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Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Event 6.0 -- "In Her Own Words"

"In Her Own Words"

Ministers are handlers of words -- handlers of The Word -- although our time with words and Word is often shortened or strained by a variety of responsibilities.

So join us for Big Event 6.0 to enjoy an un-rushed, playful time with words that will encourage your spirit, enhance your preaching, and pepper your worship with ideas!

Our BE 6.0 leader is UCC minister and author Rachel Hackenberg, whose books are Writing to God and Writing to God: Kids' Edition; she blogs at "Faith and Water."
  • Session One -- The Word Became Flesh (remembering our childlike wonder & playfulness with words)
  • Session Two -- Word Mandalas (creatively exploring the breadth of words)
  • Session Three -- Foolish Questions (using humor to "break the ice" with church-y language)
  • Session Four -- In Our Own Words (lifting up our own writers' voices in prayers and psalms)
  • Session Five -- Women of Few Words (drafting our words for the upcoming Lenten season)
BE 6.0 will take place on a 5 night Bahamas cruise on Carnival Fascination from Jacksonville, Florida, departing Monday, January 28, and returning Saturday, February 2, 2013. We'll have stops at Key West and Nassau, the Bahamas. The Big Event is a unique combination of learning, relaxation and "galship."

Registration will be limited to 40. The cost for an oceanview berth will be $500; for an interior berth, $450. This includes a registration fee. 

Please email RevGalBlogPals for a registration form and brochure containing payment details.


  1. Email on its way! Can't wait!

  2. It is cold, wet & miserable on this June day in Gloucestershire...and I'm missing my RevGals. If only I could work out a way to get across the Pond for free, I'd be there like a shot - but as my Continuing Ed budget from the diocese is £120 I can't see it happening.
    Sad times :(
    But I know it'll all be wonderful...

  3. ooh, oh oh!!!!
    I so want to go...still working on it with my peeps....


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