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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sleigh Ride Round the Ring - Advent 2 - oi

Board meeting tonight. Tough crowd. oi...

However, there is no reason why you should suffer so here we go!

Natty has got a fun albeit long meme and a fun post about those radical Adrian Dominican Sisters - you go girls!

Be sure to check in on Jan. It's been a good day.

bethquick asks for some Christmas Eve worship feedback and has a couple of helpful movie reviews.

Clever Title Here visited the pyramids. Props to them for making a pyramid of people by the actual pyramids.

Hey Jules is offering to help us get into balance.

Friday Mom has some news. Stop by and support her - big decision. Congrats on making it and peace be with you our friend.

Grace happens!

We always get a good read from jo(e).

Thanks all. Good night.

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  1. I have created a blogger account so I can better respond to posts here, and in so doing I've created "Gallycat's Lounge." It will probably be kind of a freeforall place for me to write about the kinds of things I used to write in one of my other livejournals.

    In other news, I've signed up for Education for Ministry (EFM) officially now (It was tentatively), and I will during the next year start examining whether I am called to ordained ministry. I am so grateful to the revgals for being such an inspiration on this journey.


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