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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday Prayer: Lent 4B, Belove

Holy and Gracious God
We give you thanks for the gift of life
for the gift of your Son
for the gift of the Holy Spirit
That we may believe, belove, be well.

Lead us through the trials
the suffering and sorrow
the challenges and struggles
the tired times and places
When all we want to do is
May we believe, belove, be well.

Be with those who weep
or cannot sleep
who have no peace
who seek release
May they find solace in You
In believing, in beloving, in being well.

Lead us
with grace
with love
with peace

Fill us
with hope
with patience
with stamina

Transform us
in your image
in your Son
in your Name

Transform us
to grow
to understand
to see

Transform us
that we
can be
made whole

And in wholeness
may we
believe, belove, and be well.


(This prayer considers the root of believe to be "belove")


  1. What a gift this prayer is to my spirit. Thank you, Terri!

  2. Oh, you are welcome. I'm grateful it spoke to you...


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