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Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Five: Word Association

It's been a busy week for me, trying to get back into the routine after a post-Easter vacation. (How did it get to be Easter 3?) So to keep it simple, here's a Word Association Friday Five, with a bonus twist for those feeling creative. First, for each of these five words -- all of which remind me of my *most* excellent vacation -- share the first word that comes to mind when you read it.

1) Airport
2) Baseball
3) Art
4) Chocolate
5) Grill

Bonus: Tell us a story that comes to mind based on one of the word pairs.

And, now that it's Friday morning and I'm fully awake (!), I invite you not only to answer these questions at your blog but to leave a note in the comments here telling us you played. I will be around to visit your blogs today and see your answers. If you leave a link with your comment, you'll probably get more visitors! Here's how!

And if you like to visit with us but don't have a blog, please feel free to leave your Friday Five directly in the comments!!! We want to meet you!


  1. I'm in! And this week I promise I'll be around to visit. Last week I was out of town and had limited computer access...and a spa appointment.

  2. I've not had enough coffee to play the bonus round, but I answered the Friday Five short and sweet!

  3. Here is a rough around the edges post--yesterday was all day at the hospital day. I have a new respect for chaplains.

  4. I played, but I didn't follow the instructions precisely....

  5. Youth ministers tend to "bend" the rules a little. I did just that here.

  6. I played too- thanks for the memories :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. One word? Really? I can't be contained! I played here

  9. here's my 5 and a hopeful dream. Thanks, Songbird!

  10. I finally got there.

  11. A little late, but I'm playing too! Here's my word play and story Surprise vacation.

  12. I love to read RevGals, and don't have a blog except the one to show the in-laws across the sea their granddaughter's picture, so here goes....

    1) Airport- Bathroom
    2) Baseball- Rangers!
    3) Art- Fingerpaint
    4) Chocolate- Yes!
    5) Grill- bratwurst

    Bonus:(5)I was a vegetarian through most of my college experience, until my then boyfriend,now husband, took me on a camping trip and he grilled bratwurst, and I LOVE bratwurst, so there went the downfall of the vegetarian....


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