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Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Five: Sequestration Edition

Well, it's here. For better or for worse, automatic spending cuts in the federal budget are due to go into effect today. It's call "sequestration," which, when I looked it up in the dictionary, seemed to have something to do with "isolation," as in isolating a portion of the budget and making it unavailable. Or something to that effect.

There are wildly different ideas swirling around about how the cuts will effect the economy, the employment rate, and the services we are accustomed to counting on from the government. Here at the Friday Five, ours is not to prognosticate... let's leave that to the politicians and the pundits. Instead, let's all agree that there are some things that it would be good to have less of, some things that could use a nice trimming.

I invite you to name five of them here! The possibilities are endless, from the pruning required for the health of a tree to the hair cut that makes us feel fabulous. What are you planning to cut in the near future? And in what way will those cuts improve someone's life?

As always, let us know you played in the comments, by linking to your post with the following formula! <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>
I look forward to playing with you!


  1. I like the images around trimming and pruning... I am playing around with the idea of digging and fertilizing for the message this week. Any ideas?

  2. Replies
    1. RevAlli, I can't seem to locate your post... I would love to read it!

    2. Oops. Wrote that before I had the second cup of coffee. Forgot to hit "publish". Thanks, Pat, for letting me know. Happy St. David's Day! The link works now.

  3. Hello all! Late night for me... terrible insomnia... so you've beat me here! I did play, but am hopeless about the linking...

    On my way to a meeting, but I'll be back to read your entries! Blessings.

  4. I played here Now I have to go get a hair cut! Thanks for reminding me, Pat.

    1. "Friendship with the Holy One." Beautiful. Thank you.

  5. I played in friends of the earth mode for this first day of meteorological spring/ autumn. Thanks, Pat!

  6. Playing on Saturday - I got 3/5 done yesterday, had to leave for my evening plans, decided to post anyway. Hope everyone is feeling inspired in their sermons.

  7. On my 8th (but who's counting) attempt to publish my link. I played late, but did play: Trimmings


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