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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Readings from Around the Ring

Friday Mom has a post about a special church and the love of its people for her son.

Jane Ellen shares a sermon about Peter, one I would have loved to hear in person, delivered while visiting Rev. Ref+ (who is a RevGalBlogPal even if he isn't on the list!).

Karen at Kinesis shares stories of her trip to South Africa.

And at ReverendMother's, you may read about new merchandise at the RevGalBlogPal's CafePress store, as well as a reflection on boundaries in ministry. When is it really "our" time? It's a good question to ponder as my vacation winds down...

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  1. I'm a RevGalBlogPal? Who knew? Thanks for the honor though. Do I get a patch or something?


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