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Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Five: What to Do, What to Do Edition

I'm wrapping up a two week vacation that has taken me from beach to basement.

It's true, I took a week off of work to clean out the basement. Sadly, to look at a before/after photo would not make it look like my time had been used wisely. Just about everything is still down there, it's just in a different pile. BUT... our church rummage sale this year is going to be very, very blessed.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there takes a week off of work to do a different kind of work:

1) Have you ever 'staycationed' in order to work on a project? If no, would you?
2) What project did you or would you tackle first?
3) Any other projects?
4) What are the pitfalls of a staycation for you?
5) Never mind this staying at home business, where do you want to go and what do you want to do there?

If you play, leave a comment with a link so we can check out your progress. Here's the details on how to make a link.

Now, where did I put those boxes....


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