I put that book???

    nevermind, I'm taking a nap first. The Entertainer's asthma kept us both up until 3 am. I'm too tired to look right now.

    Good thing I'm a night owl.

  58. I finished my sermon. I'm Presbyterian, but it works with saints. It's called "Heroes?" and has 18 visual images, beginning with some superheroes, some TV characters,some "real saints" some "should be saints" etc. It ties in to the Matt 23 passage about Pharisees laying burdens on people -- how real saints make people's burdens easier, the way Jesus did. Then it ties in to communion. Anyway, I don't post sermons, but if anybody wants to read mine, I'd be happy to email it to you. I think you can get to my email through my website connected to my blog.

  59. We had a work party today at St. Larger (working away on the basement...which is in bad shape...but slowly getting better, now at least it's not a fire hazard). So I'm just now getting started on an All Saints sermon using Revelation. whee! Especially thinking about the line about "coming through the ordeal."

    I am a little sleepy though, and a nap is calling. Hmm. Can I do this without risking that my extra hour will turn into an extra hour of sermon prep?

  60. well I'm back too, love and I went to home depot, a paint store, grocery store, adn furniture store. and now love is practicing piano (he's playing for church tomorrow), and I'm trying to find a semron somehwere in my head on saints.

    like earthchick, I had tons of ideas on tuesday, and now they've evaporated into "nothing special". I think I could write abotu saints, if I had a personal interest in modern day saints, but I just can't get too excited about anyone.

    Afternoon coffee is brewing here. fully caffeinated for those of us needing a nap and not having time for one.

  61. I've got a long story about Stride Rite shoes that somehow needs to tie in with broad phylacteries and long fringe, but I'm not sure how...

  62. Gord, you are right, your worship leadership is excellent, but don't sell yourself short on your MANY other gifts for ministry.

  63. Songbird, that sounds like some story!

    I'd love some of that tea btw!

  64. Hi everybody. You are a busy bunch. As for me, after a week of listening to yowling cats, dodging the BIG dog, waking up to the pitter patter (more like tromping) of little feet in early a.m., house hunting with the daughter and SIL, and much more (if you want to know what I'm talking about, click here),I am working on my sermon today.

    I'm finishing up the marriage series with a wrap up that Ken and I wil present together, sort of a tag team approach.

    It's posted here. I'm off for some food and some rest.

    This grandma is tired, but happy. What a week! Blessings on all still pondering and preparing!

  65. I seem to have a sermon that went nowhere I expected it to. Using the Exodus text, something about ministry meaning putting ourselves in danger/making ourselves vulnerable (like the priests in the middle of the river). Add in a dash of the priesthood of all believers (hey, I missed Reformation Sunday last week, why not?) and some Incarnation and voila. Or something.

    And now, as always, needing a children's sermon. Or, more correctly, a child sermon. Sigh.

  66. Okay, I'm getting there. I have actual Bible stuff now. But it's hard to take my ears off the election coverage, darn it!
    We have spinach and ricotta tortellini for dinner, anybody hungry?

  67. Singing Owl, I'm glad you had such a full week, despite the tiring part of it, it sounds delightful!

  68. I still need a children's message for tomorrow.... a long time ago our intern got a big box and had printed on it "Acme Saint Kit". I think she had a white robe in it, and a halo, but I can't remember what else. I think, the question was, "What does a saint look like?" or "what makes a saint?" or something like that. At the end, she had a mirror, and said, "A saint looks like you."

  69. I finished and it is posted here:

    Songbird i woud love some dinner!
    Blessings and prayers to those still writing! I have to come up with communion liturgy, so I am not totally done yet.

  70. The ending probably isn't there yet but I think the rest of the sermon is. And now I'm going to scrounge leftover stew from the fridge. There's enough for someone else, I'm sure.

  71. *banging head against wall*
    I've officially reached this stage in the sermon writing. in the past, this stage has come just before enlightenmnet has come.

    I'm hungry but want this done before I eat and enjoy an evening of movie watching with Love.

    Songbird, your dinner sounds some for me?

  72. Well, I just procrastinated for a while by working on the bulletin for NEXT week. At least it was productive! Now I think I might make some pumpkin bread to further procrastinate. I can offer that as well as apple cider for an evening or after-dinner snack.

    At least I finally have a list of random ideas, and some possibilities of where to go.

    I love the ACME Saint Kit!

