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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Missing In Action

OK, I've been slow posting on my own blog. So here's some other blogs that haven't been updated in a week or more.

.:ordinary time:. hasn't blogged in a couple of weeks.
A Faith in Progress
A Thing with Feathers OK, it's only been a week, but still.
All Manner of Thing
Church Lady (but she doesn't post that often, anyway) (but the traveling casket is to die for.)
Housecalls must be gone on a house call....
Meandering Mumbles and Redundant Rantings
Monday Morning Letters Becky's around but not blogging.
Auntie Em MIA since AUGUST!! Auntie Em, there's no place like home!!
Pastor Anonymous is blending in with the masses, no doubt.
Preacher in Progress hasn't written since her funeral recipe.
Terri C who is just a blogging slo-poke. So she says.
Nawny Tammy hasn't blogging in a month.
Susan may actually have been arrested last week.
Susie at Sojourn Stories hasn't blogged on either of her blogs recently.

All of you, you are missed and give us a shout-out if you are still hanging around....

I read all the blogs today -- two dead cats, many live cats left. Skipping Christmas and giving churches away, Yeah! Hide and seek -- see if you can find them....


  1. Anna at All Manner of Thing is out of town through the turkey holiday, been in England for the past two weeks. We'll hear from her when she gets back!!

  2. I swear, one of them is not my inappropriate pee-er.

  3. Wow. You read all of the blogs? Even on my biggest procrastination days I have not achieved this. I am impressed.

  4. I serve a very difficult church that has a reputation for chewing pastors up and spitting them out. After 2 and a half years here and 14 years in ordained ministry, I'm seriously discerning another career path. Blogging right now would just be whining, so I've been quiet. I've been putting my energy into learning to quilt. Just finished my first quilt top. I'll post a picture of it in my blog. Thanks for all the effort to seek out the MIAs.


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