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Thursday, December 22, 2005

First, a scan of the grid for the new book

shows these open dates:
June 24, 25, 26, 29, 30
July 24
August 3, 4, 5
Aug 8, 9, 10
Aug 17, 18, 19
Aug 23

And I have to stop crosschecking right now b/c there are just too many things to do! Yikes! Where has the day gone??
If you can take any of these dates, please respond in the comments section.

I will post a crosschecked grid later this afternoon, but now I have to run like a crazy woman to the postofficedrugstoregrocerystorechurchdrycleaners.

We have longest night services tonight -- and I haven't written a prayer!! Eeek!

I made it to the postofficedrugstoregrocerystorechurchdrycleaners AND had a great service.

I've made some adjustments on the calendar and grid -- we have three changes in text b/c two people wanted the same date, so even it you don't appear on the correct date, you DO have the text you requested. Please check it out and give me corrections. Thanks so much for you patience!


  1. Give me what is left. I'll work out something, and I'll trust the Holy Spirit, one way or t'other, to give me a scripture I can deal with.

  2. I'll take those three days in August (8,9,10) or, if those are taken, (17, 18, 19).


  3. run gal run!

    oh and as we discussed I'll sign M and R up for one each .

    Midsummer is June 25th so I'll take that one for one of them,

    and let me see July 9th

    it might be that we will swap them around - but you will get the entries dear friend, you will.

    erm what's the deadline for this btw?? lol

    and 700 words or what was it!!

    love Lorna

  4. hang on . was it so that July 9th isn't available anymore


  5. Yes, deadline and expected/maximum length would be helpful--especially the deadline. I am one of those people who only works well to a deadline, luckily there are already thoughts about these passages floating around in my brain.

  6. I'll take August 3, 4 and 5 (she said without looking to see what the passages are...)
    A deadline reminder would indeed be appreciated.

  7. Checking in -- I've added these dates, keep them coming!
    Yes, the part of the passage you are dealing with, Version you are using, 700 to 1200 words, short prayer. Deadline? Let's say Jan 30. My deadline is Feb 28 -- and I have a new scheme for getting them edited, which I think is brill. Details to follow.

  8. Awhile back I e-mailed requesting Christ the King Sunday -- did you get that? I checked on the link to the grid and didn't see a name there.

  9. I'll take one if you need me to. I too will trust the Holy Spirit to write it.

  10. Let me know if I need to take another date. It's kind of scary to offer that without checking the passages, but I'm with Leslee - the Spirit does amazing things!

    BTW, I'm relieved to learn (again) the deadline. I had been wondering, but was embarrassed to ask!

    Thanks for heading this up. The Advent devotional has been a blessing to me this season!

  11. Fill me in wherever needed! I'll check the grid too, but just in case ....

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. I guess I could do another if you're desperate....Keep shouting about the DEADLINE though!

  14. all sounding good.

    I too have been so blessed by the Advent devotional

    what I find a bit surprising - becasue I'm not used the lectionary - is how varied the readings are in Ordinary Time -I'm so looking forward to how it all comes together.

    End of Jan it is then
    and 700 words or more.



  15. I can take two, so let me know which, OK?

  16. Lutheranchik, I am pretty sure I added you to the calendar, but that's not the same as the grid. Reverend Mommy, did you see her there?

  17. Yes, she's on the new grid for Christ the King Sunday.
    Thanks so much for the response!

  18. Am I missing something with the grid? I'm seeing lots of blanks in the later half of things ... or were we splitting this into two segments?

  19. Um, not blank spaces -- rather:
    There is plenty of room left on the grid for all who wish to participate.
    I'll push it again in a couple of days.

  20. Is there an entry that explains how the calendar/grid work? I'm hopelessly confused. Like most, I'm willing to let the Spirit guide, but having a problem discerning where the Spirit is guiding between calendar & grid.


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