  73. I've posted a draft here . Still hoping to tweak it a bit before go-time.

    And now for Chinese leftovers. Chinese takeout was so appetizing last night, after putting our trick-or-treaters to bed, but now - meh.

  74. Yum, earthchick - Chinese leftovers are my favorite!

    No saints to be found here as I am revamping a sermon from 6 years ago figuring if I don't remember it, there is NO way they will. My Dad wasn't even up here then so he won't remember it either.

    Happy the clocks go back tonight and hoping that will mean I am done at a reasonable hour... at least clockwise.

  75. LOVE that hymn. It was one of the Bearded Brewer's favorites. :) I am studying for a church history final.

    Praying for all of you preachers.


  76. Hey.
    I have been gone all day auctioning along. I came home with a glass kittycat and slight sunburn on one side.
    Had fun, but this guy was not so very great...more to folllow later on taht.
    Anyhow, I am working on Matthew, have communion, recognizing the saints and a meeting to elect a PNC.
    Yup...busy day..oh and we have a presby meeting in afternoon!
    Anyhow, I am trying to come up with a word of grace and good news amongest the harsh word for pharisses.

  77. Okay, I have a draft, hopefully it's not my Sunday worst.
    Who needs some Halloween candy for strength?

  78. It's the opposite for me here, SB... I need to STOP eating Halloween candy for strength. Yikes.

    My teeth might rot out by Monday at this rate. :)

  79. Right revgals & pals, thank you for the company today, I am signing off now and heading for bed, it is past midnight here and I am fit to drop!

    Be blessed in your preaching tomorrow, odd to think that most of you will be starting as I have finished... it is good to be a part of this community :-)

  80. There is tortellini for everyone! But you have to stop banging your head against the wall first. Believe me, you'll enjoy it more.

  81. My sermon has become three entries into the diary of a Scribe. Hopefully the smoke and mirrors of attempted creativity to keep folks from focusing on the lack of grist for the mill.

    Congregational meeting after worship so most folks just don't want it to go too long. Such low expectations to fulfill.

  82. nap completed, book for SS found, set up of projector in the sanctuary -- not yet 'cause the youth director hasn't dropped it off yet. oh well.

    while I wait for the projector, I'll eat something and work on the still elusive sermon

  83. Wishing i had goen the All Saints route...folskwouldlike that.
    But since I am doing the mtthew bit, I did recently run across this.
    Hope it helps soembody else.
    "Matthew 23 seems like naother tirade agansit scribes and Phars...
    but then narrator is spekaing dircetly to the reades (christians)
    who can no longer remain in place of wondering why Jesus and authoriites ahd a squabble, but must be humble sevants learning from the one instructor.

  84. We're watching Heroes, and I still have candy to give away. Please, please take some candy.

  85. If you are still looking for All Saint's material, I just posted one of my favorite All Saint's illustrations on my blog

  86. OK, prayers are printing. I'll be meditating on a child sermon as I sleep. That should work, right?

    And speaking of child, could someone please explain "extra hour of sleep" to mine?

    Blessings to all saints who are still working.

  87. Esperanza, thanks for the reminder. This close to election I MUST write out my prayer for fear of showing favor to either candidate. Months ago I got nailed for praying for 'hope'.

    My bad.

  88. Because hope has NOTHING to do with our resurrection hope, I mean, um, thing-y.

  89. will smama--for real? Ugh.

    I always write the pastoral prayer on communion Sundays. I can come up with one long prayer off the top of my head, but not two. Unless you want them to sound pretty much the same.

  90. Midterm is done. Yick. It was ALL short answer and essay. No matching or anything. Took me over 2 hours... sigh...

    I have an evil plan. I have greeting tomorrow and am going to take ALL of the evil Halloween candy to my station. heh heh heh.... parents will hate me.


  91. ok,i'm cutting out paper stars now for my children's sermon. thought I'd say that saints are the 'stars' of our faith, and then talk about a few saints, and then tell them they are saints too -- because Jesus said so. Then give then all a star.

    what do you think?

    I'm so lazy! I bought frozen lasagne for a birthday party tomorrow!

    Can I have some of your tortellini?

  92. I don't wanna brag, but..
    I AM DONE!!!!!
    Yahoo. Even better, echnically speaking it is not quite 10 o' clock yet.
    And I foudn a way to tie in the saints which we shall talk of as well.
    Time to watch hte news and SNL and then hit the hay

  93. Oh, crap. I forgot I was going to cut pieces of cord, for the WHOLE CONGREGATION. Not smart. I guess I'll bring it with me in the morning. There's always someone looking for something to do...

