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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thursday Prayer

Pause in the Presence. “In the beginning God”. This is how the Bible begins, and this is how prayer must begin. Words without the Presence remain just words, but we are not without the Presence. Let the Word become flesh and dwell among us that we may hold His Glory.

In the Beginning GOD

In the beginning of space
                    of time
                    of the universe, GOD.

In the beginning of creation
                    of life
                    of mankind, GOD.

In the beginning of individuals
                    of personalities
                    of me, GOD.

In the beginning of this year
                    of this week
                    of this hour, GOD.

In the beginning of each thought
                    of each word
                    of each deed, GOD.

Add to this any beginnings you feel are important to you this day. Know that He abides with you and surrounds you.

“As He was in the beginning, He is now and shall be forever, God.” Amen.

Adams, David. Borderlands: The Best of David Adams’ Celtic Vision. Franklin,
Wisconsin: Sheed and Ward, 2000. 134-135.


  1. Marvelous indeed. During the most recent BE, the ladyfather and I overheard fellow passengers beginning their breakfast with prayer. "Well, Lord, it's morning" -- so intriguing, an entirely different tone than my own, "Oh, God, it's morning..." Must look into this further ;-)

  2. Please pray for Elsie, who has suffered a loss, and for Gail, who is recovering from a bowel perforation and now has double vision.


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