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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Advent Devotional

Many of you responded about the Advent Devotional. I have begun a listing here.

Please choose any one of the week's readings -- or just go off on your own, if you wish. I'm going to do Romans 8 for Dec 21 (Longest Night). Please email a Word document at Are there other people you would like to invite to write (like Apostle John maybe or RLP?) I would like the documents as soon as you can get them to me. I found out that Amazon needs as much as 5 weeks to put a picture on the website -- so by the end of September maybe -- so that that editing is finished by Oct 16.

I have a design for the cover, and my friend the Graphic Artist can help me fix it up -- we need a catchy name -- any suggestions?


  1. No suggestions for a name, just a question: will we be known as our bloggy names or our IRL names in this publication? Because I could go for one or the other, but not both, since I'm not yet "out" to my congregation or some members of my family, as far as my blog goes.

  2. Your choice.
    either or. or both. or completely anonymous.

  3. I would like to take December 13 - Luke 1:47-55.

  4. sounds good - I'll be back home again at the weekend.

    Since we don't have a lectionary - did you give a link to what readings are where.

    too bad will took Dec 13th - that's Lucia day here :)

    The questions of names was a good one. Also a name for the whole thing. No ideas or thoughts yet. But will get the brain cells activated.

  5. PS forgot to ask... what's the deadline ???

  6. now looking again ... I could do 14-Dec-05 1 Thess. 5:16-24

    but I'd need to ask some more questions about the whole thing.

    or an example from somewhere for length and kind of thing that's wanted.

    sounds fun though :)

  7. I love what you are doing - let me know when its ready - I'd like to use it with my congregation this Advent.

  8. I could go for either blog names or real--but I think it should be consistent. I.e. we all use real names or we all use blog names.

  9. If you decide to go with all real names, you dould have a listing in the back that gives the real name and blog address of those who would like to have their blog address linked to their name.

    And vice versa if you decide to go with blog names, the listing would link the blog with the real name for those who wanted.

  10. I think all blog names, if we want consistancy. Some of us are semi-anonymous, some are completely anonymous. We can list a short bio, real name (if we want) and blog address in an index in the back.


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