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Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Five: Birthday Edition

There's a birthday for an adult member of my family today. I will admit, I'm not very good at celebrating birthdays. Sadly, the adults in my life have suffered from this affliction. I do manage to rally for my son (now age 7). 

I could bore you with my own personal history of birthday laments which may have led to this attitude... but I won't (you're welcome). Instead I'd love to hear your birthday memories.

1) What is the first birthday you remember? 
2) Do you recall a favorite gift? 
3) Has anyone ever tried to surprise you for your birthday? Did it work? Was it fun? 
4) Do you have a favorite birthday dessert? 
5) Describe what would be your 'perfect birthday'.

 As always, let us know in comments if you play. For a complete how-to go here.


  1. is already Friday. Winding down from a particular frustrating I'm up late and playing the FF early.

    I'm celebrating here

    Thanks kzj!

  2. Purple, had a frustrating day this week and am welcoming the weekend. I am winding down from the craziness we know as Church. So, I am
    Celebrating here too

  3. Here's mine. I'm not a huge fan of over-the-top-it's-all-about-me celebrations. But I included a photo of a very young me with a very bad haircut. Enjoy!

  4. heres mine if this works ! <a href="</a>

  5. Glad to have time to play today--celebrating birthdays here!

  6. This was fun! My bithday ramblings are here.

  7. Here is mine. Thanks for posting this last night! Gave me time to ponder it and time to post.

    South Minister

  8. savories, sweets, gifts, memories… I played today!!!!!; thanks, Kathryn!!! Happy Happy Birthday, Songbird!!!!!

  9. I love the birthday thing, so I played.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. My birthday party is over at signs-along-the-way.

  12. My play is here. Now I'm wondering what birthdays are like in other countries.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Thanks for playing everyone!


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