  94. SB, I am now wondering if I have enough ribbion cut up or not...for the "saints"
    Hopefully ,folks will undersand they can put more than one name on the ribbion...
    Oh, well, tomorrow I may find somebody needing something to do...
    Okay, biscuits and apple butter anybody? How about hot cider or a cold beer?
    Oh and I have roasted pumpkin seeds with lots of spicey salt stuff...
    I am add your service.
    My 1720 word sermon is
    Blessings to all who write, preach, pray, and etc.

  95. I'm laughing at nutella and the *banging head against wall*.

    I'm still waiting for a sermon in which I don't have to do that at least once.


    I'm as ready for tomorrow as I'll ever be, so it's off to bed. Don't forget to change your clocks, those who need to do so.

  96. I'm fired up about the banner I've spent my evening making. Now just to start/finish my brief speaking pieces for tomorrow. Holy cow - I might get to watch most of SNL in my bed!!!

  97. Okay, I think I have finally found a way to link my intro to an actual POINT in the sermon. Always a good thing. And I got a few hours of napping in there too, which will hopefully fortify me for the night ahead.

    I never really had dinner--Songbird's tortellini sounds delicious!

  98. Have some!
    I'm going to hit the sack, I'll be back early with a fresh pot of coffee!! Hope you late birds get some sleep tonight!

  99. I want cider! The kind they have here doesn't count as anything other than apple flavored liquid ...

    There was an apple orchard on the way to my first college where I would stop to get cider and apple butter. mmmmmmm

    The projector is finally set up. Now for the completion of the sermon

  100. Hot cider coming up!
    Now i need to think on all the right words as invitation to lead us into communion...with the idea that the ribibons in the vase will be represenitng the saints of the past year who have died.
    Any ideas for that? Any pretty words?
    SNL is really funny...must say The View segment was brilliant!

  101. I have lots of cider in my fridge!!! It had mulled spices in it all day earlier last week, and now it is just waiting for a heat up. Ya'll are welcome to some also!

    I'm not very far on my sermon rantings. I have a plan, I just need the follow through.

    Last week I had a terrible cold and so I did an intro (mostly from notes, not a transcript like normal) and then posed four questions that we discussed in small groups. I was actually told that when the pressure was off (ie: low expectations b/c i couldn't talk) that I was more comfortable.

    So I'm going to try to do more preaching from notes tomorrow.

  102. Well, I finally have a sermon.

    I'm pretty tired and grateful for the additional hour tonight.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  103. Yay Vicar!

    I just missed the miraculous auto-reset of the computer and cell phone clocks, but clearly it happened. I'm curious to see what timestamp this comment will have.

    I'm almost finished. I think. 1321 words and counting.

  104. Okay, whew, I'm done. I think I shall reward myself with a pumpkin cookie.

    Then, off to shower and look through it one last time, then print and sleep.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching and proclamation tomorrow!

  105. I've never been this close to the wire. Its 9am and I preach at 11am. But its finally done and posted here
    thanks again for partying. Now its over to HS!

  106. Good morning! The Fair Trade coffee is hot and strong! I hope you all made good use of the extra hour. We're up super early and my daughter is helping cut the cord I forgot about last night. Thanks be to God for her help!!

  107. Morning folks, Blessings to all of you preachers this morning.

    I wrote a carefully worded pastoral prayer for this morning, Willsmama I feel ya girlfriend. I don't want to seem like I'm favoring one side or another in this election. Although I might wear my Obama necklace under my robe.

    Would anyone like some apple crisp to start the morning. Nothing like a little sugar to get you going!

  108. Friends, I am walking a HUGE dog this morning - HUUUUUGE!

    Here's hoping for the Holy Spirit and a congregation that is just focused on getting out on time due to the congregational meeting.

    I don't feel good about it, but it is what it is.

    Have a great Sunday!

  109. Wroo wroo!! Molly says there is nothing wrong with a big dog! Walk it proud!!

  110. I got a lot done last night but was tired and went to bed. Now I'm up at 7 to polish the sermon that needs preaching at 10.

    thank you God for an extra hour of sleep!

  111. all done! I actually have time for another cup of coffee this morning!

  112. Probably no one reading but Being Peace's blog is here. She is having a transplant. Prayers asked by Wounded Bird - Grandmere Mimi.

  113. Hi, Ann~
    Thanks for the update, I'll check in over at their blogs.


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