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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five: Pets or not?

My friend Judy told a group of friends last week that her beloved hermit crab Al died. She missed Al--after six years of his company, even though she was not sure how pronounced his personality was or if he had one!

With the chewing exploits of our third dog, puppy Maisie, I am wondering about the pets we presently own and have had in the past.What about you? Tell us about the animals in your lives. If you have no pets, give examples of friends' pets or imaginary ones!

1. Did you grow up with pets?

2. Do you have any pets now?

3. What is the funniest or worst thing any of your pets have ever done?

4. Who is/was your favorite pet?

5. How did you train your different pets?

BONUS: Pictures of a pet or one you wish you could have.

As always, link in the comments section. Look here to find out how!


  1. I'm here most of the day today and so here is a post about my sweet aging pups.

  2. As I worry about our hyper puppy Maisie, here are my thoughts about pets.

  3. I didn't really follow the format but I do have pictures of my cats.

  4. Boy, does this one bring up some great memories! I posted here.

  5. I played here but only because Truffle said I could.

  6. I romped with my Boys at signs-along-the-way.

  7. Just got around to doing this... Here's our gang!


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