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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

just stuff

First, welcome to Susan at sense and non blog. Yeah! 85 members and still growing!

Next, We still have a couple of people in the queue. Please email one of us if you are having problems with the code. We'll be glad to help you.

Last, I am listing the book on Amazon today -- Woo hoo! The cover isn't perfect, there are more little niggly things that could be edited, but I'm finished. It's not really done, but I am finished. Really. We have an ISBN 1-4116-5588-5. Cool, huh? It will be release as a book in print tomorrow (Wednesday), and will be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc... hopefully by Wednesday (keep your fingers crossed and prayers a' coming.) As soon as we get the listing, I'll pass along the code for each and everyone of you to put in your sidebar on your blog.

A big note: We get more royalty if you order directly from Lulu. The book is here. Do NOT order today -- the back cover has a big big boo boo right now -- the ISBN has wandered off to the corner and misplaced some text. If ordered directly from Lulu, royalty does not have to be paid to Amazon, etc. We will get more than just $1 per book, but $2.80 per book (up to $4.40 for orders over 25 books). Therefore, although it will be listed on Amazon, I would suggest STRONGLY that people order it from Lulu. I am listed on Lulu as the author b/c they needed a Tax ID number and I had to put something so I put my SSN. I am in discussion with my friend Steve-bo the lawyer who will take care of this for free before the next book.

The shocker: by publishing it ourself we will receive up to $2500 for the first 1000 (after production costs). If we sell 5000, we will get up to $20,000. That is a shocker for me. A really big Wow. Wow.

Oh yeah, and here is the information on the new book -- Ordinary Time. I'm going to list like 6 weeks at a time. Here is the first 6 weeks or so. Please send email to This book will probably be good to be published via Lulu or St. Bartholemy. However, there has been interest from Baker, Abington and Eerdman for projects more than an year in the future. Cool!!


  1. OUTSTANDING! This is so exciting. Re the Ordinary time book--are you asking us to look at the lectionary readings you linked and then volunteer to write devotions by emailing the ordinarytimebook email address?

  2. Very cool. I think we need a contest for "Which RevGal looks most like the covergirl"?

    On the Ordinary Time book. It's such a long span of time . . . do we want to think about themes? Going with the OT reading for a set period, then switching to Psalms etc., etc.?

  3. Yes, choose the scripture, give me the date. With as many as there are, we can do up to 3 to 5 each. And let's invite some guest bloggers -- like AKMA, Father Jake, Rev. Sean Parker and maybe some of the regular readers who are not necessarily part of the blog to write one. If you look at the grid, it's the RCL Year B for the week -- 1st day OT, 2nd day OT and/or Psalm, 3rd day Psalm, 4th & 5th day Epistle, 6th and 7th day Gospel. It's just going to be June 1, 2 etc. so that it can be good for more than one year, but every year B. If you don't like these readings, more are coming!

    Editing and layout took MUCH longer than I anticipated -- how about a deadline for submissions? End of January? Beginning of March? What do you think?

  4. I think you need to set the deadline based on your experience with the Advent book and your estimate of the time needed to finish the editing.

  5. Ditto. Editing is really an arduous task.

  6. This is just WAY too exciting!!!!! Thanks for all your efforts!

  7. Whoopee! Can't wait to see the book.

    ABout the grid of readings etc...When I cal it up I get a bunch of halflines. The bottom third-half of each line is missing so I am having trouble deciphering. Anyone else finding this or is my 'puter giving me attitude?

    ONce I can decipher it I will certainly be glad to write something.

  8. I'm having Gord's problem reading this as well, but am very anxious to pick a passage and get started!

  9. come on revgals and friends- let's make this a breeze :)

    Rev Mom has put up the first 6 weeks - let's each choose one reading from that - and get cracking :) (long before we get swamped with advent and local charge conferences or equivalent)

    then Rev Mom can post the next six weeks and then we could take another.

    end of January is a good deadline. March is too late IMHO.I'd be happy to proof read a section in early /mid February but (as I've confessed before) I cannot do layout etc.

    Do we have suggestions for the proceeds for Ordinary time? Btw

  10. This is all very cool. Congrats on the current book and good luck with your next one. It's fabulous to see other faithful women interpreting God's love!


  11. I'm SO excited - it looks amazing.

    And I agree... end of January deadline makes sense for the next one.

  12. rev mommy, where there are repeats, do you want more than one entry on the same passage? (I'm not against this, by the way, just wondering if that is the way we're headed.)

    If we're interested in choosing a beneficiary other than Heifer Project, which we had a consensus for back when we opened the CafePress Store, we will need to have some sort of process to determine a recipient of future fundraising efforts.

    Have we discussed taking publishing expenses right out of the receipts?

  13. Also having the problem reading the page (half lines and blurred lines). From what I could see it also looked to me like there were repeats. Is the idea to have two reflections on the same reading?

  14. Yes, we used the same scripture for two different people in this book and I was really amazed at the different take people took on the scripture. And these are such big passages, I image you will only use a portion of the passage, anyway.

    What operating system? What browser?
    Looks great on Windows ME with Firefox and on the Mac. I'll open IE next.

  15. Using IE here. STill getting half-lines. I signed up for the two days on one passage. My plan is to use vss1-5 one day and 12b-19 the next (or something like that--after all my thoughts have just started flowing but I love that 2 Sam passage)

  16. I was in such a funk for a while there that I missed out on the Advent book. I'm in for this one! Remind me if there are details I should know - word count, etc. This is such a wonderful idea!

  17. Oh my gosh! I just ordered five copies of the book for my mom and sisters. I am SO INSANELY EXCITED that I'm having a hard time sitting in my chair!

    Hooray for us and super duper HOORAY for Reverend Mommy!

  18. I found that copying the text and pasting it into word allowed me to see the whole line rather than only the top half. Maybe that can help some others of you too?


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