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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday Update.

It's a slow Thursday around here, grey and chilly. Makes we want to eat until more than full, curl up in a cave somewhere and take a l-o-o-ong nap.

Young Punk Pastors feel the funny pace -- slowing down on one hand, ramping up to Christmas.

Yoda Beth is at the same sort of task that has been occupying my mind/living room recently -- catagorizing books. Maybe if there is Spring Cleaning, there is also an urge to Advent Librarianship?

Natty is twisted up about a question of yoga

Ann writes about her father's love. An important piece.

Amy is offical! Congratuations!

Stacey takes her own tour of the blogosphere.

SingingOwl posts a little prayer from Merton.

The Peripetetic Polar Bear has a touch of posting mania. Or so she says....

Rachel posts reflections on comfort found in the Rod and Staff passage and remembers an important person in her life.

Mary Beth is Cold.

Telling Truth shares a lifesaver.

Mark only posts three words -- "I could have died" (OK, that's four) -- and then nothing, the stinker.

St. Cassie is a Christmas tree (Oh Casserole, oh Casserole, how lovely are thy branches...)

Carol ponders the connection betweeen Thursdays and bad weather....

And it's time to go get the kid. I may be back later with more.... and I may not be. Life is always full of surprises!


  1. I'm putting these here as it seems more likely for folks to read comments on a newer post: if you want to e-sign a Faithful America petition to release the CPT workers, click here:


  2. I've also posted a pregnancy update, as well as an important poll.

  3. And ChicagoRev has posted some wonderful .


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