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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Festival - Papal Election Edition

Yikes!  Last week, I wanted to play the Friday Five on Thursday.  This week I thought Wednesday was tomorrow, almost missed my own church's Lenten service, and then got all caught up in the Papal election!  Well, there's almost an hour of the day left here, which gives some of you a bit longer.  So let's start with . . .

Liz is blogging about the Jesuits and the Pope at journalling.

Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee tells us about learning about discernment, Ignatian style, from Brian McDermott, S.J., one of my favorite teachers ever.

Follow Michelle's link at Quantum Theology for part of her series on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

Chris Ayers at Liberal Rev prays for the "here comes everyone" of the church described by James Joyce ~ as we all well know, there's a lot more to it than today's history and excitement.

And sure, I'm thinking about my experience with Jesuits as well.  I'm sure that's terrible form, to include my own blog, but I'm really getting in just under the wire here.  And Windows 8 keeps exiting the internet.  So: Post!

What are you all thinking and writing about the new Pope?

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  1. It's great to include your own blog. :) and it's a great post. I haven't written about the Pope yet, but am fascinated with the reading I'm doing, from tweets to FB posts to blogs. It's quite the cultural moment, no?


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