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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Ides of January

Mary's working on a new OP/EN service. This sounds so fascinating, I wish I could participate! She has also sent her son back to university, a poignant wee drama being acted out at colleges and universities all over at this time of year.

Get this: Katherine's mom has a blog! how cool is that! Hmm, maybe I need to get my mom blogging! And Kathryn's fulfilling a VERY important mom role by taking her newly 19 year old daugher birthday shopping. Go see how beautiful this young lady is.

JanEllen has book reviews of book reviews. Sophia is sharing her life process; part one is here.

Several of us are playing the fours game, including Cheesehead, Rebel, First Year Minister, oh dear, did I miss someone!?

There's a twos meme, too (tee hee); consider the notations thereon of Leslee and Girl.

Will Smama wants help with the punch line, please.

CleverTitle has been cruising on the Nile, and Christen has left for the Big Cheese - Disney!

HeyJules has heard a message from a wonderful preacher: "I just wish someone would tell when he'll be speaking so I can start packing a box of kleenex with me..." QGrace is sick...poor thing!

In the worship category: Reverend Mommy's church has had an awesome and historic event which is something I myself have never experienced (yet): "I celebrated communion for the first time in the new chapel. I realized that it was a red letter day -- for the first time in the history of Grayson (that I know of), the celebrant/preacher was female, was assisted by a female, the musicians were female and the acolytes were female. All the major participants were women. Wow."

Also on worship, Amy's church has had a Sunday where it all went right, and over at Net's place, somebody got it! Zinnhead is a dangerous learner: "Orthodoxy is about power. Justice is about Christ."

ReverendMother has a lovely poem...and all the RGPB's said, "me next!" Songbird shares pictures from her Mississippi trip that will break your heart, and St. Casserole has a link to a newspaper story to do the same. She also has a great story about restraint and forbearance (thank fortune for seminary and CPE) and a Whistle and Fish report.

Beaming love and light to you all...


  1. Somehow, parts of this post "fell off" while I was editing it. :P

    I especially want to ask for your prayers for Lorna ( while she is away at seminary in Tallinn, Estonia for 2 weeks.

    Even so, she has posted ahead a few things and arranged for a guest blogger too. Please remember her and her seminary classmates as they review, work hard on exams and new assignments, pray and take classes.

    She didn't think she would have much computer access or blogging time, but there's already a post about her arrival there! Don't miss it!

    Mary Beth


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