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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brief roundup

Gord writes a letter to toy package-designers.
Leslee sets a place for Elijah (we do it too!)
Friday Mom is traveling -- an end of the year experiment.
Kathryn blogs for the sake of the children.
Emily reveals some knitting.
Gavin blogs about the horrible theft of the nun bun.
I think Sue and I are related. Pajama and books -- yes!
Find out why Jo(e) wants to scream.
Jonah blogs poetry.
Tell me what you know, asks Susan Rose.
Whaddya think, asks Steph.
Phil over Coffee muses about the Pastor face. (So who wrote that book "Pastor"? Shoot! I can't remember!)
Pink Shoes blogs about Reports and Reviews.

And now I'm out of time. I'll be back if I can...


  1. I believe you're trying to think of William Willomon's book.:)

  2. I think you rock, for doing this on a day when you have soooo much else to do! Thanks, Reverend Mommy!


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