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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Ring Roundup

Howdy, y'all. I'm filling in today for Reverendmother, who is out of town today. My usual day for the "Roundup" will be Wednesdays, so I'll see you again then.

Wow, we have 45 members of the ring as I write and more to come. Here is a quick roundup of some highlights around the webring today:

Rebel without a pew posted again on the difficulties of the call process while Reverendmommy relates an experience that makes her question Romans 8:28. Rev2bmibi has two fascinating posts on icon writing here and here. A Vacation Bible School experience inspired smallestangel to write "Playing Jesus is a Challenge."

Cheesehead in Paradise found the unlikely source of a stink and Songbird used the song Momma Look Sharp (from the musical 1776) to prompt her reflections on her sons, the war in Iraq and Cindy Sheehan.

Two members of the webring are posting on travels abroad: Kinesis has a running journal on her current trip to South Africa and sistermaryalternative wrote about her week at the Order of the Paraclete in Whitby, England.

On the lighter side, don't miss St. Cassarole's Story of Cinderella and Rob, or my "Life Lessons from What Not to Wear" especially the comment thread.

A few webring members are vacationing or taking some time off from blogging now. I look forward to catching up with them when they return. See you Wednesday around the ring.


  1. Thanks, QG!!
    I only see 43 names on the BlogRoll, so I must have missed someone (no need to put this page on the Roll, so that makes 44 that ought to be on it). After comparing lists twice, I can't figure out who it is! The WebRing list comes up at random, which makes it more difficult. So if you are reading this, and you are a member of the Ring, but your blog is not on the BlofRoll, please comment here or e-mail me. Thanks.

  2. I didn't count the names on the blogroll, I was going by the number on the left-hand side. So maybe that number doesn't correlate with the number of names listed, too.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. My stench got a link! Next time I'll try to make it something better that is linkable! LOL!


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