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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ordinary Time

I posted some updates to the calendar and the grid.
I assigned some dates to:
Singing Owl and

Please go to the grid and check it out.
We still have missing dates.
Oct 21, 22
Oct 25
Oct 27, 28, 29
Nov 4, 5
Nov 12, 13
Nov 17, 18, 19, 20
Nov 23, 24

And that's it. If you have NOT signed up for a date, please do it now. We would love to hear your voice. The Advent devotional book was wonderful. I loved hearing the different perspectives on all the texts -- and to see the connections between us. It was a blessing.

Please post the bit of the scripture you will be doing with. NRSV will be the defalt bible translation, unless noted.
800 to 1200 words of your devotional. A short prayer. Your name that you wish to be used. A short bio section will be added later.

Deadline -- I would LIKE them posted by the end of the month. Please -- if you are not a member of the common blog "Ordinary Time" , please send me an email at

Thanks so very much.


  1. I haven't signed up yet because I've been overcommitted past few weeks, but I can take a look at the grid now. Will let you know!

  2. I had a look at the gaps but couldn't choose!

    I think I can manage perhaps one ot two more - please feel free to sign me up and let me know which one(s).

  3. I've been in the same boat, not so sure I could do reflections this month. But I could manage one or two... I'll take Oct 27 & 28.

  4. thanks so much for the deadline reminder!!

  5. Although I'm still a newbie around here, I'd love to contribute. Just give me a spot or two and I'll get right on it.

  6. I'll take

    Wednesday 25-Oct Mark 10:35-45 just had an idea :)

    still one other from me outstanding. But I'm stuck. Will do it I promise

  7. Thanks Reverend Mommy --
    Will do.

  8. I've got my assignments! Funny thing is, I've been mentally writing an entry for the option I was *not* assigned.

    Ah well. Back to the mental legal pad!

  9. I'd like to write something for November 23, 24. (Is that two separate entries or one? I'm a little confused.) Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I'm a little confused too. We post them to Ordinary Time? And we post now, even tho the date is far away???

  11. Each day is one entry. Since there are only 4 scriptures in the lectionary for each week, there are two slots for some of the scriptures. Each day will be different, regardless -- if you choose two days with the same scripture, you might want to do half one day and half the other.

    We are going to post them as "drafts" on the blog and then edit each other. Don't worry too much about formatting yet. When we are finished, I'll collect them up and submit it as a printed book (hopefully by the beginning of March) so that those among us who are not computer literate can enjoy them.

    So, the deadline is around the end of the month -- beginning on Feb 1, I'm going to ask the editors to begin editing -- I want the first draft to go to the printers around Valentine's day and then approve the draft by the 1st of March.

    In the morning I'll add those that I know I need to add to the calendar and the grid and invite them to join the blog.

    Thanks so much!

  12. I received an e-mail awhile ago that said the dates that I had asked for were actually already taken. Although my name is still on the grid. So I have not planned to work on them, nor have I put any thought into them, because I thought they were no longer mine.
    As it stands now, my month of January will be extremely busy and so I will not be able to work on them, if I'm still expected to do so. While I thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this project, I'm afraid that I will have to yield to the mercy of the RevGals and ask that someone else be responsible for those dates, if they are indeed still supposed to be written by me.
    mark (church nerd)

  13. I don't have access to the OT blog but I emailed you the newest entry (October 25th) late last night. It just flowed.

    I still have one outstanding.

    Are we asking other people (non ring) to contribute? What about people who regularly read our blogs and whose own blogs are interesting?

    like today at the mission for example. (rwk)

    One of the thing I really liked about the advent devotional was the great variety of posts and different backgrounds of writers.

    THANK YOU revmommy for spurring us all on this.

    I keep thinking ordinary time - extraordinary times - but not sure why!

  14. RM--Since Lorna did 10/25, ignore my email! Just assign me to any date you need filling.

  15. What were the "final" sales tallies for the Advent book? I put final in quotes knowing that we might sell more, though demand will drop now that the season is over.

  16. I sent an email to get on the blog, but haven't heard anything...are we just posting our stuff on this blog or are we to send things directly to that email address? Sorry, a little slow and confused here...must be the upcoming move!

  17. I can't get the grid to come up, but I am planning to do June 11-12 and August 27& 28.

    RevMommy, is there a way to post the grid on the OT blog? Maybe it would be easier to see? Maybe not...

    You rock, BTW!

  18. Hi there,
    I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get in contact with you. I'm up for any spots that haven't already been handed out. I couldn't quite tell which ones were currently open. If you could shoot me an email or post my name, I'll get right on writing.

    Thanks for organizing this. You're my administrative hero.


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