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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Code Correction

Dear friends, one of our newest members, Rev Nawny, discovered a glitch in our Web Ring Code. If you click on the link that says "RevGalBlogPals," it will take you to reverend mommy's page instead. (Not that there's anything wrong with visiting reverend mommy!)

If you would like to update your code to fix this glitch, go to RingSurf and sign in; you'll find the new code there. Then cut-and-paste it to your blog template in the same place you had the old code.

And--if this seems like too much trouble, especially for those who had trouble getting the code on your sites in the first place, don't worry about it!


  1. Ooops. Sorry. I thought I corrected that, but it just didn't take.

  2. Well, I hadn't even noticed! It looks like when you changed the URL it didn't automatically change in the code.


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