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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Possible Charities

Two possible recipients for our contributions have been suggested. I'm posting links here to the home pages of both, to further our discussion.

Heifer Project

Habitat for Humanity


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sorry about the delete, but I have somehow forgotten how to post links on blogger. Anyway, what I said was:

    Go songbird and rev mommy!

    I love the thought of donating a beehive, since we are a hive of activity, and the community here is sweet as honey. LOL

    After we've had some time to discuss, you guys could throw a poll up here (and I included a link to Or we could be very cutting edge theological gals and go for consensus!

    Both orgs are wonderful.


    Now, about this link thing, can someone critique my html? See example:
    (less than)a href=url(greater than)TEXT OF LINK(less than)slash-a(greater than)

    I know about enclosing it with quotes and adding the target stuff to open it in a new window, but what I typed above has worked just fine as well (opening the link in the current window) and now I can't get it to work. Aroo???

  3. Not only do I not know how to put a link in a comment, I apparently don't know how to code an e-mail address into the sidebar. But I'm guessing we should go to Blogger Help and ask these questions.

  4. What a tough choice. I love both these organizations because they really empower the people they want to help. Decisions, decisions. Ok. I vote for Heifer Project because even a small donation can be designated for a specific animal gift (like a chicken) whereas with Habitat it goes into a larger fund. But I am happy with both. How's that for having it both ways.

  5. Of these two, I'm inclined toward Heifer for the same reason. And I love the idea of raising money for beehives!

  6. I'm down with either of these. BTW, if this actually gets published, I'm revmom/cheesehead.

    (I'm having trouble commenting on this blog.)

  7. We might want to put haloscan comments on the blog, although they have their own troubles and woes. But since we are not allowing "anonymous" comments, anyone commenting will need to register with Blogger, I guess.
    Please let me know if there is a preference for haloscan, and I will look into it.

  8. Either is fine for me, although I tend to favor the Heifer Project.

  9. I'm cool with either, but tend to lean toward Heifer, just because Habitat has a more public face (tv ads and the like...)

    Either is fine with me though..

  10. Hey y'all... Gosh, both are fabulous. I was thinking it might be good to think of an organization that specifically helps women, but I never came up with one - and the beehive thing is much better. So, add a vote to Heifer. Or a consensus voice. Whichever :)

  11. I cast my vote for Heifer, though, I have no objections to Habitat.

  12. I love the idea of the Heifer project because most of the money goes to help women and children help themselves. Great idea.

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  14. I'm with Rev Mommy. Have tried to get my local church to sponsor Heifer Project with no luck. The benefits are awesome.
    Having been a beekeeper, it appeals to me from that aspect too.

    (btw...hard to blog with cat in faceeee)

    ~Auntie Em~


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