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Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Meet n' Greet

Happy November to you all, and Happy All Saints' Day. As we celebrate and remember the communion of saints, I'm happy to introduce several new folk to our cloud of witnesses. Please join me in welcoming:

Sharon, who blogs at Tidings of Comfort and Joy, and who describes herself as "blessed pastor, new grandmother, life explorer, spirit coach, kitchen witch, garden elf, quilter, writer, daydream believer, peacemaker."

Jill, blogging at Clearest Glimpse of God, says, "I am a mother and minister who can't help but ask questions about how our faith and parenting intersect with each ways we realize and in many, many ways we might never think about. I also can't help but believe that we parents are the clearest glimpse of God our children have in their early lives. As overwhelming as that may be, I want to work each day to be ever more faithful to the task."

QG's Book Reviews is a new blog by our longtime board member Quotidian Grace, who describes herself and her new blog thus: "I've been an attorney, a stay at home mom and community volunteer, and Director of Christian Education at our former church. I'm active in the PCUSA where I have been ordained as an elder and served Presbytery of New Covenant as Moderator. I live in the Houston area with my husband (El Jefe) near our two married daughters (Portia and Babs).

"I've been blogging at Quotidian Grace for the past five years. I'm a voracious reader and have posted many reviews on that blog and decided that it was time to create a separate blog just for those reviews. I will be cross-posting my book reviews on Quotidian Grace as well."

Moseying Through, a returning blogger to the ring, shares her thoughts in a new blog, titled Are We There Yet? About herself, she says, "Woman. Clergy. Christian. Married. Husband. Three children. One grandson. Three cats. On a journey to the Kingdom."

OutLoudThinker is sharing with us at Space for Thinking. She says, "I’m a woman…still called young…a pastor…single in the suburbs…a child of God. I love my cats. I love my squishy-but-not-too-squishy bed, complete with heated mattress pad for winter. I love books, blogs, reading/writing/preaching. I need room for thoughts to form, take shape, grow and morph and be contemplated, and this is that room. The thoughts here are mine (and any commenters) alone, not official pronouncements from anyone, whether my denomination, my congregation, my family, my condo association, or anyone else.

Julie Jensen joins us with a blog called Thoughts Between Sundays. Her "about me" says: "I am Rev. Julie Jensen, the Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Cartersville, GA. Random fact: I am currently knitting a vest, a scarf, 3 weisemen, and a pair of socks. I'm not sure how to knit one project at a time."

RevMaria, who also blogs at Jubilee, has a new space called Everyday Thinking where (as she says), "I reflect on some of the many ideas that just pop into my head and don't really fit into my other blogs..."

Howdy to our friend Jules, blogging at You Win Some, You Learn Some. Blog's tagline is "Because sometimes winning and losing are not the only two options."

Lee Hull Moses joins us too, blogging at Close to Far Away. "I am wife to a generous and good-hearted man who handles all the internet-related problems in our house, and mother to a three-year-old girl who makes us laugh daily. I am pastor to a generous and good-hearted congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in North Carolina.

"I really like to write, and have actually won some awards for my writing. That was in seventh grade, in my school’s annual “World of Creativity” contest, but still. These days, I serve on the editorial board of Fidelia’s Sisters, which is part of the Young Clergy Women Project. I’m increasingly less young, but they’re letting me stick around for a few more years. I also write a midweek message over at my church’s website."

Welcome, welcome all of you! May we and you be blessed by your words and thoughts.

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