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Friday, October 28, 2005

Late Friday Round-Up

Posts for a Friday night:

Katherine has noticed lots of animal lovers in the neighborhood of her church and would appreciate hearing about experiences with doing a Blessing of the Animals.

Jen shares some beautiful words about brokenness.

Cheesehead is way ahead of me; she has a draft of Sunday's sermon!

And so, for those of us who are still treading water, perhaps a visit to Dylan would be in order.

HeyJules describes the love of her life. :-)

Leslee shares some thoughts about Fall.

Friday Mom learned an important lesson.

Kathryn ponders lost causes.

Jane Ellen shares pictures of a blessed day.

jo(e)'s picture is of a waterfall--beautiful!

Susan Rose checks in from her new weekend home.

And Steph is posing the tough questions.

Pink Shoes brings back a college moment.

Our favorite Rebel recalls music that touched and still touches her.

Rev. Dr. Mom hunts that mythical beast: the day off.

It's already Saturday for Lorna, who has been reflecting on Evangelism.

St. Casserole examines the landscape two months after Katrina.

Marie writes about teaching and sadness.

Rachel gives a portrait of her Granny.

And there were lots of takers on the Phriday Phive, including:

Poor Mad Peter
Bad Alice
Brother Terry
Clever Title Here
Sophia (who also added more about a saint in her life)
Quotidian Grace
Sister Christer
Mary Beth
oh, and me, too.


  1. I also updated recently... although I'm not sure I said anything of import!

  2. I did, too, but missed the cut on the posting!

  3. Pooh, rm, how did I miss you? It may have something to do with the NOT A PARTY that was happening both below and above me as I hid away in my bedroom. When they swarmed up the stairs to #2 Son's attic bedroom, I must admit to losing my sangfroid.

  4. great roundup, songbird! thanks.

  5. swarming non partiers sounds frightning!!

  6. Thank goodness they were all out the door by 10. I was exhausted!


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