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Monday, May 06, 2013

April showers bring May new members!

spring has finally sprung at my house. And the webring has sprung some beautiful flowers of new friends too! Hop around and say hello to...

Ayamihawina is the Cree word for prayers. The blog is written by a United Church of Canada minister whose Cree name is Thunderbird Woman!

On the Chancel Steps is a blog of children's sermons written by Frances, who has spent a career as a librarian and a lay leader in her church.

The Fourth Wall is a blog by Cynthia, a "A priest and performer considering religion, the arts, and the often thin space between sacred and secular, church and culture, pulpit and pew."

Amy Hanson writes the Diary of a Contemplative. She is "an ELCA seminarian working on my Master's of Divinity. I am an endorsed candidate for ordained ministry in the ELCA. This blog is a snapshot of my theological musings, the things I find interesting, the things I spend my days doing, and my general snarky commentary."

Deborah is over at Snow Day where she "decided to invest more of my days with that snow day feel – space and pace. Part of that investment is this place for reflection, creation, and conversation. A walk through the snow makes it easy to taste and see what’s holy. But there is holiness everywhere, every day. I’m trying to leave enough room to notice that."

Susan is another Lady Father in our midst! She even has a book out, by the same title, that "chronicles my struggles with the ordination process in a diocese that had historically been solidly against women in the ordained ministry of the church."

Angie is a Woman In Progress is "a daughter of God, theologian, Mom, writer, wife, spiritual pilgrim, feminist, and woman “in progress” because I acknowledge in faith that I will never arrive fully on this side of the new heaven and the new earth. In turn I claim that sojourning with God – to the center and out, back and forth, up and down, and round and round – is adventure well worth embarking upon. Destination unneeded. I write about the intersection of faith and life because God, and thus theology, is in all things."

Wild Things Growing says "I am a writer. I like to tell stories. I care about my family. My faith is vitally important to me and my love for Habakkuk is deep. I am not afraid of getting lost, and usually do. But I will get you there, eventually."

So much beauty in our garden of friends--please do pop around and say hello!


  1. So unbelievably grateful to be amongst this place for sisters in ministry! I am an only child, and I have always wanted sisters. Now, here y'all are! :) Many blessings to each of you!


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