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Friday, January 20, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Pleasures

This morning I have an appointment with the massage therapist, and although there is a therapeutic need in the form of a sore something-or-other, it always feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure. Please tell us five pleasures in your life, be they small or be they guilty.

Feel free to list them here in the comments, or to point us to your blog if you post there. I'll be playing on mine.


  1. See my place. I'm heading there now to do this.

  2. i played a very concise way, for a change!

  3. I'm heading to my place to play now!

  4. I will play later this evening, over at my place.

  5. Here are mine....I think I've blogged enough for one day!

    Blogging while a sermon freezes in the outer darkness

    Lying in bed with a large mug of tea, listening to the family squabble over the bathroom…(it’s actually more helpful if I do stay put first thing, as they all have to leave the house before I do…but it still feels very wonderfully subversive after years of being the one who was up first to do breakfasts for B&B guests, school run, etc )

    Chocolate…any chocolate, but for extra guilt value it should be Minstrels, which are definitely NOT Fair Trade.
    FT choc only inspires personal and not global guilt, after all

    Giggling over an “anti men” joke with Darling Daughter while the boys are in the next room

    Reading detective fiction instead of the piles of theology that I accumulate everywhere

  6. Well, include me in as well. See my blog, and yes, M & Ms are in my five!!!!

  7. I did mine. Didn't look at anyone else's until I did mine. Felt like that would sway would I put.


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