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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Have a Holly Jolly Webring

Christmas thoughts are on the minds of lots of bloggers at the moment. Check our Discerning Woman's suggestions for alternative giving, Pondering Perfection's thoughts on Homeland Security at Christmas, good Santa watching reflections at A church for starving artists, and more holiday cat blogging at Rev-to-be's place.

Reverend Mommy's commentors are discussing whether or not her favorite advent hymn is, in fact, and advent hymn and Mary shares thoughts on a carol many of us Yanks have not heard of.

In other news, Micahgirl posts the first of an anticipated series of blogs on paradigm shifts. Looking Backward wonders Who Would Jesus Torture? And Steph ponders the implications on letting more folks know of her secret blogging identity.

Pour another egg nog, log on and bliss out!

1 comment:

  1. I've been tagged with the following meme:

    1. Pick two of your favorite blogs. Pick small-time operations--

    2. Write a post on your blog saying something nice about each of your favorites. Be sure to include a link! Do not think of this as a full-blown "review," just a some kind words describing what you appreciate about this blog or some encouraging words for the blogger.

    3. Leave an appreciative comment on a recent post the "target" blog. In addition to discussing and/or praising the post, add a link back to the post on your own blog.

    4. Invite the "target" blogger to repeat the process by picking two of his or her favorite blogs--anybody but the blogger that did the tagging!

    I picked the Rev Gals, even though I'm still working my way through the list!

    Your turn!


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