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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ask the Matriarch - New Year's Day Edition

Welcome to this new day...and new year. For many, it is a time to make new or different choices about how we will live out our Christian vocation.

Perhaps you are choosing to take on a new devotional discipline, or act on some wisdom you have received from someone whom you respect.

Today, let's share some advice that we have received or claimed for ourselves, or some new direction we are choosing for ourselves in our ministry.

Use the comment function to add your insights, or to provide us with a link to your own site. For an explanation of how to do so, click here.

May you live in God's amazing grace every day of 2009+

rev honey


  1. Thanks for this, Rev. Honey!

    I just posted about my plans for the year. I'm not calling them resolutions!

  2. Today seems to be a mega-blogging day for me...I've posted a response and enjoyed thinking about what advice I really really value. Thanks, RevHoney :-)

  3. I'm taking some vacation time this week - and remembering how to be happy even in the midst of high stress church transition stuff. This time off has enabled me to get in touch with some very deep core "happiness" that gets lost in the hard work I am doing. So, now being in touch with this core part of me I hope to find a way to let it shine forth more fully and not get lost behind a furrowed, deeply thinking brow.....

  4. I blogged my goals HERE!

    Peace and joy this New Year to all...

    And now. Back to football! :)



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